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Bigfoot Witness - This book features Bigfoot sighting reports and encounters from all over the United States, and some from other parts of the world. There are over eighty names given to Bigfoot and hundreds of sightings each year. The reports shared here are only a small sample of the vast about of historical sightings data collected on Bigfoot sightings. These witness reports are full of amazing details! ~ From award winning Bigfoot researcher Thomas Marcum ~ $14.99 Paperback
194 pages. Amazon link - Click Here! Kindle Edition linkClick Here!


The Book of Blackthorne - "Dear God, why has this happened to us? Why have you taken away my very life---my Jacob? What have I done that you should bring such horrible tragedy to my life and the life of my son? I'm so very tired that I can barely nurse him. And my body as well as my mind is plagued with constant pain. When will you allow this to end? My child needs his mother!" A dead woman's words would echo through time. Baby James Blackthorne lost both his mother and his father in one terrible year, leaving the child with so many unanswered questions. But the answers lay hidden miles away in an old basement in an old book with a dark secret of its own. It sits in silence gathering dust, waiting for the moment it's voice can be heard. Can the truth finally find its way home? THE BOOK OF BLACKTHORNE. By Dorraine Fisher. $7.99 Amazon link - Click Here! Kindle Edition linkClick Here!

Bigfoot and Eastern Cousins - Late author Patricia Keech shares over forty years of either camping in or on the edge of some of the forest and deserts of North America. She describes some of her everyday routines and her odd, unexpected and sometimes frightening encounters with Sasquatch. Read how her mysterious happenings in the forest are later solved when she finally has a full visual of a Sasquatch. Patricia also wrote many details about Sasquatch behavior, sounds, and intelligence that are sure to fascinate everyone from the curious reader to the seasoned researcher. Dedicated to the life and memory of Patricia Keech. $9.99 Paperback (Note this was not written by any of us. Mr. Marcum did the cover design) Amazon link - Click Here!  Kindle Edition link - Click Here


I saw a UFO: Mysteries of the Sky - Have you ever seen something in the sky that just did not seem right? Well, you are not alone. Contained within the pages of this book are some personal and compelling eyewitness reports of unidentified flying objects. The maneuverability of UFOs seem to rival any known military aircraft in existence. Just what are they? Where do they come from?
$14.95 Paperback
Amazon link - Click Here Kindle Edition link - Click Here


My Haunted House and other weird Tales - Not long after my grandmother passed away, we moved into her old house. Everything seemed fine at first but then some strange events started taking place. Over time these events ramped up and it didn't take us long to realize there was paranormal activity in the house. In this book are the very true accounts of that activity. Was my grandmother trying to communicate with us? Once you read this book, I think the answer becomes very clear.
Paperback - $8.95
Amazon Link - Click Here  Kindle Edition link - Click Here


The Bigfoot Research Journal by Dorraine Fisher - Got Bigfoot activity? If you're new to the world of Bigfoot research or you just need a way to keep your findings organized, this comprehensive research journal will help. It will also serve as a guide to remind you what to look for on your Bigfoot research excursions. Not available on Kindle.
Paperback - $9.99
Amazon Link - Click Here

(Most DVD Titles are also available on Amazon Instant Streaming and for Download purchase.)

The Crypto Crew team investigates the famous Monroe House in Hartford City, IN. Can this Mysterious location live up to it's famous reputation? The team tries to uncover the secrets of the house and unlock some of the mysteries. Strange things occur as they delve into the history and the mysteries of the Monroe House. Some shocking revelations are unearthed.
The film is available on DVD and streaming services.
Amazon link - Click Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Click Here
FBpage - Click Here Official T-Shirt - Click Here

Almost Live follows author, bigfoot researcher, and adventurer Thomas Marcum as he hunts for Bigfoot in the deeps woods of Kentucky. Thomas explores several Bigfoot hotspots during the season to uncover various Bigfoot evidence in Season 2.
Available in a 2 disc set containing the complete second season. Now available on Amazon prime and other streaming services.
Amazon link - Click Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Click Here
FBpage - Click Here

The Crypto Files team travels to Benham Kentucky to investigate the beautiful and historic Benham Theater. The theater was a favorite spot for the community for many years. It later sat idle for numerous year until it's renovation. It appears the renovation of the theater has awakened the spirits of the past. As the investigation unfolds the team is amazed and in awe at the evidence they capture. The fifth film in the Crypto Files Series will blow you away with the evidence captured!
Amazon link - Click Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Click Here  Amazon Prime - Yes  FBpage - Click Here  GOP31 T-shirt  - Click Here


Harlan Kentucky's Manzo Shepherd Story. The fourth film in the Crypto Files Series. On a late evening in April of 1942 three men hailed a taxi in Harlan Kentucky to take them to Virginia across Black Mountain. Secluded by the wilderness atop Kentucky's highest peak, the men killed the taxi driver. Later the killers were apprehended and had to stand trial for their crimes. The local residents were outraged at the murder and when the trial took place the courtroom was filled with onlookers. Shock filled the courtroom at the events that transpired.  Based on the research of Tony Felosi, who over 70 years later, uncovered court documents of the case.
Amazon link - Click Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Click Here  Amazon Prime - Yes  FBpage - Click Here  Manzo T-shirt #1 Click Here


Ghosts of Portal 31. The third film in the Crypto Files Series.Deep in the mountains of Harlan county, Kentucky is a tourist attraction unlike any other. Portal 31 located in Lynch, is an underground tour that is more than a trip back into a coal mine, it is a step back in time itself. TCF is here to learn more about portal 31, and to investigate claims of paranormal activity. Are the spirits of the miners still lurking around? Join us as we try to find out! 
Amazon linkClick Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Yes   
Amazon Prime - Yes  FBpage - Click Here


Imprisoned Spirits: In Search of the Unknown. Harlan county, Kentucky has a sordid history of conflict, corruption, murder, and mayhem. For many years Harlan was practically a war zone. This helped earn it the name Bloody Harlan. All those turbulent times and dark energy has seemed to have an effect on the area. One such area is the old Harlan county Jail house. The jail house has a checkered reputation and was at the center of much of this turmoil. It housed every type of criminal you can imagine, from the common thief to murders. If you committed a crime in Harlan, you had to pass through the Harlan county jail system. It appears all this negative energy has made the jail a hub for unexplained activity. The Crypto Files team takes a look at the past and the claims of unexplained activity. Are there Imprisoned Spirits still trapped in the jail? We intend to find out!
Amazon linkClick Here  Amazon Instant Stream - Yes  Amazon Prime - Yes
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Missing: The Dennis Martin Case - The Martin family were on a relaxing camping and hiking trip in the Great Smoky Mountains. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the great outdoors. Then tragedy strikes and the Martins are faced with the reality that their young son is missing. It is every parents worse nightmare. This film chronicles those events and explores some of the lesser known aspects of the case. Based on real events.
Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes  Amazon Prime - Yes  FBpage - Click Here


Bigfoot: STILL Tracking A Legend - The legend continues!
The explosive sequel to the 2014 Paranormal Film Award winner, Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend, featuring 2014 investigator of the year, Thomas Marcum.
Follow along as Thomas uncovers more amazing evidence of the elusive creature known as bigfoot near his rural Kentucky home. Watch in awe as incredible details are discovered about the game camera Bigfoot photograph. Even though it's been over 2 years since the original sightings, the reports are still coming in. The creature is still out there, and it's still being tracked.
Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes  Amazon Prime - Yes  FBpage - Click Here


Bigfoot Witness - Bigfoot witnesses tell of their compelling brush with the mythical creature known as Bigfoot. There are numerous sightings all over the United States each year. Listen as these courageous individuals come forward to tell of their encounter.
Listen as each person gives a detailed account of their eye opening experience. Bigfoot ! Oh yes! He's out there!Part of the BIGFOOT WITNESS SERIES!
DVD $14.95 Minutes 54
Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes  Amazon Prime -Yes  FBpage - Click Here


Hunter Shoots Bigfoot - Exclusive interview conducted by Thomas Marcum with a hunter who encountered two Bigfoot. This is a truly amazing tale of a hunter who encounters two Bigfoot in the mountains of Virginia. After feeling threatened by the creatures, the hunter shoots one of them in the chest. The level of detail described by the hunter is unequaled. But just when you think its all over, the hunter gets visits from a unnamed agency. You have never heard anything like this! You will hear the raw emotions as the hunter gives detail after detail of what happened.The hunter is not a fame seeker and not trying to make money. He just wants people to know what happened and that Bigfoot is REAL! This is the BEST "Hunter shoots Bigfoot" story that you will ever hear!
DVD $12.95 Minutes 77 Amazon linkClick Here!  Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes Amazon Prime - No


Oregon Home of Bigfoot? - The Oregon forest with its abundance of water and its diversity of plant and animal life creates an idea place for large animals to live but Is Bigfoot calling Oregon home? We team up with seasoned Bigfoot researchers Bobby and Corinna Long to document witness accounts, collect physical evidence, and to search for clues of the creature. During our search we uncover a history of Bigfoot sightings and evidence. With these efforts, new sightings are reported after witnesses come forward. Hear their reports for the first time!  
DVD $14.95 Minutes 51
Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - No  FBpage - Click Here


Bigfoot: The Evidence Files - You say you don’t believe in Bigfoot, but hundreds of researchers in the field can’t be ignored any more.Bigfoot is real and the evidence is in! Over 20 researchers and witnesses have come together to present some of their greatest findings in support of this elusive creature that was mostly, until now, believed to be mythical. Evidence such as tracks, stick and rock formations, sound recordings, video of the creature, and more are presented to the viewer. And the evidence comes from all over North America. So sit back, watch, listen, and prepare to Believe!
DVD $14.95 Minutes 56 Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes  Amazon Prime -Yes  FBpage - Click Here


Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend (Extended Cut) - Follow cryptozoology researcher and 2014 Bigfoot Investigator of the Year* Thomas Marcum as a Bigfoot sighting becomes a Bigfoot investigation. A long time skeptic reports a bigfoot sighting that sparks off this fruitful investigation. A candid look into the life of a Bigfoot researcher. Filmed in Kentucky. Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend follows the work of a real Bigfoot researcher from the Bigfoot hotbed state of Kentucky through his investigation of a rash of sightings near his home. It includes real witness interviews, follows his search through the sighting area, and shows you real evidence of the creatures' occupation there. It shows how this kind of research is really conducted; the more intelligent side of a very controversial subject.!!Now with more analysis of the Bigfoot Game Cam Photo!! *
DVD $14.95 Minutes 53  Amazon link - Click Here! Amazon Instant Streaming - Yes  Amazon Prime - yes  FBpage - Click Here


Almost Live (Season 1) follows author, bigfoot researcher, survivalist and adventurer Thomas Marcum as he explores the deeps woods of Kentucky. The show is presented in a raw, uncut live footage format. See unique and remote locations. Learn about the area wildlife and forestry. See things that many will never get to see. 10 Episodes
Starring: Thomas Marcum
Amazon Prime - Click Here
Not Available on DVD (yet)


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Audio CDs

Bigfoot Witness - The Interviews - Volume 1 - This program contains real interviews conducted with witnesses who have seen or encountered possible Bigfoot. Witnesses give details about what they saw, heard and felt. These interviews are conducted in a relaxed and candid manner, which results in an enjoyable listening experience. Part of the ~ BIGFOOT WITNESS SERIES ~
Produced by Thomas Marcum Cover art by Greg Champy
Cd $12.95 Minutes 56
Amazon linkClick Here!
BUY NOW $12.95 -


KNOCK IT! The official Bigfoot Wood Knocker of The Crypto Crew. Don't attempt to carry around a cumbersome axe handle, just slip KNOCK IT! into any standard backpack. Made of hard and durable ASH wood and sealed with a heavy coat of clear coat. KNOCK IT! is only 18 inches long and easy to carry! KNOCK IT! also has a "X" on one side, show you where to strike it. Lettering on KNOCK IT! is hand burnt into wood and then sealed. We can also do color lettering but it is made with vinyl and then sealed. Can be customized with a Bigfoot Team name or personalized with your name.
KNOCK IT! $9.99 + $3 S & H (PayPal, or Money Orders)   
ebay link - Click Here or order by contacting us - Click Here

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  1. Great Post, I love to read articles that are informative and actually have good content. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading more.

  2. I ordered 2 of those, will order more... I also ordered a batch of other Bigfoot dvds on eBay like the old classics "Legend of Bigfoot" and "Mysterious Monsters" etc and Finding Bigfoot seasons and seasons 1 through 3 of Monster Quest... the dissapoiting DVD was Mysterious Monsters by Cheesy Flicks it was an awful blurry faded copy... I ordered another copy off eBay that looked to be from a different company but it arrived as a bootleg grainy copy from an unknown source... Anyone know of a legit source of a clear copy of that film? 42 plus years old it should be remastered to Blu-ray from the original for historical purposes!

  3. you should do another DVD of nothing but the best Bigfoot photos and videos that have flooded the internet over the past 15 years with any details you can find and opinions from researchers. I'd buy it!


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