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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sasquatch the Quest mock-up poster by Bigfoot Evidence

Our Friends over at bigfoot evidence blog posted a story from Robert Lindsay blog about how the Erickson Project videos were now in the hands of Hollywood and it was being worked on and will be released sometime soon.
Lindsay post this in the article:
"We know this because on a Twitter account of a Hollywood director, the director twitted that he had been called away from his current project to work on the Erickson Project at a studio."

I personally do not know if this is true or not but in the past Lindsay has been right a lot.
His post about the Erickson Project has now been met with a rebuttal from one person who is close to the project.

Randy Brisson had this to say about the Robert Lindsay post and the Bigfoot Evidence post  -

"I can tell you that none of this is true, Robert Lindsay should get his facts right, I talked to Adrian Erickson this morning, He knows nothing about this, or any thing to do with this, More Bullshit talk, Many should get the facts right, This is put on to make the Erickson project look bad, I can tell you only a few of us knows what goes on."

He later said this -
"None of this is True, Bigfoot Evidence should check the facts before they put anything on. Dont belive Robert Lindsay nut."

We have always found Mr. Brisson to be pretty truthful as well but could it be true that the videos will release soon and he is just trying to keep it quite? I think it is possible that the videos will at some point be released. I don't really see Hollywood getting involved but who knows for sure... and if the videos were real close to a release date I don't see a reason to keep it from the public, but now if the release date was a ways off then maybe it would be a reason to keep it quite for now. whos knows.

So in the end it makes for some good speculation but the waiting process continues. :( 


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  1. ya know i have had iot with all this and im not alone these people keep talking about these videos and stuff they got been following it since the begining with such a great discovery you would think as sicence people as they clame to be that they would put it out there but would rather exploitit in every way posable i find it to be very wrong in so many ways

  2. Jimmy, is that you babbling?


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