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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Randy brisson's letter
This agreement is for DNA research,testing and analysis of specimen. Easy to see it is signed by Randy. 
Once again Randy Brisson has proven what he is telling is truth. The Crypto Crew would like to Thank Randy for showing the picture...so Thanks Randy!
As everyone should remember it was The Crypto Crew that broke the story about Randy's sasquatch hair samples and posted the pictures of the hair samples.
In the world of bigfoot it seems some people are nothing but hoaxers, it nice to see a research like Randy backing up his work and stories.
Here is what Randy say in his post -
"I see there is a few who think I dont have any thing to do with the DNA, You dont get and Sign one of these if you dont have the goods. I can back up everything I say and do with Sasquatch."
In another post he say this -
"I see there is talk out there about the Erickson, and Melba DNA samples, There is no contamination of any samples, They use the Roots of the Hair, The Hair I have from 5 Sasquatch people, I saw 3 of them leave the Hair, This Hair all came back as postive 100 percent in all my samples, Melba and other DNA experts have done the testing on this. Too much talk about this and that, The experts know whats real and if contaminated, very easy. Adrian would not have spent thousands on my Hair samples just for fun, He belived in me and trusted me, like I do with him. many have no idea what goes on with this, and how hard and dangerous it was for me to get the Hair."

TCC- Way to go Randy ! Thanks!

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  1. Great article! Will be interesting to see what all goes on with this!

  2. There is not enough of this document shown to prove anything. No signatures; no dates. Anyone could type-up and print the same thing from any PC or typewriter.

    Where are the signatures?


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