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Monday, January 16, 2012

Breakdown on Ketchum report purported Bigfoot samples
Samples submitted: Over 100
Samples presumptive for Bigfoot: 28
# of Bigfoot creatures represented: At least 20

Which samples made it in?
5 hair samples from Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Colombia, representing 5 separate creatures, gathered by Erickson Project.
1 toenail from Larry Jenkins in Arizona.
1 blood sample from JC Johnson in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico (skunk in a drainpipe sample).
1 blood sample from Crittenden, Kentucky, gathered by Erickson Project. Sample was obtained by gluing glass shards on a feeding plate.
1 hair sample from David Paulides NABS known as the Ulibarri sample from Hoopa Valley, California.
1 hair sample from Larry Surface in southern Ohio. Surface shot the controversial nighttime Bigfoot video that was pulled from the web recently.
1 slice of Bigfoot flesh from Sierra Buttes, California from the adult Bigfoot shot dead by Justin Smeja.
That’s only 11 of the 28 samples. I don’t have any information on the other 17.
[via Robert Lindsay Blog ]


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Monday, January 16, 2012 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. The purported sample JC Johnson submitted to Dr Ketchum is not his own find. He was merely a middleman to whom the original owner was not mentioned and is most unfortunate to them. JC will claim it's his find, but he is a known bullshitter and will do almost anything for fame and glory. Many listeners have already claimed his stories are not consistant, and cuts people off in conversation.

    1. What got me was that there was not 1 sample reported to have failed from the Ketchum study. That all samples were from bigfoot - I find that hard to believe. In the end her study has only muddied the water. Thanks for the comment.


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