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Discover Sasquatch - Special Guest Leo Frank

TCC's Leo Frank was on the Discover Sasquatch podcast last night. They discuss the topic of all Sasquatch being the same. They also dive into Leo's habituation efforts and talk about the Karl photograph.

If you missed the show, you can watch it below.

Crevasse Bigfoot - Malaspina Glacier, Alaska -The White Bigfoot series

Frank E. Howard shared his story in the 1908 edition of Alaska Yukon Magazine.

He never referred to the figure as a bigfoot or sasquatch.

Howard fell into a deep crevasse. Although unhurt, he was unable to climb back out. He began following the crevasse downhill hoping to find a way out. The path led into a large cave.

Eyes That Deceive

For years we watched Ed McMahon on TV tell us to enter the Publishing House Sweepstakes. We looked at the screen; we saw him. We listened to his voice; we heard him. Well, no. We didn't.

Ed McMahon never worked for Publishers Clearing House. However, he was a spokesman for American Family Publishers. McMahon never went out and ambushed winning families; he never handed them a giant check.

You see, our eyes can deceive us. We look at something and we know what it is. But do we?

Mysteries Unlimited (Ep.14 ) More Patty, Gifting, Zoo Photo

If you missed last night's Special Monday Edition of Mysteries Unlimited you can watch it below.

We continue to about the famous Patterson film while sharing many photos and clips from the footage. Leo and I also talk about Bigfoot gifting. What does bigfoot like? Should you try Gifting? 

This and a lot more on this episode of Mysteries Unlimited!

Here is the show

Image Courtesy of Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch Shares Picture Of UFO

A few days ago the multi-talented Ryan Upchurch made a video and shared a picture he took of an apparent tic tac shaped UFO.

In the video, he describes the sighting and gives details about the event. He also compares his image to the craft in the video released by the government. The objects are very similar but Upchurch captured his image a several years before the government released their video.

Here is Ryan's video and sighting.

Mysteries Unlimited (Ep.13) Bigfoot hand tools, Patterson Footage

In case you missed last night's live show, you can view it here or on Youtube. The show was going well and we were getting a lot of good questions from the chat. Then all at once we lost our feed and the stream had to be stopped. We are sorry this happened but sometimes things like that are just out of our control.

Last night's show was a good one as we start out speculating about bigfoot using hand tools. Leo shares some interesting pictures of a structure and some odd stones pushed into the ground. We also start talking about the Patterson Footage and numerous other bigfoot topics.

Here is the show.

The Carolina Parakeet

On a recent Mysteries Unlimited Podcast, I made reference to a parrot species that is native to the United States. So, I took a little time to gather up some details about this beautiful bird to share with everyone.

The Carolina parakeet is listed as extinct but there have been a handful of sightings after the classification. We will get into some of the reported sightings a little later in this post, but for now lets diving into more information about this bird.

Illustration : Blurry Forest by Anna Brunk

On Going Investigation

In the preface of his book "Sasquatch, the Apes Among Us", John Green stated that he did not believe in sasquatch. His book was not for believers and was not a "thriller" about monsters. It was the story of an "on-going investigation".

How many of us can make that same statement? That our story is an on-going investigation?

It should be. Much as we all like to think so, we don't know enough about sasquatch or bigfoot or dogman or any other cryptid you want to name. We may really think we have the answers and walk the walk and talk the talk. And in that process, when confronted with something that bumps up against our pet belief or theory, we pull up short. 

Mysteries Unlimited (Ep.12)More Leo Pics, Historic Bigfoot Encounters

Last night was the return of Mysteries Unlimited ...I feel overall it was a pretty good show and Leo and I thank all those who showed up and watched live.

We covered a couple of really interesting historic reports and Leo shared some photos that had never been shared publicly. We had an active group in the live chat and that is always welcomed.

If you missed the show you can watch the replay now.

Bigfoot or Mudfoot?

By now most of you have probably seen these couple of images floating around on social media and in various bigfoot groups. 

The original story and images were posted in bigfoot groups and the story went something like this:

"A friend of mine in Louisiana was hanging deer stands two days ago ...Louisiana has a low black bear population - under 1000 in the entire state. The head and front shoulders do not look like a bear to me. It sure looks odd standing as he first started to photos - Thoughts?" 

The Healing Power Of Nature

You have heard most researchers, hikers, and outdoors people in general talk about how they feel better after spending some time in nature. Studies are now confirming what many of us have been saying. 

I personally get ran down, frustrated and even depressed if I spend too much time indoors. If I get to feeling this way, I will often take a trip to the woods and by the end of the adventure, I'm feeling much better and more like "myself". 

A walk on a wooded trail can be very therapeutic. Just recently TCC's own Leo Frank took a day trip out in the mountains. One of his first comments, after returning home, was about how much better he felt.

Colorized by Thomas Marcum

Tennessee Wildman

"Monsters and Mysteries in America" is enjoying another round of repeats on TV. One of the featured stories is that of the Tennessee Wildman. Robb Phillips' encounter is one of the featured stories of that series. We'll get to his story is a moment. First some background of the "legend".

It is said that back in the 1800s in McNairy County in Tennessee, a circus freak showman at some unknown time, in some unknown place, captured this beast and put him on display in a cage. It managed to break free in Tennessee and ran into the woods.

Exploring The Woods For Bigfoot

Today I took a much needed break and headed for the mountains. The weather was calling for rain later in the day, so I got a fairly early start. I wanted to check out one of my areas for any possible signs of Bigfoot activity. I will keep this post rather short and share a few pictures.

The area I went to is a place where I have had some success over the years. I've been doing bigfoot and paranormal research for close to 30 years now. I've had a lot of interesting bigfoot stuff happen in this particular area, just not so much lately. 

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