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 Pentagon Confirms Pyramid Shaped UFOs

While everyone is "debating" about things like the covid vaccine, the woke to broke movement, and all that is in the political circus, the Pentagon, once again, confirmed that yes UFOs are real. It is yet another attempt at disclosure but most people didn't even notice or just missed it.

I missed it myself, but thanks to my friend, Scott, who sent me the link to the video, I got to see it. In the video, you will see what appears to be a flying pyramid and several other images captured by witnesses. What is significant is that the Navy confirms the objects as UFOs and are including them in their study.

Here is the News Report Video.

Jim Kaizer and the Oak island Bigfoot?
Jim Kaizer is not exactly a household name when it comes to Oak Island but he probably should be considering his heroic actions in recovering 4 bodies from a water filled pit.

Jim started doing several jobs for the Restall family in the early 60s during their time on Oak island. On August 17 1965 Jim Kaizer had the day off and was at home on the mainland (Nova Scotia) when his Uncle stopped by to tell him that something had happened on the island and that a rescue mission involving the nearby Chester and Western shore fire departments was under way.

 Bigfoot at Little Valley Mountain?

This image is reportedly from 2013 and it was presented by a woman named Sue. According to the report, Sue claimed to have taken the picture in Little Valley Mountain in Southern Utah. Little Valley is located in Washington county Utah. From what I can gather, that area has many hike and bike trails, and camping sites. 
There was not a lot of information offered about Sue's picture. There was not a back story that I could find. It is my understanding that Sue sent the picture to a radio show on 95.9 KZHK. After that, the picture was made public but, as far as I know, there isn't very many details about the picture.

What follows is a couple enhancement of the image.

Rough Day But I Found A Possible Track
Oh Boy, I like to get out in the woods and explore but by the end of this day I was pretty discouraged. I can laugh about it now and looking back it was not as bad as I thought it was.
But I was faced with several failures, but I guess the main one was crashing my Mavic Pro drone. In the end I made a few discoveries that kind of saved the day. 
Here is a short video of most of it ...watching it I kind of feel sorry for myself. 

Bigfoot Audio Capture

I was going through my phone the other day trying to clear some space when I ran across a short video that I had captured a vocal in. 

Ordinary, for the past few years, when I caught something like this I would send it off to Tom to get his take on it but I was pretty sure I hadn't with this one. After listening to it again a few times I decided to send it off to get his thoughts on it.

This was captured in 2019 on a return to the south mountain (Canada) where I had my first encounter in 1997.
We had stopped to film what was left of a possible structure. I was filming and Becca was standing next to me waiting for me so we could head back up stream.

Sunset Picture Captures Possible UFO

While at first glance this picture may just seem like a beautiful picture of the sun setting, but upon looking closer, it may have much more to offer.

This was taken in Saint-Martin-du-Limet France back in 2014 but was only recently shared publicly, to the best of my knowledge.

The original photograph was taken with a Cannon Powershot G7 by an amateur photographer, who didn't notice anything at the time. Later while reviewing the image, they noticed an anomaly.

What follows is the original picture, witness statement and some enhancements.
12:55 PM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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 Ghost Hunters Encounter BIGFOOT
We are slowly taking some of our submitted bigfoot reports, and other reports, and turning them into short videos for your viewing pleasure. These are real submitted reports that the witnesses sent to us. These are not something we are making up just to make videos. Now, as to whether you think the report is true or not is up to you. Please note that we do attempt to weed out any reports that are obviously untrue. What we are left with is numerous creditable and believable accounts from all over.

Here is an encounter/event that took place in Ohio.

Tale of Two Bigfoot

Ted Cassidy is probably best known for the role as Lurch, the faithful butler on the television series The Addams Family. Cassidy, with his very deep voice also voiced dozens of cartoons for Hanna-Barbera Studios. He also narrated the opening for the TV series The Incredible Hulk during the first two seasons.
While most of the people my age have fond memories of Cassidy as Lurch, some of us in the Bigfoot community, also recognize him for his role as Bigfoot in the Six Million Dollar Man TV shows.

Created off the work of Steve Baxter/modified to reflect the report.

 Bow Hunter Encounters Bigfoot
This report comes to us from Tony Felosi. Tony has well over 10 years in the paranormal field and is an avid outdoorsman. He comes in contact with a lot of people and sometimes it leads to some interesting reports.
The following report has some elements that are sometimes talked about within the bigfoot community. I will offer a little more information after the report.
So without further adieu, here is the report send to us by Tony.

Moreno Valley UFO Sighting

A recent UFO sighting from the Moreno Valley area. We have attempted to enhance the witness footage and provide more details about the event. There area in and around Moreno Valley has had numerous UFO sightings over the years.

Moreno Valley is a city in Riverside County, California and is part of the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Metropolitan Area. It is the second-largest city in Riverside County by population.

Here is the short video

Campers Encounter Bigfoot
This report was brought to us by Tony Felosi. Tony has well over 10 years in the paranormal field and is an avid outdoorsman. He comes in contact with a lot of people and sometimes it leads to some interesting reports.
This is yet another encounter that took place in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Here is the report sent in by Tony.

Urban Bigfoot Part Three: First Contact!
Does Bigfoot Live In My City?

By Dorraine Fisher

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be investigating bigfoot in the middle of the city. I knew they were smart, I knew they didn’t need wilderness in order to thrive, but I just didn’t think I’d find all this evidence of bigfoot in town. But life certainly has its twists and turns, I guess.
I decided I had enough proof gathered in this area that I should try to make contact with them. I had no idea how many there were. Maybe there was only one, although the footprints suggested there was possibly a whole small family. So I decided I would find a well-hidden place and leave some food to see if I could make contact.

Arkansas Bigfoot Sighting

This is a sighting that we reported on several months ago. It took place around the White River National wildlife refuge area. We have taken the report and turned it into a short video that give all the details and adds a visual element.
Here is the video.
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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