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"Hey Bigfoot" -- Boy Films Bigfoot In His Backyard

On October 16, 2010, a young boy filmed a bigfoot in his backyard. For awhile there it was one of the most watched and believed in videos out there. Not many talk about it today.

It's not particularly well filmed. The camera jogs around, loses the target here and there. And there is blur. But it seems to be genuine. It seems to be believable. It's some very interesting footage. So why isn't it presented as good proof? Why doesn't it appear on those "famous" the top [insert any number] bigfoot videos? Well, that can only be answered by those who make those lists, I guess.

Anyhow, I was reminded of the footage by Leo the other day while we were talking sasquatch, bigfoot, and cryptids in general. So I went looking for it. The original YouTube account had been terminated and their video no longer available through that account. Luckily, others who really liked this video have preserved it for our continued viewing pleasure. But first the story [slim as it is] behind the video.

Bigfoot Photo - Mark Anders Creation

There is a photo making the rounds again. It appears to have been started by an Instagram user, accidentally. He used this photo [above] along with a photo of a footprint in snow and posted them to his followers on his account. He/she presented them as a form of "What would you do if ? . . ." and gave the readers a list of answers of what they would do if confronted with the subjects of the photos.

And now this photo is making the rounds on all the bigfoot/sasquatch/cryptid sites with no background, making everyone go "OOH" and "AHH".

Well hold onto your hats. 

Mountain Time - Exploring for Bigfoot & Ginseng

Today (now yesterday 9/17/21), and really the day before, I had just not been feeling like myself. Just no energy and just didn't feel like doing anything. I was very lethargic and knew I had to get myself out of it. So, I decided to get myself ready and go to the mountains. We all know nature and the outdoors in general has a healing property for most of us. 

I slowly got ready and got all my gear loaded into the truck. I had planned on making myself climb the mountains until I was feeling better. If I had to hike 10 miles, I was going to do it.

So, what follows is about a 10 minute video that is filled with my thoughts, findings and beautiful scenery. I hope you enjoy it.

Children Watching Bigfoot Of Lincolnville, S.C.

First came the awful smell. Then they could see the red eyes watching them from the woods.

It all seemed to start on June 24, making the summer of 1970 one to be remembered. Lincolnville was a small town, heavily wooded, near the Ashley River and Lake Moultrie. With not much around town to entertain the children, they would meet up at the witness's house and usually play hide and seek. As the six children played, they would first become aware of an awful odor, as if something was dead. As they would slow their play and look around, they would see the red eyes watching them from the woods along the rear of the property, behind the chain link fence that ran around the one to two acres of land.

The witness was not certain how tall this watcher was, just that it was taller than any human she knew. The first time the watcher appeared, the children were so frightened they all ran into the house where the grandmother and cousin were told of the watcher. They did not believe the children's story.

Possible Dogman Seen in Harlan County

I got the following report in a few days ago of a possible dogman sighting in the Totz community of Harlan county. After gathering a little more information and looking at the area on google maps the report is ready to share. 

I should also say that this is an area I'm generally familiar with and travel near or through on occasions.

Here is the report and my email exchange with the witness.


Australia And White Yowie - The White Bigfoot Series

North America is not alone with reports of white-haired bipedal beings. Australia has a few reports.

It's difficult to research as it seems most reports [especially the earliest ones] make no mention of hair color.  However, I did find these three reports of white, or light colored, yowie in Australia.

The first report I want to talk about was reported in April 1979 by Leo George and his wife Patricia. They lived in the Wentworth Fall, NSW region and often walked there.

Bigfoot Seen Entering Old Coal Mine

I had heard about this sighting of two bigfoot entering an old coal mine a few months back. I recently gathered more details and location information. So, it was time to venture into the wilds of the Kentucky forest to see if I could find the site. 

Some of what I will type here is also in the video and some of the things referenced in the video will be linked in this post.

Before we get to the video, let me give you a little background on this sighting.

Research Into The White Sasquatch

Some of the more interesting questions center around colors of bigfoot or sasquatch.
Anything other than brown or black is considered rare.

But I haven't found that to be true as I've gathered and explored reports both old and new.

There are many colors and hues among these beings.

John Green conducted a study of the reports he had gathered and came to this conclusion : 50% were of black or dark colored; 25% brown; 15% light colored and 8% grey.  If I'm adding right, it appears he felt only 2% had no description.

Ginseng Hunter Finds Bigfoot Evidence

On September the 8th I went into an area, that I'm fairly familiar with, to explore for ginseng. Logging had taken place in one of my favorite places to ginseng hunt, so I had to go to another spot. This particular area is an area that I normally only go in a couple times a year.

This general area is also home to a handful of  bigfoot sightings and track findings. I have explored the area in the past and found a few tracks and some stick formations. It is a good area, but I have two other areas that have been very active over the years and I just never had time to really go to this area very often.

On this day, I was exploring for ginseng, I had found some but it was nothing to write home about. The area is very steep and rough. Some of the steep areas have a lot of loose rock and footing is very difficult. These types of conditions tend to wear a person down sooner. I had been in the area for around 4 hours and decided to work my way back towards my truck.

What Makes A Bigfoot White?

There are a few theories that are thrown out there by researchers on how some bigfoot or sasquatch are white in color.

One of them is that bigfoot and sasquatch turn white in the winter.

This is true in some animals. There are 7 known animals that will turn white in the winter season.

Tsiatko by mechmorphDAZ

Legend of the Seeahtik

Some Native tribes say that during evolution when the peoples were changing from animal to man, the Seeahtik did not fully absorb the soul power [the tamanaweis] and they became an anomaly in the evolutionary process.

According to the mythology, there are said to be two types of this large, hairy Wildman of the forest. One is a powerful, but benign forest spirit. They are sometimes called Night People and are considered similar to sasquatch. The other is a more fearsome creature; a malevolent man-eater. They are sometimes referred to as Stick Indians.

The two are often mistaken for the other in folklore and tales told by the Native peoples. Each tribe has their name for them and their stories of encounters with them. They are not to be confused with sasquatch.

Bigfoot Area & History Destroyed

On 9/3/21 I went to an area I had not been in this year. I knew there was some logging taking place in this area but I didn't realize just how bad it was. This is an area where I had found a lot bigfoot related evidence over the years, and a place where I like to hunt ginseng. I particularly liked this side of the mountain as it has fewer venomous snakes than the other side.

I tell a lot more about the area and my many years of exploring it, during the video. This is also the area were several episodes of Almost Live seasons 1 & 2 were filmed. I don't think it will ever be the same ..well at least not in my lifetime. For me this was a very historic area that is part of my family history and it saddens me to see it totally annihilated in this manner.

Here is a rather long video from the area.

Field Research (9/2/21) Ginseng Time & Bigfoot Finds

Hey gang, I'm back with another post from a very recent outing. This is a great time of year for me. Not only do I get to go out looking for bigfoot evidence, but I also get to explore the Kentucky mountains for ginseng. I enjoy doing both and I'm glad I can share the adventures with everyone.

On this particular day, I had went to my gifting area and left out some goodies. It was a quick trip as I wanted to hit the woods and look for ginseng. The ginseng season comes in on September 1st for us but I didn't get to go that day due to wind and rain. So I was excited to get out there. 

While out on this adventure I had not one but two black bear encounters.

Check out the video below and then continue reading.

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