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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mystery Couple Seen At Cumberland Falls
Cumberland Falls located in Corbin, Kentucky is a very popular tourist destination and with good reason. It is known as "Niagara of the South," because it is the largest water fall south of Niagara Falls. The falls is 125 feet wide and has an average drop distant of 68 feet. It is also home to a "moonbow". It is the only location in the Western Hemisphere where moonbows are known to appear with regularity.

Cumberland Falls is also home to mystery. One story is about the Dupont Lodge and the Ghost bride and groom. There are other reports of seeing old civil war soldiers and several other tales. Well, now I might even have another mystery to add to the list.

I was recently contacted by a person who had an eerie event happen below the Cumberland Falls.  Jasmine and her family had taken a day to visit the falls this past weekend.
Here is the photograph and their story.

"While visiting Cumberland Falls with my family this past weekend,  I was drawing in the sand with my daughter when I felt my husband walk up behind me. I looked up only to see him standing in front of us and when I turned around, there was this creepy couple standing across the river from us.
I got an uneasy feeling immediately because it was as if I had felt them. They stood there still for the entire half hour that we were there.
I looked back as we were leaving and they were gone. Attached is the pic I took. I researched deaths in the area and obviously the Bride is the most popular, but it says nothing about a man. This could have just been a really creepy couple, but wanted to share. Any input you might have would be great!"

Here is the photograph and then a zoom in I did.

Upon viewing the picture, my first thoughts were it could have been a couple people from either the Amish or Mennonites religious groups. I have been to the Falls before and seen small groups of Mennonites. So I thought I would ask Jasmine about that and some other questions to see if we would solve the mystery.

Here was her reply:

"Thank you for your quick response! I had also thought maybe someone from one of these religious groups. They were alone just the two of them, and they didn't move their entire bodies. At one point I believe the woman moved her hand and at another moment it seemed as if they both turned their heads slightly in our direction. That's when my daughter was ready to go, so we decided to start our hike out of there. Could have just been our imaginations running wild, but we definitely got an eerie feeling from them."

Now, of course, I got permission from Jasmine to run this story. We both are hoping that some can provide more information about this mystery couple. Did anyone else see them? Has anyone else seen something similar in the area, at a different time? Was it a ghost couple or just real people?

 If so, please let us know.

As a side note, I also looked up wedding dresses from the 40's and 50's to compare them to the possible Ghost Bridge story, while some of them looked similar I could not find a match.

So, again if anyone was at Cumberland Falls the weekend of the 6th through the 8th and saw this mystery couple, please let us know.

Thanks to Jasmine for contacting us about this event.



This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. This appears to be a Photoshop/ A black and white image appears to have been placed on gray background as a convenience for the photo-shopper.

    1. Very unlikely it is a photoshoped picture.

  2. Would be a tough image to photoshop. Their feet are on different levels of the rock that they are standing on, and the reflection on the water is spot on.

  3. How did they get on the rock? The rock they're standing on appears to be surrounded by water. Also,able to make out their clothing but they don't appear to have any facial features whatsoever. I would definitely classify this as ghosts.

  4. I now have much more information and will share all the updates in the near future. The mystery deepens.

    1. Wanted to know. My neighbor took this picture. It's definitely not photoshop

  5. There was a large group of Mennonites that stayed at the Hampton inn at exit 29 that same week, my family and I stayed there and they seemed to be there celebrating something.

  6. I have a picture of what I belive to be a soldier ghost in VT. Its a still from a video I took you can see him in the video also. I didnt see him, a friend found him while looking at the video. Its pretty cool, if you interested I send to you.

  7. i live here on lake cumberland but never got to witness the ghost at the falls, but i hear all kinds of stories, i sent you the pic of the ghost on the stump i know that has nothing to do with the falls caz its to far away ,,,,,,but here are plenty of ghost stories about the lake , i love your site and keep up with it all the time your guys rock,,,,,,,,,,thanks Helen Fluty

  8. thanks and yes I remember your picture of the ghost stump ...it was awesome!


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