Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sierra Kills - Female bigfoot shot

Justin Smeja’s shot at the female Bigfoot. In the case of the Sierra Kills, there was a conflict between Smeja’s report that he shot the animal in the front and his paper, which we leaked, where he said that he shot it in the “rear shoulder.” Turns out that “rear shoulder” is just hunter speak for a shot to a four legged animal that is often a heart or lungs shot.
Smeja informed me that the shot was indeed to the front, or really to the side. The bullet penetrated below the left breast and then went sideways. He theorized that it penetrated both lungs.
Once again we are vindicated. In our initial report, we said that the adult Bigfoot was shot through both lungs. We took a lot of heat for that comment, but in the end, we were right once again.


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