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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TCC- Recently Dr. ketchum posted on her facebook page about her bigfoot sighting and Robert Lindsay has posted about it as well stating that there is some contradictions in her story.

 Rober Lindsay posted the following - 
We have reason to believe that Ketchum is not being entirely truthful here. Because if you look at both of her posts, you can see that they seem to contradict each other.

In the first post, she says she has seen more than one Bigfoot (rumor says it was a whole family of Bigfoots), and they were gentle. She was so jazzed that she keeps going back to see them, and it’s getting addicting. So she has seen more than one Bigfoot at what seems to be a single location on multiple occasions. This location is no doubt a habituation site of some sort.

In her next post, she seems to negates her entire first post by implicitly denying that she had multiple sightings of the Bigfoots at the habituation site. Instead, she had a single sighting of a large Bigfoot somewhere late at night. And she has not been in Oklahoma since 1995.

Yet in MNBRT radio’s broadcast in mid-October, Abe Del Rio had what is apparently Arla Collett-Williams as a guest. At the 1:40 mark in the show, Abe asks Arla if Ketchum has ever seen Bigfoots. Arla seems reluctant to answer. Then Abe reveals that Ketchum told him that she had seen Bigfoots in the past year in the company of Arla. Arla seemed reluctant to talk about this, and she offered that she didn’t know if Ketchum had been to “that cabin” or not.

The cabin is apparently the habituation site in the Honobia region where Arla takes select people to see the Bigfoots. Sometimes you can see them there; sometimes you can’t. It’s not known if it’s her cabin or if it’s on her property, but it’s in the Honobia, Oklahoma region, and she has access to it.
All of these frenzied denials seem like they are meant to protect people and also to protect the Bigfoots. First and foremost, they are probably trying to protect this habituation site from being run with idiot Bigfooters. It’s well-known that when strangers show up at a habituation site and make a big fuss, the Bigfoots get scared and vacate the site for a while. We certainly don’t want to blow this site and scare the Bigfoots off, so even if we learn of a more precise location for the site, we doubt if we will reveal it.
The bottom line:
1. Ketchum apparently saw a family of Bigfoots in the past year in the company of Arla Collett-Williams, probably at the cabin in the Honobia area that Arla has access to.
2. Ketchum has probably gone back to the cabin multiple times, and has seen the Bigfoots each time.
3. The cabin is apparently not Collett-Williams’ home. Instead, it is some place that she somehow has access to.
4. Ketchum’s final post slides around the truth. She has had more sightings than that single sighting at night near the trailer, which she implied is her only sighting.
5. Ketchum is probably being less than truthful in saying that she hasn’t been to Oklahoma since 1995. If she saw Bigfoots in the past year with Arla, no doubt she saw them in Oklahoma.
6. Arla may be correct that Ketchum has never been to her house, but that’s not the most important question.
7. Arla is probably not being truthful in saying that she doesn’t take people to see Bigfoots, because sources tell us that’s exactly what she does.
There’s nothing wrong with white lies, and I don’t blame folks for trying to protect a habituation site.We are not interested in blowing that site either.
Nevertheless, we stand by the basic gist of our story. - End Robert Lindsay Post.
[via Robert Lindsay Blog]

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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