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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Beautiful Cumberland Falls!
Cumberland Falls has been featured in 3 movies: The Kentuckian with Burt Lancaster, Raintree County with Elizabeth Taylor and Fire Down Below with Steven Seagal.
Cumberland Falls is located within the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southeast Kentucky.
The water fall itself is about 125 foot wide and has about a 65 foot drop. Sometimes Cumberland Falls is called "Little Niagara" but this Falls has something Niagara Falls does not have and that is a Moon Bow. A moon bow or lunar rainbow is a rare thing and can only be found in a few places in the whole world and can only be seen with the right conditions.

Moonbow Dates:
May - 22,23,24,25,26,27 June - 20,21,22,23,24,25
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This place of beauty is also home to some paranormal activity and stories. One being "The Bride of Cumberland Falls" and/or the haunted Dupont Lodge.
There are slightly varying stories about the Bride of Cumberland falls but here is the basics of the tale.

Dupont Lodge
The story dates back into the 1950's, The story is of a  Bride and Groom that came to Cumberland Falls State Park for their Honeymoon.
The couple was staying at Dupont lodge. Before leaving the falls they wanted to have their photos taken with the falls in the background. The couple found an overlook just a few hundred feet from the falls that would work great for the photo. As the Bride stood on the Pillars at the edge of the 75 to 80 foot cliff, the Bride lost her balance and fell to her death.

Cumberland Falls has been listed as one of the top haunted places in Kentucky.
I have read several reports from visitors and people who worked at the Park, including some of the park rangers who worked around the Falls and many report seeing the ghost bride and other weird things. Some the other reports told of the ghost bride tripping people or messing up rooms that were just cleaned up. There are even some report of seeing old civil war type soldiers.

Here is a possible photo of the Ghost Bride
Notice the human shaped figure on the upper right

While there is many ghost tales from the Falls, I personally have not seen anything there and I have been to the Falls on a few trips as it's close to me. I do remember some other strange tales from Cumberland Falls. Many of you may have heard this before or remember hearing your family and friends talk about it.
Well as I remember, when I was a kid, around 10-12 years old, there was some stories about a person or people falling off the falls. This resulted in a massive search to recover the bodies and at one point a team of  divers was used to swim under the falls and look for the bodies. The story that was told was that the divers came out of the water pretty quickly and were really shaken up and telling people that if anyone fell over the Falls that they are gone because there were catfish down there that were as big as a Volkswagen. They went on to say that these giant catfish were easily big enough to swallow a man whole. The divers also refused to go back in the water and look for the missing people.

Cumberland Falls State Park is a great place to visit, it has plenty of forest to explore and look for bigfoot, it has the Ghost Bride to investigate, it has monster sized catfish to catch but if none of that is your thing, then the Cumberland Falls is still a beautiful place to spend a weekend hiking, boating, fishing or just to enjoy the out doors and relax.        
 Click Cumberland Falls!! to find out more!

There are many more tales of strange sightings and odd happenings in and around this area, I have only scratched the surface.
If anyone has a tale to share or some photos, feel free to send them to me at thecryptocrew@kih.net


[Ghost photo: Tony-Emt ]
[Source: 2geton ]

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