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Friday, February 8, 2013

Musky Allen on left
The Tent video Saga Continues!
After Musky Allen met Rick Dyer for a viewing of the dead bigfoot body he did an interview with Facebook/Find Bigfoot. After the interview many in the bigfoot community had questions and some concerns, So Musky Allen has released a statement attempting to address some of these questions.

Here is his statement:
"Sorry i've been away from my computer. After reading many comments all over the web, i feel it necessary to clear up a few things. My interview everyone listened too was limited due to time constraints and restrictions i was permitted to speak about .
There was an autopsy, yes. The 3 shaven areas was where the incisions where made. The body cavity including organs has been removed and preserved. A partial embalming was performed on the specimen (i dont know details on this however). I have no idea if this creature is or has been frozen pryor to our arrival. On the reported gun shot wounds, there was an exit wound (this area was edited out from my original interview) however i couldn't verify collateral damage to the mouth area other than cut's and some possible torn skin in and around the mouth region, otherwise intact.
I didnt think this was significant considering the mouth was shut, it may have had it's teeth missing, i have no idea. I'd also like to mention about people's comments on why my word isnt important like 'Jeff Meldrums' would be, and that i was paid to lie!! Fact is, I exhausted myself to try and arrange Jeff Meldrum to accompany me with repeated emails...Instead his ego and greed was more important requesting his 'Standard' appearance fee (in the tune of $5,500 even though there was to be no filming) paid accommodations, and full travel expenses paid was the response. Based on that, Meldrums scientific approach was about 'Getting paid' to use his name, NOT to validate any discovery which i tried to do!! Lastly, I'll say this again. I 100% stand behind what i saw, this was a Sasquatch!"

End Statement.

So this does address some of the questions and concerns but I know there will be more coming.
Does anyone else know if Meldrum charges a speaking fee? if so how much?


[Source:Bigfoot The Evidence]

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  1. I heard about this and think it's a good probable hoax again. The FB/FB Jeff Anderson or Jack Barnes said they were going to check it out after Musky Allen. I hope they do. I wanted to offer my services to go with them. To kick the crap out of Dyer if it's another hoax! We will have to wait and see.

    1. Yeah ...I would like to see the body as well. I think IF this turns out to be a hoax then these 2 guys are done in the bigfoot world I would think. Time will tell I guess.

  2. Check with the TBRC, they usually have him at their annual Bigfoot Conference.


  4. John....Go kick the crap out of Dyer....either way....he deserves it...come on after he's statement yesterday day...talking about driving a new corvette and his bank account over flowing....

  5. This feels like viral marketing. If not real, well typical huh? If real insulting. Either way it's not a winning route for most of us.
    Meldrum should receive a fee, as time is money and two days out of the office is real. He states on his FB page Dyer did not contact him, but he didn't mention Musky. Don't blame him wanting distance from this real or not.

  6. In musky's statement, he piles on Meldrum in Dyer style.

    Who is musky Allen?

  7. DR Meldrum has posted on his FB Page that Mr Allen DID NOT send him any E-mail @ all & that he went back to check to see if he may have missed something!! Now This makes me think, Uh-Oh!

  8. Second that, on Meldrums facebook page he said that there is no correspondence with Allen. Pay these guys no more attention....its a put up or shut up situation at this point considering the reputations of the people involved.

  9. this was always a hoax, the reliable source crypo has
    is in on the hoax with minnow films, it's just another piece of to the documentary.

  10. Did Allen use a different name in his emails to Meldrum? Can Meldrum verify that he did not receive ANY email requests to come to Vegas and view the body? That would clarify the issue once and for all.

  11. Shoot on site anyone that Hoaxes again on Sasquatch or any related BF claim !

  12. Show us the BODY or shut up, Heard this crap before guys!!!!

  13. I believe Musky allens testimony - nothing false about his experience, you could here the "daze" in his voice. I found it wholly convincing. However - P.R. and commercial Managers of The film for the "great reveal" - THREE MONTHS LATER, are either commercially incompetant, or have taken a vow of commercial Chastity.. of a Zen like approach - new in the Market Place. three months and No newspaper has the story..seems a greater miracle in actually proving with a body - Bigfoot. It does not add up. Dusky Allens Testimony is convincing - but knowiong the realities of the commercial world - keeping it a Secret is almost too much to believe.

  14. New info has been released about some pics being sent to some of Dyers most ferocious haters.Word is now,they have apologized and are now Rick Dyer believers and supporters.Must have been some interesting pictures.

    1. What is this new info you are refering to? I definitely felt Musky Allen's account of his viewing sounded awfully convincing and truthful. I've been waiting patiently for the "big reveal". Any specifics on who has offered their apologies?

    2. Where was this new info released? Any specifics as to who offered their apologies? I felt that Musky Allen"s account of the viewing was absolutely believable and have been waiting patiently for the "big reveal" or any new news on the subject. What have you heard?

    3. That all turned out to be fake ...from what I hear. The guy never seen any photos.


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