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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Matilda the sleeping bigfoot was pregnant
No more Erickson Project leaks for some time into the future. We have been more or less ordered by the EP to stop leaking information about their project.
We normally blow this sort of stuff off with a guffaw, a willful gesture or two, a snarky remark, a gulp of wine and a round of air guitar, but now several of our EP sources are in serious hot water as the EP is undertaking a serious counterespionage operation, and the only way to save my sources is to stop printing the leaks. There won’t be much to print anyway, as my sources are suddenly being afflicted with selective mutism when they talk to me.
So unfortunately, you are not going to find much juicy EP news from us for some time into the future. If I can dig up anything on my own from public information, I will do so, but there won’t be anything more from my sources. I will also continue to report on news about Erickson that has already been reported, but there will no new leaked information from my EP sources.
Crittenden, Kentucky leak. It’s been suggested that my EP sources leaked that location, one of the EP’s habituation sites, to me. This is not true. They never told me the locations of any EP habituation sites. I found out the Crittenden, Kentucky location and in fact the exact address by doing some elaborate Internet sleuthing all by myself, of which I will not divulge the details. Bottom line is I figured out that location 100% on my own, with no help from my EP sources.
Matilda the EP’s sleeping Sasquatch. The widely disseminated photo of Matilda, the sleeping Bigfoot from Kentucky, has generated a lot of controversy. We can now tell you that in 2005, possibly around the time of that video and certainly around the time of the other video where she approaches the camera, Matilda become pregnant. After those videos were shot, she had a baby Bigfoot. This information comes to us from an interview with Mary Green on the Internet.

[via robertlindsay.wordpress.com/]

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