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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I was just recently sent the above photo by Ryan. It was taken in Maryland on 4/26/16. Some may not know there is a legend of a goatman in Maryland. We also have a very similar legend here in Kentucky. If you have seen the news recently, you might have seen that we had a woman killed while researching the Kentucky Goatman legend. The lady and her boyfriend were from Ohio and were investigating the Kentucky Goatman. You can read that story Here or just search the web for it.

As for this new report from Maryland, I was contacted by Ryan via email. He also sent me two photos that he took. I will include various enhancements in this post. Here is what he told me about his sighting.

"I'm in DC for the GRC summit starting yesterday and was playing tennis Saturday (23rd) morning at Montpelier Park while some friends played golf at Pawtucket Greens.
As we were packing up we saw something on the forest bordering the park. As I took out my camera phone it came up onto two feet and I realized it was a goat. I told some people back in DC about a goat waking on two legs and they said it was some old Maryland Goatman legend.
I called WBAL in Baltimore and talked to someone about it but I don't think they believe me. They think it's a bear holding a freshly killed goat. They ran the story yesterday concluding that but I think there's more to it. I started looking into cryptozoology and found your site so I'm sending them to you."

Here is a link to the short report done by WBAL - you can view it Here

Here is a brief overview of the Maryland Goatman Legend:

According to urban legend, the Goatman is an axe-wielding half-animal, half-man creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.
The story seems to originate with an alleged sighting in 1957. The Goatman is also said to have murdered a number of hikers in 1962.

I was able to follow up with Ryan about his sighting and pictures.
I ask him about the height of the creature, and how long he had seen it, and here was his reply.

"I watched it standing for a few moments and then it came down on all fours and disappeared into thick forest. This photo was taken with my phone zoomed all the way in and, if I had to guess, I was about 30 yards away. It stood probably about 7 feet tall when it was on two feet. WBAL determined it was a bear with a goat in its jaws but that wasn't how I perceived it."

Here is another photo that Ryan took.

Here is a zoom on the figure, you can clearly see the horns and the goat-looking head.

 Now, I can't see this being a bear with a goat's head in its mouth. I can't see this as just being a goat standing on its back legs. The witness said it would be about 7 feet tall, no goat standing on its back legs would be that tall.

So, we are left with the possibility that this IS a Goatman. I will be the first to admit that I'm just not sure what this is but it does not appear to be just a bear or just a goat.

I also did a short video on this image, but all of the information and more is covered here in this post. If you would still like to watch the video, you can do so at this link. - https://youtu.be/6lYvvo_2Eas

Now, I have to ask ...if anyone has more information about this recent sighting of a possible goatman or if you have also seen it in this area, please contact me.

UPDATE - I guess I should have also included the following information but it slipped my mind. I ran these two photos on some software that detects edited images. There were no obvious signs of anything like Photoshop. Here is some of the Meta Data - size 4032 x 3024, 72 dpi. I also ran an error-level analysis and it didn't reveal anything unusual. Please keep in mind that many of these tests are inconclusive and that Photoshop is sometimes difficult to detect.  I'm not saying this is or isn't an altered image, I'm just saying I didn't find anything that suggests it was altered. The witness has been very open to any questions that I have asked him and seems to be just looking for answers.

UPDATE 2 - So, after reading this report JR, who lives near the reported area, thought he would go out and see if he could find the exact location this picture was taken at. Here is what JR report to me.
"I went to the park that this guy talked about and walked completely around the 3 wooded sides and nowhere do I see the 2 trees that are on the ground where this goatman was. I walked it twice. I think I need more info from the guy who took the pic. ....... The only thing I can say is I would probably have to talk with the guy or him email a pic of the park with the location marked of where he saw it. I did see one print in the mud outside of the wooded area about 12-13" long and took a pic of it.

It was about an 1" deep but it is muddy and I could not see any toes on this print....."

I ask JR if there was a chance the downed trees had been moved, here is his reply: "I don't think any trees were moved. I would really like if u could get this guy to email me or find out where he was in the parking lot when he took the pic. It appears to me in the Montpelier park the only place he could have been 30 yards from the animal would have been near the entrance to the park. Ask him if this is where he was parked. Also if u would confirm that he was at that park and not at the tennis courts at the golf course. I will go back. By the way I don't know if u saw where I posted it but my wife grew up in this area and spent all her life there. She said when she was a kid there were reports of a goatman she remembered and it scratched a car all up. That was over 50 years ago though. "

So, I email Ryan, the man who took the picture, and as him for more information on the exact location he took the picture. Here was Ryan's reply: "Yes, I took it while we were leaving. It was a ways back so I walked into the woods a bit to take the photo. I don't live in Maryland, I was there for a risk assessment conference. Next time I'm in that area of gladly meet someone and show them the exact location."

Now, hopefully, the next time Ryan is in the area we can have JR meet up with him and they can go to the exact spot where the pictures were taken. I thank both Ryan and JR for their help and information on this case. Maybe we can find more clues and answers in the weeks to come.

-End Update 2 -


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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  1. Thomas,
    This is very interesting, indeed. Doesn't immediately jump out at me as a "guy in a costume", but it is hard to tell. There are some aspects to it that look genuine, but then again, I'm not exactly sure just what a "goatman" is supposed to look like. LOL! I think this sighting deserves a deeper look, for sure.

    1. thanks for the comment. I think it is very interesting. It is interesting that it went down on all fours and walking off into the forest, could it have been trying to hide? Hopefully more information will come out.

  2. THAT'S a magnificent photo! I do see some issues though. I've raised goats for over 15 years and that's not a goat head. Goat's horns don't tend to curl down by their cheeks like that. it more closely resembles a naturally black or dyed Barbido sheep (Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Mix)ram's horns. They get those impressive "Big Horn" curls that makes them more valuable as wall trophies than as meat sheep. What you have in the photo isn't Goatman, it's Sheepsquach!

    1. Sheepsquatch ran through my mind, too.

    2. But if this is real and not a fake, who's to say it has to perfectly resemble a normal goat? Maybe it's a genetic mash up of who knows what.

  3. Thomas...It would have been really great to have gotten a photo (or better yet, video) of it down on all fours to see how it moved. I think that would have given us more information on the morphology of whatever is in this photo.

  4. Lady and gentlemen, look at this walking tulpa...

  5. Hello Tom, I'm having trouble seeing anything other than a bear myself but that maybe because I read through the email and saw the report where they called it a bear with a goat in it's mouth before looking at the photos.

    What I do have a issue with are the front paws / feet the photos are not very good and I'm having a bit of eye trouble this morning but they do not seem to favor what I've seen up close of bears feet in the past. I've seen a few right in my face down in the reservation in cages that where standing in front of me I always thought they where quite amazing animals to. What are your guys thoughts on the feet are they the animals, the goats or am I just having a difficult time seeing it as it is?

    1. the hand looks like a human type hand... also if the witness is correct and the thing is 7 foot tall that would rule out a black bear. A black bear is only around 5 foot tall on it's back legs. Interesting photo, I'm not sure what to make of it.

  6. well it jumps out to me as a guy in a costume,

  7. I live near there and am going to check the area out on Saturday. I enlarged the pics and it has a varmint in each hand. I think this is a real pic because of that. The left hand in the pic walking away behind the tree looks like a toad and larger varmint in his right had.

    1. Let me know what you find ...look for some tracks as well.

  8. I bi-pedal bear with a perfectly & photogenically positioned goat in its mouth is probably much less plausible than it actually being a cryptid in this case. Just sayin'....

  9. Hmm, these are some interesting photos. I do have a few points though that kind of make me kind of if-y. The head seems to be slightly small for the body and the shoulders are kind of strange looking, and it just appears to me to be a man in a very nice suit.

    Keep in mind, I am in no way a skeptic, I'm just very hard to convince. I'd love for this to be real though, and can't say that I'm not wrong, this very well could be real.

  10. I worked at Patuxent Wildlife Refuge around 2004-06. I worked exclusively in the 100% restricted/ off limits to all civilians and employees area along the Patuxent River in the South Tract. I had extensive experiences in this area with what I best deemed a Bigfoot and at times possibly the Goatman. I have my experiences documented on another "major" bigfoot investigative website.

    I can tell you personally as a professional scientist something is truly ongoing around this refuge. I believe wholeheartly the protective status of the refuge packed with wild flora and fauna makes this optimum as home ground and safe zone. Afterall... that is exactly what this refuge is... a safe, protected environment for all wildlife to live untouched by mankind.

    I am very excited to see this new report. There have been rashes of BF and GM sightings over the years in this exact area. When looking at the reports they have always appeared in rashes of sightings every 6-7 years.

    1. For the area this was seen in 2016, we are in the 6-7 year window.

  11. Interesting. I have been gone from the area for a long time, but as a young child I had super realistic dreams of a goatman coming to my window in the early 70s in PG county (Mcgruder Park)

  12. That’s. That’s a bear. Nothing like the reported sightings of the goat man.
    Evidence: ...There’s no axe. Hence it can’t be the axe wielding goat man of Maryland

  13. I think these photo's are such that you can't immediately dismiss as bs, like so many others. I'm also very excited to hear that they're fairly close to home. Delaware is practically criptid free, based on my scouting and the lack of any local lore. I would love to see these pictures put in black and white and various other techniques to assist bringing out further details. Thanks for the interesting article!!


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