TCC Team

Thomas Marcum - Leader/Founder of The Crypto Crew,Webmaster
Special Skills - Working with Video & Research,Websites,
Location - Kentucky
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Bio - Around 20 years working with video, certificate in Dreamweaver, Trained Wild land Firefighter, Many years hunting and Fishing, Published Photographer & Poet.

Waylen Frederick - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Game Cams & Tracks
Location - Louisiana
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Bio - 25 plus years of hands on experience as commercial fisherman, hunter, trapper, and tracker by trade with some wildlife habitat management experience as it relates to proper harvest management.

Jimmy Craze - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Research & Field Investigation
Location - Georgia
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Jason Morse - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Interviews & Field Research
Location - New Hampshire
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Bio - Lifelong outdoor enthusiast, trained in wilderness survival tactics, 26 year martial artist, DJ, EMT and amateur writer.

Erin Morse - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Photography & Research
Location - New Hampshire
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Bobby Long - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Research & Investigation
Location - Oregon
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Bio - Avid fishermen and outdoorsman

Corinna Long - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Research & Investigation
Location - Oregon
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Bio - Outdoorswoman

Jennifer Caywood - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Research & Investigation, Interviews
Location - Washington
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Dorraine Fisher - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Professional Writer & Research, Interviews
Location - Springfield, Illinois
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Bio - Freelance writer, nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.
Book - The Book Of Blackthorne - buy it today!

Leon Drew - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Field Research, Tracking, interviews.
Location - Cripple Creek, Colorado
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Bio - History Buff, Paranormal Investigator, Army Vet, Telecom Engineer, Grandfather, Cryptozoology Researcher.

Dale Drinnon - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Writer,Artist,Research,Investigations
Location - Indianapolis, Indian
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Bio - An artist and a writer, have a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology, Anatomy and Comparative anatomy, and I have done both professional-levelations and cartooning.
Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

Jeff Albertson - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Herpeculture, field investigation and Researcher.
Location - Southern California (Mojave Desert)
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Bio - Working towards master degree in biology & Herpetology. Training in field studies,guidelines for use of amphibians & reptiles in field & lab research.Background in herpaculture,active in citizen science programs in herpetology and desert biodiversity. 
Blog - Exoticzoology

Bill Hamilton - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Observer, details, field work.
Location - New Jersey
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Bio - A full time wild land firefighter. As part of his job duties he gets to travel to remote locations. Bill is a trained observer thanks to his fire aviation background. Bill also logged 10 years in the Navy.

Greg Champy - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Team Artist/Researcher/Writer
Location -Kentucky
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Bio - Displays an amazing artistic ability and a special knack for background research. Also, an accomplished writer. 

Jimmy Blanton - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Paranormal Research, Ghost hunting and equipment.
Location - Harlan county,Kentucky
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Bio - Paranormal Investigator with several years of experience. 

Eugene Johnson - TCC Team Member
Special Skills - Paranormal Research, Ghost hunting and witness reports.
Location - Winchester, Kentucky
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Bio -  A horror movie enthusiast and actor with a keen interest in Bigfoot, UFOs and the paranormal. With his budding acting career, Johnson gets to meet a lot of people with interesting and sometimes weird, tales of the unknown.     

Wyatt Zombro - TCC Team Member in Training
Special Skills - Field Research
Location - West Virginia
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Bio - Cryptozoology enthusiast, enjoys being out doors and exploring the forest.


  1. "Bigfoot Is Real"

  2. My name is Bob McDermott and I'm host of The Paranormal Zone a paranormal radio show in Portsmouth NH. We are looking for a bigfoot investigator to come on the show.

    Please have Jason Morse contact me at


    1. thanks..I'll see that he gets this .

  3. Please read this book which features my true bigfoot story.

    Communion with Sasquatch is a non-fiction narrative written by author and journalist, J.P. Smith and co-authored by lifelong researcher, Freeman Young .

    The book is based on a series of interviews conducted by Smith, with three men from three different states who have had exceptional, lifelong experiences and up-close, personal encounters with the being known as Sasquatch.

    You will read in amazement, marvel, and wonder at perhaps the most intriguing and elusive being on the face of the planet, as each of the three interviewees recounts their most incredible, bizarre and sometimes frightening experiences with the legendary Bigfoot creatures, as they’re known throughout North America.


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