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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TCC - I normally Don't do any post on or about Todd Standing but I find his ripping of Finding Bigfoot TV show and it's producers kind of note worthy. Todd is widely known for his Clear pictures of Bigfoot. Many researchers say they are fake and it appears the TV show Finding Bigfoot agrees they are fake. So Todd Standing rips into them.I enjoyed his comments.

Here is what he had to say.-
Todd Standing - "
Well congrats to the "Finding Bigfoot' team and producers. After being on hundreds of newspaper, radio and tv interviews and shows, the finding bigfoot production is the worst I have EVER seen. Their production company is Called"Snake oil productions" for a reason. They have no intention of finding bigfoot and they couldn't possiblly be stupid enough to believe they could. They literally filme...d me in a spot they choose where cows are grazing all around. And they couldn't even sneek up on the cows! That is what the morons are hearing "in the Candian wilds" that they cannot identify. They are right when they say it is not coyotes making that sound. Its cows they are hearing. That is what happens when you go bigfoot hunting by a ranch you idiots. I could right a list of 500 reasons these people will never film a deaf three legged moose in live action. Never mind Bigfoot.
Here is a link to a good tv show that did a real piece on my bigfoot work.
http://youtu.be/6RetQRg7J5Y " 

TCC - I think at one time Todd Standing had a real sighting of a sasquatch but after not being able to have another real sighting he started faking evidence. When talking about Todd you must remember he has somewhat of a Political agenda, He is trying to get Laws passed to protect sasquatch and that is a somewhat noble endeavor but one should never resort to faking or hoaxing evidence no matter how good the cause.  Todd is in a great place to find real evidence and should spend time tying to film real sasquatch and stop wasting time faking videos just for profit.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 14 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Great post and I completely agree with you. (TCC)

  2. Finding bigfoot is the dumbest show I have ever seen!

    1. You are so right, a bunch of idiots walkin in the woods, bobo he is a moran , he thinks hes bigger than sasquatch, im half native american bigfoot is around leave him alone, He is a protector of the forest. Moneymaker is a jerk to, in it for the money rite pal.

  3. Yeh these idiots use girl scouts to lure in a bigfoot , putting there lives in danger, they walk at night in the woods makin stupid howling noises, they have no clue what there
    dealing with, big foots must laugh at them, tbey will see you before youll ever see them.
    The native american is rite leave sasquatch in

  4. I have never seen a bigger group of idiots on tv. you don't get close to a apex predator by hooting and hollering in its environment.and they wonder why they never see anything

  5. I agree id like to kick bobo in the ass, what a dummy, matt moneymaker haha he must of been picked on in school with that name.
    25 yrs trackin bigft oh yeh! im half native American moneymaker dont know what he's
    doin they make these dumb howling noises
    they are a bunch of clowns, ive seen foot prints in the adirondacks ny state oh they are real thats a fact, leave them alone.

  6. I feel like Bobo probably just got kicked by a horse or something....but Matt Moneymaker really is the worst.

    His out right blatant lies make the show unwatchable.

  7. On his website Todd challenges people not to take his word and to come out with him but when Finding Bigfoot asked he said it was too dangerous. Guy has no integrity. He is full of crap. Go away Todd. Your 15 minutes ended about 5 years ago.

    1. Yeah I hate Moneymaker too. Arrogant assbag. The thing is, Standing is a serious con man, and always has been, but his efforts to get Bigfoot protected if it's true, is a step in the right direction.

  8. I know the show is bull as ive seen sasquatch prints on the mohawk res. in ny state if they saw you they would stand and look at you they are curious of you as you are of them im half mohawk indian the native people dont bother it if we see one we observe thats it, some states they are protected by law.. i say take finding bigfoot off tv and tell those idiots leave sasquatch in peace show him respect he is Gods creation to as we are.....

  9. I don't say Todd is a fake nor real.I just don't know.What I would like to see is a more detailed analysis on his videos.Folks just keep saying that thet're fake,well if that's so,tell why.What do they see that makes them fake?

  10. Please everybody grow up, Bigfoot is not real, how can u beleive with no evidence or pics of him or anything else, humans are so silly

    1. you might want to google "evidence of bigfoot",and yes, you have just proven humans are silly.


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