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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dr. ketchum about a week ago made a statement about the Russian bigfoot capture (which was a hoax)
and her statement made it sound like she had seen a bigfoot. This was pretty fast spreading news and a few days later Robert Lindsay made a post speculating where Ketchum might have had here sighting.
Which let to the following post on Dr, Ketchum's facebook page by Arla C. Williams:

"Robert Lindsay continues to use fabricated stories.He is becoming a master at saying things that are not true. Dr Ketchum will address this too I am sure. She was not in Oklahoma at my home and has never been to my home.So his story about her being here multiple times to view the Bigfoot is a lie." Arla Williams

Well today Dr. Ketchum posted the following post on her  facebook page to clear things up:

"The post that Arla put on my wall is true. I know her, but have not been to OK since 1995. My sighting is not a big deal. I saw one silhouetted between me and a white gooseneck trailer in bright moonlight at about 25 yds. It was about 10 feet tall as it walked by. I saw eyeshine from 1 nearby. I was alone at the time. I don't ever take cameras in case it scares them off. Not trying to prove anything here and do not care if I am believed or not. The DNA takes care of that for me. I should not have even brought it up. Any investigation on my part is purely to satisfy my curiousity (which got me into this in the first place), for my enjoyment and edification and no other reason."

TCC - So now it is very clear that Dr. Ketchum has had her own sighting of a 10 foot bigfoot. It' good to get some details about it. Still can't wait until the DNA is finally made public.

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Monday, January 09, 2012 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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