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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Justin Smeja

TCC - Robert Lindsay recently Interviewed Justin Smeja and It was a very good read and Robert as many good questions and seemed to push for answers.
Several questions stand out concerning Dr Melba Ketchum and Dr Jeff Meldrum.
Here is a couple of the post from the Q & A

Q & A
RL: Do you talk to Dr. Melba Ketchum (who is running the DNA study on his sample)?

JS: You know, I hardly talk to her at all. I think I have spoken with her two whole times. And they’ve hardly told me anything. They don’t communicate with me at all. But after I did that radio show, Ketchum called me and got mad at me for doing the show. She said I was jeopardizing the study.

RL: She more or less told you to STFU?

JS: Pretty much, yes. No more talking to the media. She said, “Why did you do this? You can’t do this sort of thing until we publish! No more radio shows!” I thought it was strange because I did not give up any privileged information, but that was her attitude.

TCC - And Later Justin talked about Jeff Meldrum and here is what was said.

Q & A
RL: Is there anything you are mad about or upset about regarding this whole business?

JS: Well, the one thing that really gets me is so many people don’t believe me. All these people keep coming up to me and acting all friendly and saying, “Tell me your story. Tell me your story.” So I befriend them and tell them whatever they want to know from me, and then they leave, and a while later, I hear that they are running around saying that they don’t believe anything I say and what a big liar I am.
When we went to the Sierra Kills site, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Mioczynski were there, and they were very, very friendly. We were there for three days camping out, and everyone was saying, “We believe you. We believe you. Yes, yes, yes.” Then most of them turned around as soon as I was gone and said what a big fat liar I was and how they don’t believe me. This is what Meldrum and Mioczynski did to me. Especially Meldrum. He was really two-faced to me. Everyone says he’s such a great guy, but I don’t think so. I don’t like him very much.
All that two-faced stuff – it’s distressing. It really gets on my nerves.

Robert really covered a lot of bases here and ask some tough on point questions. Hats off to him and Justin for the interview.Thanks Guys.

To read the whole interview, and I recommend you do, go over to Robert's blog by clicking the link
Robert Lindsay interviews Justin Smeja

There is some other good reading on Roberts blog at the moment about bigfoot and his recent spat with Dr. Meldrum. Have a look.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

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