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EP video shown to a very wealthy Bigfoot investor.

Adrian Erickson recently showed his footage to a a very wealthy Bigfoot investor, who shall remain nameless but many of you can guess who is.
This man watched the footage and said there was no way it could have been faked. He saw the footage from Crittenden, Kentucky of the male, the young female, Matilda, and her two babies. The male is absolutely huge – up to 10-12 feet tall – absolutely massive. That is so gigantic that I am dubious, but this is what people are saying they see on the screen.

Erickson Project in Hollywood verified.
This was previously a rumor, but we have just been able to verify that the EP is indeed in Hollywood working on their film, and there is big money behind it.
So Randy Brisson is apparently lying in his denials. A release date for the film? We don’t have it. Erickson is totally broke, so apparently he is shopping the film to Hollywood to try to make back as much his money as he can from the film. Whether he is going the TV route to say National Geographic or via a film release, we have no idea.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC -  Wow! A 10-12 foot Bigfoot filmed! I can't wait to see this video. Can it be true? maybe. There has been many reports of Bigfoot this size but I can't think of anything being filmed that was said to be that tall.
Robert Lindsay also states that Randy Brisson is lying...well if so then why is he? Could it be some type of NDA agreement about the release of the videos? Maybe.
In any case I want to see the videos and I do not care for the Erickson people making some cash off their efforts, after all they have spent time and money getting the footage..so it only seems fair to me.

Adrian Erickson’s habituation sites and results. All of this information has been previously discussed by me (Robert Lindsay), so we are not revealing anything new here.

There were five sites:

Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia: Active, hair gathered, video apparently shot.

Hair Samples

Crittenden, Kentucky: Inactive, blood and tissue gathered, video shot. Site of the famous Matilda the Sleeping Bigfoot photo. Numerous Bigfoots were present, including a huge male, an older Mom with two young ‘uns and a hottie Bigfoot teen Mom named Matilda.
Matilda the sleeping bigfoot

Possible blood sample from KY

Eastern Tennessee: Carter Farm. Inactive, biological sampling unknown, video unknown.

Photo from Carter Farm

Alabama, location unknown: Inactive, biological sampling unknown, possible video.

Texas, location unknown: Inactive, biological sampling unknown, possible video.
[Via Robert Lindsay Blog]
TCH - I hope in the near future there will be some more info on the Alabama and Texas sites, but for now everything seems to be on course. Most if not all the info above has been confirmed in one way or another. Many of the people involved are excited and it's all they can do to contain themselves and this is why some info is being leaked. Some of it is being posted on facebook by some of the people who was there and have pictures, others involved in other ways are backing them up on statements made. So all in all there seems to be a constant trickle of info,which is a good thing.

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Matilda the sleeping bigfoot was pregnant
No more Erickson Project leaks for some time into the future. We have been more or less ordered by the EP to stop leaking information about their project.
We normally blow this sort of stuff off with a guffaw, a willful gesture or two, a snarky remark, a gulp of wine and a round of air guitar, but now several of our EP sources are in serious hot water as the EP is undertaking a serious counterespionage operation, and the only way to save my sources is to stop printing the leaks. There won’t be much to print anyway, as my sources are suddenly being afflicted with selective mutism when they talk to me.
So unfortunately, you are not going to find much juicy EP news from us for some time into the future. If I can dig up anything on my own from public information, I will do so, but there won’t be anything more from my sources. I will also continue to report on news about Erickson that has already been reported, but there will no new leaked information from my EP sources.
Crittenden, Kentucky leak. It’s been suggested that my EP sources leaked that location, one of the EP’s habituation sites, to me. This is not true. They never told me the locations of any EP habituation sites. I found out the Crittenden, Kentucky location and in fact the exact address by doing some elaborate Internet sleuthing all by myself, of which I will not divulge the details. Bottom line is I figured out that location 100% on my own, with no help from my EP sources.
Matilda the EP’s sleeping Sasquatch. The widely disseminated photo of Matilda, the sleeping Bigfoot from Kentucky, has generated a lot of controversy. We can now tell you that in 2005, possibly around the time of that video and certainly around the time of the other video where she approaches the camera, Matilda become pregnant. After those videos were shot, she had a baby Bigfoot. This information comes to us from an interview with Mary Green on the Internet.

[via robertlindsay.wordpress.com/]

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