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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

!!UPDATE 5 !! -
Dyer releases a video!

This comes from his blog at

!!UPDATE 4!! - The latest reports I'm getting and they are somewhat unconfirmed, is that Facebook/Findbook will have a video interview with Musky Allen tonight and he will be talking about what he seen and if the body is real. This video should be loaded up tonight is what I've heard.

!!UPDATE!! - At this time and to my knowledge there has been no statement made by Musky Allen or the unnamed person who got to view the body with Dyer last night.

!!UPDATE 3!! -  The unnamed person who also reportedly seen and touch the body is said to be someone from the bigfoot community and who is a believer. I knew in advance about this but could not tell it, I do not know who it is but some speculated that it was Dr. Meldrum but that is just a rumor and unconfirmed. These people have been up all night and I assume they are either on a plane asleep or at home asleep. I expect a up date as the day goes on.

!! UPDATE 2 !! -  Meeting Confirmed! Musky Allen has Seen the Body! Body also verified by another yet unnamed person.

!!UPDATE!! -  I'm 99.9 percent sure the meeting is taking place tonight (may be underway already), there are several other factors involved in the meeting that I really can't talk about but if what my insider has told me is true then this should settle it.
Just so you will know Musky Allen is to be blindfolded and taken to the location and he will not be allowed to take any photos but there is some other things planned to prove it to him and others.
Hope to get an update .

Major Breaking News about the Tent video!

An inside source has informed me that the meeting between Musky Allen and Rick Dyer could very well be taking place TONIGHT!

For those who don't know Musky Allen is one of the most noted skeptic in the Bigfoot Community. Dyer extended  an invitation to Allen to come and view the body, under some conditions. Well that meeting appears to be taking place tonight.

Our inside source said the Allen would not be a skeptic after tonight.

I will do my best to keep you posted.


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Tuesday, February 05, 2013 17 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. It's all BULLSHIT!

  2. So Musky is part of the Hoax, how clever.

  3. Musky is definitely a skeptic but he's been pretty chummy with ole Rick for awhile now..hmmm..Grab your popcorn and sit back.

  4. need a live press conference and a true dr to check it.

  5. NOT BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I say if Musky says it's true. I'm all in.

  7. rick likes nothing better than to pull these little pranks on the entire Bigfoot community. A community he has extended his middle finger to many times in the past, and literally on video. Musky is of the same mind and probably now helping rick with his little hoax. How nice. Pathetic as hell.

  8. For a site who wants to report real BF news, who is Musky Allen?

    He has claimed to have studied under Rene Dahinden. Show me

    He has 30 years in the field. Show me

    A google search brings him in 2011. Show me!

  9. Musky Allen is not his real name. He is a noted skeptic..or should I say he was.

  10. Noted by who? He's only been around a couple of years.

  11. How long til Biscardi gets involved? He IS in the same BBC movie that Dyer is in, the same movie where he says he shot the thing.

  12. Rick has stated that he thinks Meldrum is a joke and would never have him come see the body. So try a less extreme lie next time. This whole thing is such a joke. Makes me want to get the hell out of the BF community for awhile until the shit storm clears.

  13. im trying to find a blog site
    that folk's talk about this stuff

  14. anyone know of a blog site that folk's go too= i've been stuck on a religious site since i started using a computer and it's about to drive me crazy= nothing against believer's but none of them believe in aliens or bigfoot's= i can't get any of them to watch the ancient alien show's= help me out with a blog site folk's= those religious folk's don't believe in yeti smith and the holy book of the bigfoot's hahaha

  15. Its all a bunch of b.s. there is no body and never will be......im sick of this fake crap!!

  16. This video is really hilarious.. I really like it!! I am happy that you shared this useful info with us. Thank you for sharing.


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