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Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2012
"Something" waives it hand in front on my trail camera, of course it is impossible to tell what it is as usual. I also demonstrate how I interact with the Bigfoot and give them food.
TCC- Seems like there is a wave of New Videos...Thats a good thing. This could be anything but still fun to think about.

This is a New Video uploaded to youtube...Seems like a pretty good story.

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EP video shown to a very wealthy Bigfoot investor.

Adrian Erickson recently showed his footage to a a very wealthy Bigfoot investor, who shall remain nameless but many of you can guess who is.
This man watched the footage and said there was no way it could have been faked. He saw the footage from Crittenden, Kentucky of the male, the young female, Matilda, and her two babies. The male is absolutely huge – up to 10-12 feet tall – absolutely massive. That is so gigantic that I am dubious, but this is what people are saying they see on the screen.

Erickson Project in Hollywood verified.
This was previously a rumor, but we have just been able to verify that the EP is indeed in Hollywood working on their film, and there is big money behind it.
So Randy Brisson is apparently lying in his denials. A release date for the film? We don’t have it. Erickson is totally broke, so apparently he is shopping the film to Hollywood to try to make back as much his money as he can from the film. Whether he is going the TV route to say National Geographic or via a film release, we have no idea.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC -  Wow! A 10-12 foot Bigfoot filmed! I can't wait to see this video. Can it be true? maybe. There has been many reports of Bigfoot this size but I can't think of anything being filmed that was said to be that tall.
Robert Lindsay also states that Randy Brisson is lying...well if so then why is he? Could it be some type of NDA agreement about the release of the videos? Maybe.
In any case I want to see the videos and I do not care for the Erickson people making some cash off their efforts, after all they have spent time and money getting the footage..so it only seems fair to me.

Not Dr. Ketchums Horse..used for reference only

Bigfoots braided the mane on one of Ketchum’s horses.

One of the strangest stories we have ever heard about Bigfoot-type creatures is that they like to braid the manes of people’s horses. Most such reports come out of the Caucasus region and refer to Almas type creatures.
We can now report that Ketchum says that the Bigfoots have braided the mane of a horse at Ketchum’s friend’s house where Ketchum sees the Bigfoots and where she also stores some of her many horses. We believe that she sees the Bigfoots at a cabin in the Honobia region of Oklahoma her friend Arla Williams has access to, and we also think she stores some horses there. Therefore, Bigfoots apparently braided a mane on one of the horses that Ketchum keeps at Arla’s place.
Is it true? Ketchum would not make up a wild lie about this – that’s not like her. And I definitely do not feel that Ketchum is mentally ill or insane. Therefore, I will tentatively take her word for it that this happened, as crazy as it sounds. And we also have cross-cultural data from the Caucasus indicating that Bigfoot type creatures do this.

[ Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC - While this might seem like strange behavior it may not be anything out of the realm of bigfoot behavior, after all the social life of sasquatch is very much a mystery. We know that all animals have some type of social groups and behavior, is it to this extent? That is just something we do not know at this time. If this is a confirmed story by Dr. Ketchum then I would think she is telling the truth.

A team of shipwreck hunters that found a strange circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea in 2011 now says they have discovered visual evidence of a second "disc-like shape" some 200 meters from the original find, CNN reports.
Peter Lindberg, who leads the group, previously joked to CNN that the first object they found 300 feet below the surface might be an unidentified flying object.
When the object, which has a diameter of 195 feet, was first discovered in June of last year, many believers thought it was a wrecked UFO that had crashed onto the seafloor and left behind a path of destruction measuring some 900 feet, according to News.com.au.
CNN explains how the team discovered the objects:
The imaging technique involves pulling a sonar "towfish" -- that essentially looks sideways underwater -- behind a boat, where it creates sound echoes to map the sea floor below.
The team is waiting until the spring to further investigate their intriguing discovery.
According to Yahoo News, the Baltic Sea is a hotbed for salvaged items.
"Right now, we know about 20,000 objects, mostly shipwrecks, in the Baltic Sea. But I think there may be more than 100,000," sonar expert Ardreas Olsson told Yahoo News. "I'm not sure what you will see when you go down. But I'm excited. It's going to be interesting to see what it is."

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This is just a quick over view of astronauts who claim to have seen UFOs at one point or another.
Some of these are rather famous and it may surprise you at their comments.

Donald Slayton -
Donald Slayton, a Mercury astronaut, revealed in an interview he had seen UFOs in 1951: "I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. I was at about 10,000 feet on a nice, bright, sunny afternoon. I thought the object was a kite, then I realized that no kite is gonna fly that high." As I got closer it looked like a weather balloon, grey and about three feet in diameter. But as soon as I got behind the darn thing it didn't look like a balloon anymore. It looked like a saucer, a disk. About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me - and there I was, running at about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared."

Robert White -
On July 17, 1962 Major Robert White reported a UFO during his fifty-eight-mile high flight of an X-15. Major White reported: "I have no idea what it could be. It was grayish in color and about thirty to forty feet away."
Then according to a Time Magazine article, Major White exclaimed over the radio: "There ARE things out there! There absolutely is!"

Joseph A. Walker -
On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washington he said: "I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight." - Joseph Walker To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.

Eugene Cernan -
Eugene Cernan was commander of Apollo 17. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973 he said, about UFOs: "...I've been asked (about UFOs) and I've said publicly I thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization."

Josh Gates gave Yeti hair to Dr. Ketchum
Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA study may prove the existence of the Yeti in addition to Bigfoot!

We have not been able to verify this rumor, but we have heard from several people that the Ketchum study also includes purported Yeti hair gathered by Josh Gates, apparently in Bhutan. We just heard it from someone very close to the study, so we think it is good.

The Yeti hair tested as no known animal, not human, unknown primate.

Not only that, but the Yeti sample was actually close to the nearly 100 Bigfoot samples. So not only do Yetis exist, but they are closely related to Bigfoots. Some of us have always thought that Yetis were real, but lately, there has been a lot of skeptical research pouring cold water on the theory. The Wikipedia article on the subject says Yetis do not exist, and they are mythical.
I think the Yeti is a bit of a different hominid from a Bigfoot in quite a few ways, but it appears to be a closely related species.
[ Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC - This is fairly interesting, not only proving sasqautch but Yeti as well. I remember watching that episode of Destination Truth it was very good. So maybe Josh Gates will get some answers as well for his efforts. I just wish the paper would finally be published. It will not stop all skeptics but for many who might be on the fence it will convince them.


The Mount Shasta Sighting
Virgil Larson's 1976 tale of his encounter with a man-beast on the forested slopes of California's Mount Shasta ranks among the most incredible of all Bigfoot stories. Larson had lived much of his life among the trees, so when he heard footsteps approaching him one day as he sat smoking at the base of a tall Douglas fir, he remained at ease. He looked back casually to see a tall figure moving toward him at first and then veering away. Thinking it was a ranger coming to inquire about his forest activities, he shouted a greeting. The figure glanced back, but continued walking away, eventually dropping out of sight.
Curious, Larson stood up to see where the "man" might have gone. Suddenly, according to Larson's story, the figure emerged from behind a bush and gazed at him with an ominous expression. Larson was stunned. This was no man, Larson recalls, but a large beast, about 7 feet tall with dark hair covering its entire body. Larson stood frozen for a moment. Then, as the beast turned and disappeared into the forest, Larson ran in the opposite direction to find his partner, Pat Conway. He told Conway about what he saw, and together they went back to the site to investigate the area. There was no sign of the creature, but a foul stench remained in the area where it had been seen last.
Larson remembers very little about the creature's appearance, but recalls distinctly the beast's bear-like gait. He could not say whether the monkey-man he encountered that day was actually a Bigfoot, but one thing is certain; the forests of Northern California are home to some of the tallest Bigfoot tales.
[Via http://discovery.com ]

TCC -  Another good story.

President Theodore Roosevelt
President Roosevelt's tale is known as The Bauman Incident and here is the story.

The Bauman story comes from President Theodore Roosevelt's 1892 book, The Wilderness Hunter, which describes an encounter between an ape man and a young frontiersman named Bauman. According to Roosevelt, Bauman and his partner were trapping along a remote stretch of Montana's Wisdom River sometime in the mid-19th century. After building a lean-to and making camp in what seemed like an ideal spot for game, the two men began setting their traps. When they returned, they found their packs had been rummaged through and their shanty torn down. Undaunted, the men set about reconstructing their wilderness abode.
According to Roosevelt's book, that night Bauman was awakened by the sound of rustling and the foul stench of a wild beast. He immediately rose up and fired a shot, and then heard something tearing off through the woods. He and his partner were unnerved by this and decided to abandon the camp at the first light of dawn.
Come morning, the two split up so that Bauman could gather the traps while his partner made camp downriver. Sadly, both would not make it home alive. When Bauman arrived at the new campsite, he found his partner sprawled on the ground with his necked snapped and a set of bite marks on his throat. He knew at once that the menacing forest beast was responsible, according to the story. The horrific sight sent him running — rifle in hand — never to return to the spot again. By the time he told his story to Roosevelt, Bauman was a very old man.
[ Via discovery.com ]

TCC-  A very interesting story.

Uploaded by Worgunn on Jan 25, 2012
I Heard a loud bang outside and grabbed my camera and recorded, I saw this "thing" I believe is a Bigfoot. Take a look for yourselves. I was using a Nikon Coolpix L110 for the recording.

TCC - The video was worth a look. What does everyone else think.

Uploaded by on Jan 26, 2012
"VICTORIA -- In the last 48 hours a number of people in Sooke have reported feeling powerful tremors that some believe are an earthquake.

"I heard what sounded like a freight train coming, that rumble, and it was very brief. My bed actually shifted," one Sooke homeowner told CTV News.

Seismologists say there are no indications of an earthquake in the Sooke area and all calling the recent reports a mystery.

On Wednesday several employees downtown felt similar shaking but believed it was a result of blasting at a downtown construction site.

Alison Bird with the Pacific Geo Science Centre says, "It would have to be an extremely large explosion for people in Sooke to feel the Victoria blast".

The District of Sooke, the Sooke Fire Department, and the RCMP were all contacted but were unable to shed any light on the rumblings. The Department of National Defense also denied have any part in the tremors.

South of the border the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station says they didn't have any aircrafts operating Tuesday because of high winds."

TCC -  So the mystery continues. There has got to be something going on...it keeps happening and all over. Please read our other recent post about these odd sounds.

Related post - Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide 
Thanks to Beer-Man (aka - Paul) for alerting us to this recent youtube post and story.
Justin Smeja

TCC - Robert Lindsay recently Interviewed Justin Smeja and It was a very good read and Robert as many good questions and seemed to push for answers.
Several questions stand out concerning Dr Melba Ketchum and Dr Jeff Meldrum.
Here is a couple of the post from the Q & A

Q & A
RL: Do you talk to Dr. Melba Ketchum (who is running the DNA study on his sample)?

JS: You know, I hardly talk to her at all. I think I have spoken with her two whole times. And they’ve hardly told me anything. They don’t communicate with me at all. But after I did that radio show, Ketchum called me and got mad at me for doing the show. She said I was jeopardizing the study.

RL: She more or less told you to STFU?

JS: Pretty much, yes. No more talking to the media. She said, “Why did you do this? You can’t do this sort of thing until we publish! No more radio shows!” I thought it was strange because I did not give up any privileged information, but that was her attitude.

TCC - And Later Justin talked about Jeff Meldrum and here is what was said.

Q & A
RL: Is there anything you are mad about or upset about regarding this whole business?

JS: Well, the one thing that really gets me is so many people don’t believe me. All these people keep coming up to me and acting all friendly and saying, “Tell me your story. Tell me your story.” So I befriend them and tell them whatever they want to know from me, and then they leave, and a while later, I hear that they are running around saying that they don’t believe anything I say and what a big liar I am.
When we went to the Sierra Kills site, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Mioczynski were there, and they were very, very friendly. We were there for three days camping out, and everyone was saying, “We believe you. We believe you. Yes, yes, yes.” Then most of them turned around as soon as I was gone and said what a big fat liar I was and how they don’t believe me. This is what Meldrum and Mioczynski did to me. Especially Meldrum. He was really two-faced to me. Everyone says he’s such a great guy, but I don’t think so. I don’t like him very much.
All that two-faced stuff – it’s distressing. It really gets on my nerves.

Robert really covered a lot of bases here and ask some tough on point questions. Hats off to him and Justin for the interview.Thanks Guys.

To read the whole interview, and I recommend you do, go over to Robert's blog by clicking the link
Robert Lindsay interviews Justin Smeja

There is some other good reading on Roberts blog at the moment about bigfoot and his recent spat with Dr. Meldrum. Have a look.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

Residents in a Kentucky town are saying "Get the flock out of here" to thousands of black birds that fill the sky each night.
At dusk, the birds take flight in La Grange, Ky., and create what some locals describe as a "cloud of birds," according to TV station WAVE. The birds nest down in a wooded area for the night and depart each morning in a huge pack, reports said.
Fine-feathered friends, they're not. Residents complain that they're constantly cleaning up after the avian arrivistes, who started showing up last November in the community northeast of Louisville. Nearly everyone has heard their town compared to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "The Birds."
To protect themselves from bird poop, some people have begun carrying umbrellas, even on sunny days, CNN reports.
The birds' unexplained presence has allegedly coincided with a surge in respiratory ailments, according to one woman who spoke with WAVE.
While nobody is sure why the birds migrated to La Grange, wildlife experts told CNN that the behavior of flying clockwise in large groups is called murmuration and is common among starlings.
In an effort to scare off the unwelcome newcomers, a married couple blasts a noisy air canon. But the birds keep coming back.
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The ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, which launched on April 11, 1970.
The mission was the third lunar landing attempt, but was aborted after the rupture of an oxygen tank on the spacecraft's service module. John Swigert, along with fellow astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, returned safely to Earth on April 17 after nearly 6 days. The crew received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1970.

But is there more to the story? Did Aliens help get the crew back home? Read on.

Here is what I know about this....first let be start at the first of how I got this Never before told info.
Back many years ago I had a business and within walking distance was many other stores....one of which was owned by a person I knew threw association from another person. So over time I got to know them much better. On slow days or when I had someone to cover for me, I'd walk to his store and talk to him. One day I noticed he had some pictures on his wall that showed Rockets and other stuff NASA related and he was also in the pictures. So I had to ask him "did you work for NASA?"...He replied.."yeah I did"... I said "thats cool...what can you tell me about UFOs"... he kind of chuckled and gave a "there is no UFOs" reply. So I just kind of dropped it that day. I had been interested in UFOs for many years and had several personal experiences myself so was no need to push him.

A source told Robert Lindsay the following -
"Believe me Robert, after looking at tons of coyotes in my life, that flesh doesn’t look anything like a coyote, not in a million years. Hell, the color isn’t even right. Apparently the bigger piece was light in some areas and dark in others. The pic I have is of the darker area. The hair is far to long for a yote and is kinky almost like human pubic hairs. It in no way resembles a coyote. So Meldrum just has sour grapes."
So why did Meldrum think it was a coyote?
here is why -
 Meldrum took a small piece of the steak no larger than a fingernail with him back to his lab and examined it. He decided that it probably was not a Bigfoot due to the presence of guard hairs. This led Meldrum to believe that the steak was actually a piece of coyote. A source told us that what killed Meldrum’s enthusiasm was his Bigfoot as Ape theory. Apes do not have guard hairs, and Bigfoot is an ape, so the Bigfoot steak could not be from a Bigfoot. Dogs have guard hairs, so it is probably from a dog.
But Remember -
We have never before examined Bigfoot hair that is attached to skin before. It is possible that the under hairs or guard hairs can only be seen when the hair is attached to skin. The hairs we find otherwise not attached to flesh may not show guard hairs.
The event of going back and looking for the bodies was video taped by Justin Smeja according to Lindsay. Also present was Jeff Meldrum and I assume members from the Olympic Project team.
Steak Photos-
A photo or photos of the Bigfoot steak definitely exist. I have spoken to someone who has seen photos of the steak. Apparently a number of people have seen these photos and they are definitely floating around. We are trying very hard to obtain a photo, but they are very hard to get ahold of. People who have photos won’t give them up.
A photo of a Bigfoot looking at a camera on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. This is apparently the first photo of a DNA-proven Bigfoot ever released.
Dr. Melba Ketchum's DNA and possibly the Erickson videos.
This is from the United States Copyrights office.
Release date -
Projected Date of Publication: 2012-02-15 (Approximate)

Here is what it really say about it.

Application Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Copyright Claimant: Melba Stinnett Ketchum. Address: P O Box 455, Timpson, TX, 75975, United States.Creation of Work Began: 2008-04-07 (Approximate)
Date of Anticipated Completion: 2011-06-22 (Approximate)
Projected Date of Publication: 2012-02-15 (Approximate)
Authorship on Application: Melba Stinnett Ketchum.
Description of Work: A film and/or documentary, narration or audio book, supporting photos and literary paper/document/book that will follow the The Sasquatch Project, the scientist and the scientific testing and proof for the existence of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot. Information will include discussion of results including A New Tribe of Living Humans, the complete Sasquatch mitochondrial genome sequence and nuclear DNA variations and text will show complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences were identified from DNA, analysis of the assembled sequence unequivocally establishes that the Sasquatch mtDNA falls inside the range of modern human mtDNAs and discussions of the origins thereof. The proof that the Sasquatch is not only the closest living human relative but is actually a contemporary living human. Also discussed is nuclear DNA testing performed on the same samples and the variations found in various genes including MC1R gene RUNX2 and FOXP2 as well as other targets genes involved in the perception of sound, transmission of nerve signals, the production of sperm and the lactase gene. Also discussed is how testing has ruled out ape cross and any ancient contributor and that Sasquatch is indeed a modern human with some genetic mutations accounting for their physical appearance. Also included are discussion of the history of samples and circumstances surrounding the acquisition, their testing, the circumstances surrounding the entire Sasquatch DNA Project. Documentary stars Melba Ketchum, et al

TCC- So they are saying it is a "A New Tribe of Living Humans" -- It might be a new ball game !
I have personally look at this record and it is really there...so it must be true and it appears that Robert Lindsay is correct yet again !
Also if this is proven and accepted then the idea of killing one would be like killing another human and would be a crime I am assuming. So Justin Smeja could be in some trouble. Now we wait...again!
In other words Melba Ketchum has copyrighted the upcoming movie about the whole DNA process along with pictures and videos all in conjunction with a DNA report being released I would assume.

This is the Possible website that will handle the news release of the movie and DNA paper
 http://www.bigfootreferenceguide.com/sgp/ - Nothing really to see there yet...but might be worth keeping an eye on.

Also I don't know  how long this info will be available as some are already calling for it to be taken down on other sites.

[update 2]
Dr Ketchum releases a statement.

Dr melba Ketchum has release a statement about the recent breaking news about the video project.
Here is what she said:
"To address the recent hype and misstatements concerning my paper, please be advised that the information pulled off the US Copyright website for a 2010 preregistration for a proposed media project is not an accurate summary of our scientific testing and data and does not reflect the current conclusions of our scientific paper. The contemplated media project was never produced and no update was e...ver made to the short description on the preregistration statement. Instead of working on proposed media projects, we have been focusing our time and energy on our ongoing scientific testing and data which will be accurately summarized in the final version of our scientific paper. The final paper presenting our data, analysis and updated conclusions will be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal but we do not have a publication date at this time."

TCC - So here findings may be different that those in the copyright record. And she really didn't deny the video release.

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Last Night on the Finding Bigfoot TV show they featured Todd Standing and one of his videos and  all the cast basically agreed that the footage was fake and/or hoax...well except the lovable BOBO, he said it was a Squatch...but the others were not convinced. The show also told how Todd has a bad reputation among many bigfoot researchers and said his stories was kind of out there.

Well Todd Standing has now made a statement about the show and he tells quite a different story about what really happened while filming the show.

Here is what Todd said -
"I just wanted to make this clear. I offered all of the cast from "Finding Bigfoot" the opportunity to go into my research site. They refused and cannot. They will not film more then 500 yards from a road. Matt is an out of shape smoker that cannot hike up hills and Bobo has perminently injured his feet working as a commercial fisherman. I only gave them permission to use Video 2 because it is ...public anyway and i did not trust them when they refused to take or acknowledge my physical evidence( hair and scatt from bigfoot). That alone who have proved even to Renee that it could not be a man in a suit, unless i can fake DNA. I was deceived by them from begining to end. The day of the shoot i called them all on what a bullshit production they where playing. Their production company is call "Snake oil productions" and they lived up to their name. It was a very important lesson i had to learn and i am glad it's over. Bobo has appologized to me and explained his postion."

Thats right folks.... Todd said Matt Moneymaker is" an out of shape smoker that can't not hike up hills"  well if that is the case he will have a hard time finding a bigfoot.
I'm not a big fan of Matt Moneymaker and I find many times I do not agree with him..but when it comes to Todd Standing I fine it rather easy to agree with him. I think at one point Todd had a real sighting but the photos he has release in the past appear to be very fake. 
Will the Finding Bigfoot crew take a stab back at Todd or will they fold up shop like Bobo and Apologize to him....Time will tell I guess.

Happy Bigfootin'
Sasquatch the Quest mock-up poster by Bigfoot Evidence

Our Friends over at bigfoot evidence blog posted a story from Robert Lindsay blog about how the Erickson Project videos were now in the hands of Hollywood and it was being worked on and will be released sometime soon.
Lindsay post this in the article:
"We know this because on a Twitter account of a Hollywood director, the director twitted that he had been called away from his current project to work on the Erickson Project at a studio."

I personally do not know if this is true or not but in the past Lindsay has been right a lot.
His post about the Erickson Project has now been met with a rebuttal from one person who is close to the project.

Randy Brisson had this to say about the Robert Lindsay post and the Bigfoot Evidence post  -

"I can tell you that none of this is true, Robert Lindsay should get his facts right, I talked to Adrian Erickson this morning, He knows nothing about this, or any thing to do with this, More Bullshit talk, Many should get the facts right, This is put on to make the Erickson project look bad, I can tell you only a few of us knows what goes on."

He later said this -
"None of this is True, Bigfoot Evidence should check the facts before they put anything on. Dont belive Robert Lindsay nut."

We have always found Mr. Brisson to be pretty truthful as well but could it be true that the videos will release soon and he is just trying to keep it quite? I think it is possible that the videos will at some point be released. I don't really see Hollywood getting involved but who knows for sure... and if the videos were real close to a release date I don't see a reason to keep it from the public, but now if the release date was a ways off then maybe it would be a reason to keep it quite for now. whos knows.

So in the end it makes for some good speculation but the waiting process continues. :( 


2nd Video Released! Sasquatch Officially Backs Newt Gingrich

1st video released! Sasqautch Hears Romney call bigfoot a hoax!

After controversial remarks by Governor Mitt Romney at the Fox News South Carolina debate, key supporter pulls endorsement.

TCC - Go Newt Gingrich ! Very Funny videos! Nice Job Guys!
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TCC - This is a rather large post, so please take the time to read it. I will offer a few theories and stuff at the end of the post. A couple of the videos going around are fakes and some are not from 2012 but from 2009-2011.

The above video was up loaded by and here is what they posted about it.

"Montreal video was UPLOADED to youtube on January 11 2012 -- clearly with leaves on the trees.. not from Jan/2012 . here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Gh7T91dSg

Kiev video at the end is from 2011 it would appear.. again uploaded on Jan 11 2011 .

If you spot anything else that stands out as "odd" for being January 2012 --- let me know in the comments.. is this some kind of copy-cat effect going on here?

1 hoax multiplied maybe? Or is it the real deal?! Im on the fence.

Something strange is afoot for sure --- unknown sounds heard globally over the past few days.. basically starting up in rapid pace on January 11, 2012 --- up until today (jan 16 2012). I don't know how long this will continue, or what it is.

New term : U.A.O.. = Unidentified AUDIBLE Object

you can see all the same videos in this montage by clicking this search here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=strange+sounds+2012%2C+this+week

What could all these sounds heard this past week around the world have come from? What do you think is causing this phenomenon? I am still at the drawing board, trying to figure this mystery out... any ideas.. please share below in the comment field.

I have ruled out the "fake" option -- too many videos popping up for this to be a hoaxer.. unless of course.. its some kind of MOVIE roll out stealth marketing ploy... (I'm always the skeptic I know -- but remember EPAZUTI ?!).

I twist on the old saying .. keep your EAR to the grindstone ... if you hear anything.. get it on video !

Always remember, regardless of what the outcome of this particular situation, have a plan, be prepared -- food, water, supplies, and places to shelter in place.. and also places prearranged to go in case you have to leave your area."

Europa, as viewed from NASA's Galileo spacecraft. Visible are plains of bright ice, cracks that run to the horizon, and dark patches that likely contain both ice and dirt. (NASA)

New research that suggests Jupiter's moon Europa has a body of water the size of the Great Lakes just two miles below its icy surface has brought scientists one step closer to determining whether or not the freezing satellite is suitable for the development of extraterrestrial life.
According to NASA, scientists have long thought that a huge ocean -- more voluminous than all of earth's oceans combined -- existed below Europa's surface. But since the moon is so far from the sun, the surface ice is thought to be tens of miles thick.
Now, scientists analyzing data from NASA's Galileo spacecraft have found ice blocks on Europa's surface that suggest an interaction between the moon's icy shell and a lake-like body of water under the surface, Discovery reports.
According to Britney Schmidt, the lead author of the study that appears in the journal Nature, this could mean nutrients and energy are moving between the ocean and icy shell.
"One opinion in the scientific community has been if the ice shell is thick, that's bad for biology. That might mean the surface isn't communicating with the underlying ocean," Schmidt said in a statement. "Now, we see evidence that it's a thick ice shell that can mix vigorously and new evidence for giant shallow lakes. That could make Europa and its ocean more habitable."
To come to this conclusion, Schmidt and her team analyzed "chaos terrains," areas of dark, bumpy, irregular features on the surface of Europa. According to TIME and the paper's abstract, the team created models based on the formation of similar terrain on Earth -- subglacial volcanos and ice shelves -- to determine how the chaos terrain on Europa could have formed.

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Dateline Greeley Colorado January 16, 2011
Clifford Clift, International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), has announced he will be stepping down as International Director, effective January 31, 2012.
David MacDonald, member of MUFON's board of Directors and State Director for Kentucky will replace Clift as International Director (ID) February 1, 2012. Clift is stepping down as ID due to personal commitments and family health issues, which will require his full attention.
He said, "MUFON needs a full time ID and he will not be able to provide full time leadership under these conditions."
Clift also said, "I know my limitations and the requirements of time MUFON needs to be successful. I can't be successful with both." Clift would like to express his deep gratitude to MUFON subscribers/members for their commitment in seeing that MUFON achieves the fulfillment of its goals and thanks everyone for their continued support over the past two years.
Cliff goes on to assure, "MUFON has come a long way in a positive direction and I'm excited to say that the Mutual UFO Network is in good hands with David. His level of dedication and his leadership skills will be an incredible benefit to our organization. David will be a very effective International Director for MUFON."

David MacDonald is no stranger to MUFON and the organization's mission. David is currently on MUFON's Board of Directors, Assistant Director of Investigations, MUFON's Star Team Administrator, the conductor of testing for new Field Investigators and much more.
As a business man, over the years David has had numerous successful businesses. Currently, he runs a school for Pilots and Aircraft Dispatchers. Additionally, he owns and runs Flamingo Air, a Charter Airline.

Clifford continued his praise, "David MacDonald has excellent credentials within MUFON and the business world. David's business background and knowledge of the UFO phenomenon is very sound and successful. He brings much to the table as the new leader for MUFON."
When asked how David felt about taking over the position of MUFON's International Director, he said, "I'm excited about taking over the leadership role of MUFON and I'm looking forward to working with all the great people in the MUFON organization."
David will move MUFON International Headquarters to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he operates Global Airline Education Center and Campus. Being centrally located, the International Headquarters will be easily accessible to many more members. Cincinnati is within a 6 hour drive for 60% of the population of the United States.

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TCC - I normally Don't do any post on or about Todd Standing but I find his ripping of Finding Bigfoot TV show and it's producers kind of note worthy. Todd is widely known for his Clear pictures of Bigfoot. Many researchers say they are fake and it appears the TV show Finding Bigfoot agrees they are fake. So Todd Standing rips into them.I enjoyed his comments.

Here is what he had to say.-
Todd Standing - "
Well congrats to the "Finding Bigfoot' team and producers. After being on hundreds of newspaper, radio and tv interviews and shows, the finding bigfoot production is the worst I have EVER seen. Their production company is Called"Snake oil productions" for a reason. They have no intention of finding bigfoot and they couldn't possiblly be stupid enough to believe they could. They literally filme...d me in a spot they choose where cows are grazing all around. And they couldn't even sneek up on the cows! That is what the morons are hearing "in the Candian wilds" that they cannot identify. They are right when they say it is not coyotes making that sound. Its cows they are hearing. That is what happens when you go bigfoot hunting by a ranch you idiots. I could right a list of 500 reasons these people will never film a deaf three legged moose in live action. Never mind Bigfoot.
Here is a link to a good tv show that did a real piece on my bigfoot work.
http://youtu.be/6RetQRg7J5Y " 

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“BIGFOOT HUNTERS!” The Casting Firm and Original Media (Storm Chasers,
The Rachel Zoe Project, LA Ink) are seeking BIGFOOT researchers for a brand new series!

This new series on a Major Cable Network will bring together the nation’s most elite Bigfoot researchers and follow their pursuit of concrete, verifiable proof of the beast’s existence.

The race to find BIGFOOT is on…with a substantial cash prize for whomever finds proof first!

We are on the hunt for Bigfoot experts from all walks of life! Whether you are a one-man operation, part of a dynamic duo or you work with an elite team of scientists, we want to hear about your encounters with this elusive creature.
Join this epic journey for a chance to win a monstrous cash prize and finally prove the existence of BIGFOOT! To submit email or call the Casting Firm:

Office: 818.748.8532

Write “BIGFOOT” in the subject line along with your Last Name, and City and State that you reside in. Please make sure to include a CONTACT NUMBER so we can follow up.

*** All participants must be legal US residents.

Here is the link
New BF Show
Have you got what it takes?

TCC - This tale is from Tennessee, Just what was this mystery creature? Enjoy the story it's a good read.

The mysterious is all around us....
Incidents occur that should never happen...things that aren't meant to take place in the real world where the sun is shining brightly. And in 1987, on a cold, crisp moonlit January night, one of those things that don't happen happened in the hills of Lebanon, Tennessee.

On that particular night, a lover's tryst led two people closer to the unknown than they had ever wanted to get and when the night was over they'd relive it a thousand times.

The two had come to Sugar Flat Road (or Lover's Lane as it was often called) to meet discreetly. And since one of the parties was married discretion seemed like a good idea. As usually happens in meetings such as this, time seemed to stand still for the amorous couple. Before they knew it, it was well past the hour when they should have gone to their separate homes.

Excited (for apparent reasons) and anxious over the possibility of being caught at their illicit games they sped away from their place on the side of the road.

As the couple rounded a curve on the bumpy, old road two figures burst directly into the path of the truck from the line of small scrub trees and bushes that lined their route.

The brakes and the battered old truck did little to slow the vehicle and in the midst of crunching metal, breaking glass, and skidding tires the couple heard a horrible groan. Thinking he had hit a deer or a small bear, the driver swung his door wide and leaped out of the truck.

The thing (that's what we'll call it for the time being) lay toward the rear of the truck. The driver could barely make it out despite the full moon and the glare of his taillight. He took a flashlight from his lady friend inside the truck and went back to get another look at the lifeless form lying in the road. As he approached the thing, he heard an animal-type cry from the other figure standing just outside his field of vision. Frightened by this cry, he was also fascinated at the thing in the road. As the beam of his flashlight settled on the thing, he forgot all about its partner in the bushes.

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Breakdown on Ketchum report purported Bigfoot samples
Samples submitted: Over 100
Samples presumptive for Bigfoot: 28
# of Bigfoot creatures represented: At least 20

Which samples made it in?
5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 5 separate creatures, gathered by Erickson Project.
1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in Arizona.
1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).
1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.
1 hair sample from David Paulides NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.
1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.
1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Sierra Buttes, California from the adult Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.
That’s only 11 of the 28 samples. I don’t have any information on the other 17.
[via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

Timeline for the Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA Report.

We now have a good timeline for the Ketchum DNA report.
Early January 2011: Submitted to a journal for consideration for peer review.

Mid-February 2011: Accepted by the same journal for peer review.

February – October 2011: 8 month long initial peer review process.

October 1, 2011: Ketchum gives the date of December 31, 2011 in reference to her paper.

October 2011 (around the time of the Honobia Conference): Paper returned for changes, as in a rewrite. It is not known how extensive the changes were that the peer reviewers wanted.

October 2011: Paper undergoes a rewrite.

December 31, 2011: Ketchum hopes to have passed peer review with the rewritten paper.
Just into the New Year, 2012: Ketchum giddily posts on her site. “Oh well, it won’t be long now.” In her Southern US dialect, this means sooner than soon. This may indicate that she passed her peer review.

Will the paper be published in a quarterly or a monthly journal?
After doing a lot of research, sources felt that while journals come out monthly, most publish peer reviewed material quarterly. Therefore, they felt that the paper was probably going to be published in a quarterly issue of a journal. December 31 would have been a quarterly date, as would September 30, which was right around the time that Ketchum made her statement about December 31.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC - Also remember we just posted the story about the NDA agreement between Randy Brisson and Dr. ketchum. Someone close to the DNA project stated: “Be forewarned: The BF DNA is about to hit the fan.” So maybe we are getting Close to a release.

Related Post - NDA agreement post
Randy brisson's letter
This agreement is for DNA research,testing and analysis of specimen. Easy to see it is signed by Randy. 
Once again Randy Brisson has proven what he is telling is truth. The Crypto Crew would like to Thank Randy for showing the picture...so Thanks Randy!
As everyone should remember it was The Crypto Crew that broke the story about Randy's sasquatch hair samples and posted the pictures of the hair samples.
In the world of bigfoot it seems some people are nothing but hoaxers, it nice to see a research like Randy backing up his work and stories.

Cryptids are mythical, legendary creatures that include the likes of unicorns, Bigfoot, Yeti, sea monsters and other beasts not yet proven real.
But now, something that was once classified as a cryptid has come to life, recognized by science.
The first photos of a new primate, the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey -- dubbed Rhinopithecus strykeri -- have been released by researchers.
The unusual animal was first discovered in 2010 by conservationists in the Kachin State of northern Myanmar, also known as Burma, in southeast Asia.
Covered almost entirely in black fur, the monkey has an upturned nose, which causes it to sneeze when rainwater seeps in, making them easy to find in the jungle.

"There are snub-nosed monkeys all over Asia, but they don't quite look like this variety," said Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. "This face has an old-wisdom look to it, like an old, ancient man -- they certainly have a striking face."
While there are other examples of snub-nosed monkeys in Asia, China and Tibet, the new ones are a little different.
"It is the only entirely black snub-nosed monkey -- except for a white chin beard," said Frank Momberg, Myanmar program coordinator for Fauna & Flora International, who led the snub-nosed monkey expeditions.
"The DNA also differs very significantly, and there is only an estimated 250 to 500 individuals in the wild, with their population trend declining," Momberg told The Huffington Post in an email from Myanmar.
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Here is what the youtube uploader posted about the video.

Proof that they're out there. This is a large scout ship that I caught on my Yukon Night Vision 5x42 digital (Infrared) camera. I believe this is just one of the many scout watcher crafts that are part of the ET's that exist on the dark side of the moon. The 10 mile long mothership is situated there.

On, Oct. 9, 2009, (NASA / LCROSS) made a failed attempt to destroy the 10 mile long mothership with their classified "Moon Bombing Mission". They attempted to call it, "Moon Bombing - discovery for water". I hope you didn't buy that!

So, why would NASA choose to name the mission "LCROSS"? Because symbolically speaking, NASA named the mission, "LCROSS" which means "Lunar Cross". Which represents a mission to destroy one of the divine intergalactic motherships on the dark side of the Moon.

I was told that disclosure will happen very soon in 2012. Our leaders will have no choice but to disclose because they'll arrive in great numbers.

If you would like to capture them, please visit my front page. I have all the details and equipment that I use listed there. I would highly recommend a good stand to avoid the shaky jitters when holding the camera with your hands.

I captured this video in Southeast Michigan, and I own all the rights to this video.

TCC-  Kind of Interesting video.

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This was reportedly shot in October in Seattle.
It is a very interesting video, it looks very human like and I do not think it is a suit. Could it be a person with hair stuck on their body...maybe but I'm not sure on that. It could be a much older sasquatch that has a lot of hair loss.... the head looks a little odd as well but with hair loss that could change the shape and look as well. This could be a real sasquatch... And this thing gives eye shine at the first of the video and there is a lot of eye shine in the background as well...all in all a very interesting video.
Any one with more info feel free to contact me via email at


TCC - SETI gets 12 signals from space...UFO buffs get excited about it ...others at SETI are saying it is just  interference...you mean after all these years of SETI looking for a sound from extraterrestrial they make a release to the public about "interference" and after all these years they don't know or can not tell what is interference and is not? Hmmm makes me think someone is covering up something.

Full Report -

Don't start making tinfoil hats yet. The 12 intriguing signals published this week by SETI researchers at UC Berkeley weren't created by aliens, despite what some commentators have said.
The 12 'candidates' are signals that "look similar to what we think might be produced from an extraterrestrial technology." Berkeley SETI made it clear that "these signals are interference," but that didn't stop the amateur speculation on Twitter.

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During the first week of 2012, UFO reports streamed in from around the world as numerous eyewitnesses described and videotaped strange things in the sky.
Whether they were balloons, conventional aircraft or misidentified astronomical objects, the new year of UFO sightings is off and running as the worldwide proliferation of digital video cameras and phone cams makes it easier than ever to photograph unusual sights in the sky above us.
The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states.
The 14 states that haven't reported in so far are Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming -- but the year is young.

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TCC- Recently Dr. ketchum posted on her facebook page about her bigfoot sighting and Robert Lindsay has posted about it as well stating that there is some contradictions in her story.

 Rober Lindsay posted the following - 
We have reason to believe that Ketchum is not being entirely truthful here. Because if you look at both of her posts, you can see that they seem to contradict each other.

In the first post, she says she has seen more than one Bigfoot (rumor says it was a whole family of Bigfoots), and they were gentle. She was so jazzed that she keeps going back to see them, and it’s getting addicting. So she has seen more than one Bigfoot at what seems to be a single location on multiple occasions. This location is no doubt a habituation site of some sort.

In her next post, she seems to negates her entire first post by implicitly denying that she had multiple sightings of the Bigfoots at the habituation site. Instead, she had a single sighting of a large Bigfoot somewhere late at night. And she has not been in Oklahoma since 1995.

Yet in MNBRT radio’s broadcast in mid-October, Abe Del Rio had what is apparently Arla Collett-Williams as a guest. At the 1:40 mark in the show, Abe asks Arla if Ketchum has ever seen Bigfoots. Arla seems reluctant to answer. Then Abe reveals that Ketchum told him that she had seen Bigfoots in the past year in the company of Arla. Arla seemed reluctant to talk about this, and she offered that she didn’t know if Ketchum had been to “that cabin” or not.

Dr. ketchum about a week ago made a statement about the Russian bigfoot capture (which was a hoax)
and her statement made it sound like she had seen a bigfoot. This was pretty fast spreading news and a few days later Robert Lindsay made a post speculating where Ketchum might have had here sighting.
Which let to the following post on Dr, Ketchum's facebook page by Arla C. Williams:

"Robert Lindsay continues to use fabricated stories.He is becoming a master at saying things that are not true. Dr Ketchum will address this too I am sure. She was not in Oklahoma at my home and has never been to my home.So his story about her being here multiple times to view the Bigfoot is a lie." Arla Williams

Well today Dr. Ketchum posted the following post on her  facebook page to clear things up:

"The post that Arla put on my wall is true. I know her, but have not been to OK since 1995. My sighting is not a big deal. I saw one silhouetted between me and a white gooseneck trailer in bright moonlight at about 25 yds. It was about 10 feet tall as it walked by. I saw eyeshine from 1 nearby. I was alone at the time. I don't ever take cameras in case it scares them off. Not trying to prove anything here and do not care if I am believed or not. The DNA takes care of that for me. I should not have even brought it up. Any investigation on my part is purely to satisfy my curiousity (which got me into this in the first place), for my enjoyment and edification and no other reason."

TCC - So now it is very clear that Dr. Ketchum has had her own sighting of a 10 foot bigfoot. It' good to get some details about it. Still can't wait until the DNA is finally made public.
It's kind of nice to look back and go into the 1800s and see articles about the big guy. To look back and see what people and the news papers were saying about bigfoot...what they thought it was,what it was doing and stuff is pretty cool. More photos after the break.
1839 newspaper story.
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Pretty cool photo....hard to say for sure what it really is...some kind of monkey thing ..I guess.
Is this the first sighting in  2012? ...maybe


Justin Smeja Interview - The guy who Killed 2 bigfoots.
I have added some pictures to the interview, some pictures are not related to the story but are just for visual aid...so to speak.
Do you believe his story? so do and some don't. It's interesting none the less.

This tourist who is identified as John has a exchange with a family group of gorillas in Uganda.
A totally Amazing video and a very rare treat for John.The Gorillas seem to be interested in Johns grey hair.
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Justin Smeja - hunter

Rick Dyer offers Justin Smeja 1 million dollars for any part of the killed bigfoot. Rick also says that one of Justin's family members told him it was a hoax and that she can't believe people are buy his story.

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TCC-  Waiting....it can cause people to wonder,worry,doubt and to speculate. It was a nice surprise to see that Dr. Ketchum posted  a direct statement about the release of the DNA Paper. The following statement was posted on her facebook account.
Dr. Melba Ketchum says-
"For everyone that keeps asking for when the paper will be out, please understand that
1) I cannot talk about our data or it will never get published. Those are journal rules.
2) I cannot divulge which journal as that will kill our paper also so speculation is futile.
3) Peer review and publication can take 5 to 26 weeks and then there is the question of revision where they ask you to change or ...re-write or edit some of the paper. It is a rare paper that is accepted without some revision. I know this because I peer review for some well known scientific journals also. 4) Timing is very difficult to say the least because of #3 and once again, I am sure the journal would reject the paper if I told you exactly when I think the paper would be out. Soon is as much as I can say. I cannot afford to lose all of the exceptionally difficult work that my co-authors and I have put into this project. I am asking you to understand this! Please. 
5) I also ask you to understand that I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful to anyone by my silence. I would love nothing better than to scream our results to the world. But, like everything else in the world of Sasquatch, it will NOT prove ANYTHING if the data doesn't undergo the rigors of peer review in the scientific community. It has to convince the skeptics (or at least skeptical scientists) or it is just another attempt to prove the existence of BF that cannot be substantiated even though we have overkilled the science on this project beyond all realms of reason. So, I guess the question is, do we rush and and fail, or do we play by the rules and prove something once and for all that will vindicate thousands who have had sightings. They are real and most if not all of the people on FB (facebook)here are believers. Please, let's do this right so the world will know once and for all that there is a real and illusive creature that is alive and well right here in our own backyards. If I have any news I can share, I will share it here though, OK?"

TCC-  According to her statement we should not have to wait more than 26 weeks, unless there is a some kind of re-write or needed edits. So I guess it's more waiting...Thanks to Melba for releasing a statement.

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