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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Dr. Ketchums Horse..used for reference only

Bigfoots braided the mane on one of Ketchum’s horses.

One of the strangest stories we have ever heard about Bigfoot-type creatures is that they like to braid the manes of people’s horses. Most such reports come out of the Caucasus region and refer to Almas type creatures.
We can now report that Ketchum says that the Bigfoots have braided the mane of a horse at Ketchum’s friend’s house where Ketchum sees the Bigfoots and where she also stores some of her many horses. We believe that she sees the Bigfoots at a cabin in the Honobia region of Oklahoma her friend Arla Williams has access to, and we also think she stores some horses there. Therefore, Bigfoots apparently braided a mane on one of the horses that Ketchum keeps at Arla’s place.
Is it true? Ketchum would not make up a wild lie about this – that’s not like her. And I definitely do not feel that Ketchum is mentally ill or insane. Therefore, I will tentatively take her word for it that this happened, as crazy as it sounds. And we also have cross-cultural data from the Caucasus indicating that Bigfoot type creatures do this.

[ Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC - While this might seem like strange behavior it may not be anything out of the realm of bigfoot behavior, after all the social life of sasquatch is very much a mystery. We know that all animals have some type of social groups and behavior, is it to this extent? That is just something we do not know at this time. If this is a confirmed story by Dr. Ketchum then I would think she is telling the truth.

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  1. What's weird is that there are many reports of BF type things braiding the manes of horses in Russia, mostly out of the Caucasus and the Altai. The BF's over there are called Almas. I always thought that the idea that these things braid manes is insane, and it always just made me laugh. Now Ketchum says one of them braided a mane on her horse! That's so weird!

    And it looks like BF's on both sides of the Bering Straight both braid manes! How weird. The BF's in North America must have learned it from the ones in Russia. Weird weird weird!

    1. Yeah pretty weird...but we really don't know much about them...so who knows for sure.

    2. Maybe someone pranked her knowing that there were BF's around there. But how many people know that BF's can braid horses? I would say approximately zero. No one knows that BF's are said to do this.

      And how many people know about the place Arla has access to and that Ketchum keeps horses there? And how many people have access to that place?

  2. This is ridiculous.

  3. These are nothing more than wind knots.Basically what happens is the very ends of the mane get tangled by twigs, grass or brambles then the horse shakes o his neck side to side as a result the tangled very heavy end will get flipped repeatedly up and down through two naturally dividing sections at top of neck mane hairline until it twisted into loop fashion.A real pain in the ass to get out because usually theres more leaves & twigs etc etc get added as the tangled looping twisting mess progresses.Sometimes so badly they have to cut out.My horses get them all the time and I dont think theres a bigfoot living on 5 acres in the middle of a city.Plus horses will groom each other and cause these too.I havent ruled out the possibilty of bigfoots existence, but to imagine a horse thats a prey animal by its very nature standing calmly next to a big 9ft tall stinky hairy creature that most likely is an omnivorous and smells of blood or decaying death is a stretch of the imagination.

  4. BULLSHIT, Anonymous of Jan. 22! I've had horses for over 45 years, and have NEVER seen wind knots that look like the braids in the photo. IDK if Bigfoot did them or not, but it's downright laughable to think anybody would regard them as wind knots!

  5. That sad old woman is bat shit crazy. What she's talking about is the hair on her legs is long enough to braid. I'm calling this bullshit from a kook. Bigfoot braiding hair. I'd think they'd want to eat or ride the horse, not braid it's frikkin' mane. Ridiculous. She'd say just about anything to stay in the spotlight. Sad. So sad.


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