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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EP video shown to a very wealthy Bigfoot investor.

Adrian Erickson recently showed his footage to a a very wealthy Bigfoot investor, who shall remain nameless but many of you can guess who is.
This man watched the footage and said there was no way it could have been faked. He saw the footage from Crittenden, Kentucky of the male, the young female, Matilda, and her two babies. The male is absolutely huge – up to 10-12 feet tall – absolutely massive. That is so gigantic that I am dubious, but this is what people are saying they see on the screen.

Erickson Project in Hollywood verified.
This was previously a rumor, but we have just been able to verify that the EP is indeed in Hollywood working on their film, and there is big money behind it.
So Randy Brisson is apparently lying in his denials. A release date for the film? We don’t have it. Erickson is totally broke, so apparently he is shopping the film to Hollywood to try to make back as much his money as he can from the film. Whether he is going the TV route to say National Geographic or via a film release, we have no idea.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC -  Wow! A 10-12 foot Bigfoot filmed! I can't wait to see this video. Can it be true? maybe. There has been many reports of Bigfoot this size but I can't think of anything being filmed that was said to be that tall.
Robert Lindsay also states that Randy Brisson is lying...well if so then why is he? Could it be some type of NDA agreement about the release of the videos? Maybe.
In any case I want to see the videos and I do not care for the Erickson people making some cash off their efforts, after all they have spent time and money getting the footage..so it only seems fair to me.

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  1. Hi, I would assume that Erickson wants to keep this as hush hush as possible. He doesn't want word getting out that the video is being worked on right now in Hollywood. So if asked, Erickson is simply going to deny it and say it's not true. Simply the usual diplomatic behavior. If he wants to keep it a secret, that's what he has to do.

    1. I would assume as the project gets closer to a release he will start telling more.I just want to see it.

  2. Also another source said that in the video of the large male described above, it is "over nine feet tall," not 10-12 feet tall. So it is anywhere from 9+-12 feet tall I guess. Somewhere in there?

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