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Bigfoot Report from Trigg County
I got this report in a few days ago and I wanted to share it. It has taken me a little time to get to it as I have been really busy. What is really interesting is that this is near the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.  A famous locations with a storied history of unusual events.

Here is the report.

Does Bigfoot Live In My City?
Urban Bigfoot Part 2
By Dorraine Fisher

A couple of months ago, I discovered some strange activity near me in a local park that I frequent in my little city here in the Midwest USA. It’s a nice old central park with big trees and all kinds of walking trails through wooded areas that for years was quiet. I had been to this park probably hundreds of times over the years and never noticed anything strange.

But as I was driving through it this last winter, I noticed some things had changed there. There were trees that had been knocked down or broken and I noticed a lot of branches had been broken or woven into patterns. Like these:

Same UFO Photographed Five Years Later?

I was scooting around on social media late yesterday evening, when I happened across a UFO picture that was posted by Mr. Cuvero (first name withheld). Right off I thought the object looked very familiar and I knew it was from a report I had taken in several years ago. The odd thing is that the two photographs were taken by two separate people, five years apart and they live in different states.
I commented on the picture posted by Mr. Cuvero with the link to the story from five years ago. We both agreed that the object appears to be the same object in appearance. 
Here is the link to the original report  - Click Here.  For those who want to check it out.
What follows blow is the more recent photograph and the story behind it.

UFO Report Temecula California

A witness in Temecula,Ca described seeing a bright pulsating orb, and manages to film it. We have attempted to enhance the video.

There seems to be a continued increase in the number of UFO sighting reports.
We have attempted to enhance the video and give more details about the sighting in the following short video.

UFO Report: Roscoe Texas

A 2021 UFO sighting of sphere shaped object in the Texas Sky. The witness was able to get some video of the object. We have created a short video detailing the sighting and have enhanced the video.

Just what this object is remains a mystery.

Here is the short video

Bigfoot With Deer Photo is from a Movie

Okay, so someone is pulling another hoax in the bigfoot community, big surprise right? Any way this image of a bigfoot dragging a deer in a river is being posted around on social media and many are thinking it is real. But I can tell you that it is from the movie Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues.
The scene is at the first of the film at the 4 minute and 9 seconds mark. There are several other scenes that show the bigfoot later on in the film. The film itself is a great follow up to the original The Legend of Boggy Creek
Here is a screen capture I did of the film and scene

Razor Sharp Teeth and Glowing Eyes
I got the following story from our good friend Tommy Smith. Tommy recently shared his own personal sighting from back in 1975 with us, but today he is telling us about an event that happened in the late 1980's.
Judging by the description given in the story, I'm not sure this was a typical bigfoot. Give the story a read and see what you think.

Bigfoot In Alaska - Does Bigfoot Behavior Vary By Habitat?

By Dorraine Fisher

It’s often been a curiosity to me whether collective Bigfoot behavior varies depending on the part of the world they live in and the type of habitat they occupy. And after years of research, it seems more and more obvious that habitat varies a lot for many beings on the planet.
Homo sapiens, for instance, historically have behaved very differently in places like the far north or the tropics near the equator than in other places. The aggressive native tribes of equatorial countries and the Vikings of the far north seem to confirm this.  And the inhospitable climates they lived in may have been the cause.  I’ve seen varying behaviors in other animals like snakes in different parts of the country. Snakes in my area in Illinois are fairly docile, while snakes I’ve encountered in other places like the very hot, humid climate of Florida and the very cold, dry climate of Wyoming are much more aggressive.


Possible Bigfoot Throws Rock At Car

I got in a report a few days ago that falls into that maybe category. While we can't say for sure what it was throwing rocks, we sure can't rule out it being a Bigfoot. The remoteness, and time of the event makes it seem very unlikely that it was a person. If it was not a person, then just what was it? What would have the ability to throw a rock? The is a rather interesting report, give it a read and see what you think.

Here is the report

Beast TV - Leo Frank

In case you missed last nights live show, here is Beast TV's interview with TCC's own Leo Frank. Leo talks about sasquatch and gives a lot of details about his sightings. He also talks about his book, which is doing very well, Sasquatch Family Ties.

Here is the show

 UFO Watchtower in San Luis Valley

UFO Watchtower in San Luis Valley Colorado is a strange and mysterious place that draws hundreds of visitors. The area has many years of UFO sightings and animal mutilations.
The UFO Watchtower itself is an observation platform and campground north of Hooper, Colorado.The watchtower has a 360-degree view of the San Luis Valley. It is a one of a kind landmark and popular destination for those who want to search for UFOs.
Check out this short video, narrated by TCC's Dorraine Fisher, about the watchtower and the strange events that take place in the area.

The Michigan Triangle

Some may not have heard much about it, but there is an area on Lake Michigan that is often called the Michigan Triangle. It has many similarities to the more famous Bermuda Triangle. The Michigan Triangle spans from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, to Ludington, Michigan, and south to Benton Harbor. It is home to numerous mysterious events and disappearances. 

Everything from sunken ships to missing airplanes have been blamed on this strange area of the lake. Some say there is something very odd going on and that it is a risk to cross this section of the lake. In 2007 there was a discovery that many think might shed some light on the strange events.

Here is a short video about The Michigan Triangle

Subliminal Messages In Advertising - Do They Work? And Are They Being Used?

By Dorraine Fisher

Way back in 1957 in New Jersey, an ad-exec told the world that he had convinced movie-goers to buy more popcorn and Coca-Cola by flashing subliminal messages on the big screen during the movies. The story was that he had exposed 45,000 movie-goers to words like “Eat popcorn!” and “Drink Coca-Cola” which he claimed had increased concession sales a whopping 57 percent.

Later, the supposed study was found to be a hoax. But it didn’t matter, The idea that people could be swayed by suggestive flashing words on a screen became etched in the collective psyche. Many people now believed it. But the big question is: just because this study was later said to be a hoax, does that mean that subliminal messaging is just a conspiracy theory? And the answer is a resounding “NO!”

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