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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dateline Greeley Colorado January 16, 2011
Clifford Clift, International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), has announced he will be stepping down as International Director, effective January 31, 2012.
David MacDonald, member of MUFON's board of Directors and State Director for Kentucky will replace Clift as International Director (ID) February 1, 2012. Clift is stepping down as ID due to personal commitments and family health issues, which will require his full attention.
He said, "MUFON needs a full time ID and he will not be able to provide full time leadership under these conditions."
Clift also said, "I know my limitations and the requirements of time MUFON needs to be successful. I can't be successful with both." Clift would like to express his deep gratitude to MUFON subscribers/members for their commitment in seeing that MUFON achieves the fulfillment of its goals and thanks everyone for their continued support over the past two years.
Cliff goes on to assure, "MUFON has come a long way in a positive direction and I'm excited to say that the Mutual UFO Network is in good hands with David. His level of dedication and his leadership skills will be an incredible benefit to our organization. David will be a very effective International Director for MUFON."

David MacDonald is no stranger to MUFON and the organization's mission. David is currently on MUFON's Board of Directors, Assistant Director of Investigations, MUFON's Star Team Administrator, the conductor of testing for new Field Investigators and much more.
As a business man, over the years David has had numerous successful businesses. Currently, he runs a school for Pilots and Aircraft Dispatchers. Additionally, he owns and runs Flamingo Air, a Charter Airline.

Clifford continued his praise, "David MacDonald has excellent credentials within MUFON and the business world. David's business background and knowledge of the UFO phenomenon is very sound and successful. He brings much to the table as the new leader for MUFON."
When asked how David felt about taking over the position of MUFON's International Director, he said, "I'm excited about taking over the leadership role of MUFON and I'm looking forward to working with all the great people in the MUFON organization."
David will move MUFON International Headquarters to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he operates Global Airline Education Center and Campus. Being centrally located, the International Headquarters will be easily accessible to many more members. Cincinnati is within a 6 hour drive for 60% of the population of the United States.

The location will have high visibility to pilots and many perspective new MUFON members in the aviation industry as well as increased exposure to the general public which will be a real benefit. MUFON will have room for office space, storage on site, and a walk-in merchandise store.
We ask everyone to have patience during this transition period. Keep your eyes on the sky and let's all welcome Mr. David MacDonald as MUFON's new International Director!

NOTE : In Feb. 2009 MUFON signed a contract with Robert Bigelow .

Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, LLC, ("BAASS")...With Links to the INTEL Community.

This was a commercial contract in which MUFON, ("the seller"), sells to
Robert Bigelow, ("the buyer") certain "deliverables"-("the Product")-for a
total price of $672,000 payable in monthly installments of $56,000.

What is"the Product"? "The Product" was MUFONAccording to the contract, Bigelow is buying "the Seller's existing CMS
database. . .and all other data," as well as "field investigative services
and all information and material derived from those services, including but
not limited to. . .physical evidence. . .photographs, film, data from
detection devices. . .radar. . .satellite data, ground disturbance site
information. . .electronic information, interview transcripts, any
testimony, including recordings. . .as well as any other item that may be
recovered from prior, present and future field investigations [of] MUFON.
This is "the Product."
The contract assumes the Buyer will not return any of this material to MUFON
"unless there is a written agreement to return such property."
Regarding CMS, the contract states: "Buyer shall be given Administrator
Access to Seller's CMS in order that Buyer may have 'real-time' access to
such information. . ."
Apparently Bigelow's lawyers wrote this agreement and it was presented to
the MUFON Board as is. "Seller can only accept this Agreement on the exact
terms set forth," the contract says. No negotiating.
By November 2009, MUFON had received $334,000 of the promised $672,000. Billionaire entrepeneur Robert Bigelow decided to hire MUFON to conduct UFO investigations

on behalf of his new venture, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, LLC, ("BAASS")

BAASS, an alleged aerospace company interested in discovering and exploiting novel and cutting edge technologies that relate to space travel. John Schuessler, MUFON Board Member and former International Director was offered a U.S. government security clearance allegedly related to his consulting work for Mr. Bigelow.

International Director Clifford Clift decided to whitewash

the unfortunate events while he swept his broom around MUFON.
[Via ufo casebook ]

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