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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, which launched on April 11, 1970.
The mission was the third lunar landing attempt, but was aborted after the rupture of an oxygen tank on the spacecraft's service module. John Swigert, along with fellow astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, returned safely to Earth on April 17 after nearly 6 days. The crew received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1970.

But is there more to the story? Did Aliens help get the crew back home? Read on.

Here is what I know about this....first let be start at the first of how I got this Never before told info.
Back many years ago I had a business and within walking distance was many other stores....one of which was owned by a person I knew threw association from another person. So over time I got to know them much better. On slow days or when I had someone to cover for me, I'd walk to his store and talk to him. One day I noticed he had some pictures on his wall that showed Rockets and other stuff NASA related and he was also in the pictures. So I had to ask him "did you work for NASA?"...He replied.."yeah I did"... I said "thats cool...what can you tell me about UFOs"... he kind of chuckled and gave a "there is no UFOs" reply. So I just kind of dropped it that day. I had been interested in UFOs for many years and had several personal experiences myself so was no need to push him.

Well as time went on and we talked more and more, I would normally ask him something about ufos or aliens about every time.
One day he told me about a UFO he and a bunch of other people witnessed while on a Navy ship and how it was like a bright red/orange light but was close to the ship and how it followed them a pretty good ways and then kind of zoomed away.

At this point I knew I had got to know him enough that he felt more comfortable talking about ufos and stuff like that, So I knew from this one story he had more info,but I didn't push it that day as I was grateful for him to tell me about it and to finally feel safe talking about it .

A few days later I ask him what missions had he worked on and he told me he worked on the Apollo 13 mission among others. So we talked about that a little and we talked about the movie they made about it with Tom Hanks. He told me he was one of the workers helping build the rocket that they were hoping to complete in time to go up and rescue the doomed mission. He said they worked about around the clock.

As we talked about the mission he gave more details about some of the stuff going on in and around headquarters, and how it was chaotic and things.
Then as I was getting ready to walk back to my store he dropped the big bomb on me about Apollo 13.
He said  "well we had help getting it back......" I replied "you did?" and he said " yes and I don't mean from GOD".
So after that statement I was pretty excited but didn't show it to him and just kind of said "I figured we had some help" and went on back to my shop. I didn't get many more chances to talk to him and none about UFOs anymore. He had to move his store a little further away, it was still in walking distance but not long after I had move my business to another town. So our paths have not crossed in many years.

So in short, a retired NASA worker told me - "We had help getting Apollo 13 back ...and I don't mean from GOD". Pretty Amazing statement.

 Neil Alden Armstrong  was on the Apollo 13 review board and if you will recall he was one of the astronauts that has confirmed that their is UFOS and Aliens. Other astronauts to confirm Aliens and UFOs are Eugene Cernan, Donald Slayton,Buzz Aldrin,Scott Carpenter & Gordon Cooper just to name a few.

Scott Carpenter said this "At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs"

Here is a look at the Apollo 13 review board members (This was taken from nasa.gov site)

Mr. Edgar M. Cortright, Chairman (Director, Langley Research Center)
Mr. Robert F. Allnutt (Assistant to the Administrator, NASA Hqs.)
Mr. Neil Armstrong (Astronaut, Manned Spacecraft Center)
Dr. John F. Clark (Director, Goddard Space Flight Center)
Brig. General Walter R. Hedrick, Jr. (Director of Space, DCS/RED,
Hqs., USAF)
Mr. Vincent L. Johnson (Deputy Associate Administrator-Engineering,
Office of Space Science and Applications)
Mr. Milton Klein (Manager, AEC-NASA Space Nuclear Propulsion
Dr. Hans M. Mark, Director, Ames Research Center)

Apollo 13 Logo

So it seems or seemed NASA had tried to keep this hid from the public and has done a good job at it for many years but over time info has leaked out from various sources. NASA of course has never openly admitted to UFOs or aliens  and I doubt they will anytime soon.

I can not and will not reveal the name of this former NASA worker but feel the person is and was truthful in what he told me. I have told the story back here as best I can remember, after all it has been many years ago,  while I might have forgotten some of the details over the years I will never forget his main statement about having help. I have never told this story in this much detail before or ever in any kind of post or forum. So please do not use this without My permission.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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