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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is this a bigfoot finger?
This photo was taken by Albert Fuhs and this is possibly a severed finger from a bigfoot.
I was talking to Albert and got some of the story about this photo. It seems there was some type of battle or fight among some bigfoots that involved some coyotes.  It is possible that maybe the coyote had taken the finger according to Albert but he was not sure what role the coyote played.

As Albert rushed to get closer to where some awful sounds and possibly a bigfoot fight was taking place, he seen this laying on the trail,so he just quickly took a photo and moved closer to where the action was taking place.

Upon returning to where this possible finger was, it was now gone. At the time of the rushed photo Albert did not know it could possibly be a finger but snapped off a photo anyways.

It does look like a finger.


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  1. No hair, no blood.......it's no finger

  2. So what did he just leave it there? Why not an HD picture of the thing cleaned up sitting on a good background?

  3. I was wondering why he didn't take it with him too. Why didn't he go to the Bigfoot area to get some tracks and other evidence? The finger look's like all one color like clay. It's just something that look's like a finger but other than that there is nothing conclusive about it. Even the size of it can't be established. So, without the actual finger and nothing else to verify this at all is too bad.

    1. This is in a area where he does lots of research. I have some of his other photos and stuff on here already.
      The reason he left this at first was that he was running past it to see what the noise was all about and when he returned the finger was gone.
      I didn't write this post very well but had been up almost 24 hours - sorry

  4. Absolute and total B.S.

  5. Albert is a friend of Todd Standing. Enough said. He constantly over promises and underdelivers. He is full of crap. His shots are all blogsquatches although he says that they are his friends. Move on people.Nothing to see here. Guy is a fraud.


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