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A Look at Bigfoot Researcher Rene Dahinden
Rene Dahinden with track cast. I think this is the cripple foot cast.
I thought I'd take some time and look back at some of the people who made huge inroads for the bigfoot community and select someone to write about.
Often times there is not much known about researchers who started researching 40+ years ago and at times they seem to have been forgotten by many.
So the first person I selected to write about is Rene Dahinden. I hope to maybe write about some of the other "old timers" at some point.

Rene Dahinden was born August 22, 1930 and past away on April 18, 2001.
Mr.Dahinden was born in the town of Weggis, Switzerland but moved to Canada in 1953,He lived there for the rest of his life but made many trips all around the world promoting bigfoot.
While living there he worked on a dairy farm in Alberta,Canada.

Dahinden became interested in the mystery of bigfoot not long after moving to Canada and after hearing a CBS news broadcast on the radio about a expedition to search for the creature in the Himalayas.
Rene was talking to his dairy farm boss, Wilbur Willich, about how it would be something to go to the Himalayas and "search for that thing".
Mr. Willich replied "Hell, you don’t have to go that far. They got them things in British Columbia".
It wasn't long after this that Rene got to discovering the local stories about sasquatch and launched his own search for the creature.

Rene Dahinden in his home,surrounded by his bigfoot stuff.

Around 1956 Dahinden met British Columbia researcher John Green and the two of them conducted field research together on several occasions. Dahinden did decades of field research,witness interviews,taking photos of tracks and making plaster cast, all the while promoting the idea of sasquatch being a real creature.

In 1967 when the Roger Patterson- Bob Gimlin bigfoot film came out,many took sides about the film, if it was real or not. Dahinden became a supporter and advocate of the film and wanted to bring the scientific attention to it that he thought it deserved. It is noted that Dahinden and Green showed the Patterson-Gimlin film at several events and to many people around the world, Dahinden even showed it in Russia. Dahinden estimated the weight of "Patty",the creature seen in the Patterson-Gimlin film,to be about 700 pounds.
Dahinden acquired the photographic images of the Patterson–Gimlin footage and it is believed by some that today Dahinden's estate still owns 51% of the rights to the Patterson-Gimlin film.

In 1973 Rene Dahinden's first and only book entitled "Sasquatch" was published.The book was written with the help of Don Hunter. The book covers stories about Beck at Ape Canyon assault, the Ostman Kidnapping, the Baumann attack, Cripplefoot tracks, and Patterson's film.
The book is still available today and has approximately 202 pages with 8 B&W photo pages, including frames from the famous BLUFF CREEK film. I've seen the paperback version of this book for sale used for under $4 and at that price it's well worth the money.

At one point Dahinden worked at a boat rental place and then later at Vancouver Gun Club, where he was a lead miner,he would shovel up dirt and sift it much like a person would for Gold. As the people on the firing range would fire their shot guns small bits/balls of lead would end up in the field, he would recover the lead balls (aka buckshot) and sell it back to the gun club. This was an idea job for Dahinden as he could work when he wanted to or when he needed bill or research money.He would work 4 or 5 months a year and earned about $4000, which was enough for him.

Rene Dahinden working recovering lead.

In 1976 Dahinden told CBC Television "I will keep on searching 'til I find the damn thing". Dahindend was determined and faithful in his quest but the stress of it all began to take a toll on him. 
Over time Dahinden became more bitter towards the scientific community for not accepting the evidence and existence of sasqautch. He called them the "100 percent boys" because they wanted a body and Dahinden wanted to kill a sasquatch and prove it to science.
He also wanted to make a lot of money off of killing a sasquatch. He was ask what's your price? he replied "no comment". The reporter ask him "is it 1 million dollars?" he replied "I won't even get out of bed for that". 
It was this bitterness that made many call Dahinden "brash and opinionated" but the fact is that he was fed up with nay sayers,exploiters and scientist who refused to accept any evidence.Plus at this point he had about 20+ years of research under his belt and had a right to be opinionated on the subject.
In 1987 the film Harry and the Hendersons came out, the French Canadian bigfoot hunter character in the film was based on Dahinden.The character was played by actor David Suchet. It is unclear,at least to me, if Dahinden made any money from the movie but all signs point to no.

In 1997,Dahinden appeared in a popular television ads for Kokanee beer.The brewers of Kokanee beer, acknowledging Rene’s life long pursuit of Bigfoot, asked him to play himself in a commercial which featured him standing in front of his small mobile home. An off camera narrator asks Rene if he had ever used British Columbian made Kokanee beer to lure the Sasquatch out of hiding. Do you think I’m crazy or something, asks Dahinden, unaware that behind him a Sasquatch is sneaking into his trailer to make off with a case of beer.It turns out the commercial is still pretty funny even today.

Here is the Kokanee Commercial - both version
Although some considered Dahinden brash and opinionated, many in the bigfoot world liked and got along really well with him. As the above commercial shows he did have a good sense of humor.
Dahinden's contribution to the search for sasquatch should not be over looked. He once stated he had seen over 3000 sasquatch tracks, but his research continued many years after that statement.
Dahinden was a student of the mystery of sasquatch,logging countless hours reading and studying books,photos and reports. He advanced the field of bigfoot research and dedicated most of his life to researching the mystery of bigfoot. At over 40+ years worth of research his knowledge of sasquatch was vast. Dahinden was one of a handful of ground breaking researchers in the field of bigfoot and regardless of your opinion of him he deserves respect for his service to the bigfoot world.
Rene Dahinden Video Highlights


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Increased Number Of Yeti Sightings In Russia 

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher



            It seems that Yeti sightings are on the rise in Russia. A forestry worker, a group of fisherman, and another individual have claimed a group of the supposed creatures are inhabiting their local area of Siberia. Three sightings have been reported recently.

            One person spotted the creature, believing it to be a human and yelled, “Do you need help?” but got no verbal response. As the creatures rushed away on two legs straight up a hill, the person realized they were covered from head to toe in fur. This person also stated,  “It could not be bears, as the bear walks on all fours, and they ran on two. Then they were gone.”

            Another sighting took place near the Mras-Su River several days later. An unnamed fisherman said, ““We saw some tall animals looking like people. Our binoculars were broken and did not let us see them sharply. We waved at the animals but they did not respond, then quickly ran back into the forest, walking on two legs. We realized that they were not in dark clothes but covered by dark fur. They did walk like people.”

            And a government official claimed a forestry inspector, Sergei Adlyakov, reported a sighting in a local national park. “The creature did not look like a bear and quickly disappeared after breaking some branches off the bushes,” he said.

Igor Burtsev
            When asked about the sightings, the head of the International Center of Hominology and prominent yeti researcher, Igor Burtsev deemed the sightings “significant.” *******DF
[Source:Weird World News ]

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Cat eye shine - is it similar to bigfoot eye shine?

The Eyes Of A Sasquatch

Examining A Night Hunters Possible Adaptation

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            There have been numerous reports of sasquatch eye shine being spotted and photographed at night from the dark forests. It isn’t too unusual to see many different animals in the dark; their eyes glowing and reflecting, often from light created by humans.  But what’s interesting about many of these Saquatch sightings lately is that people observe that the creature’s eyes glow without any light to reflect.

            The eyes of many nocturnal animals have a reflective layer known as the tapetum lucidum with helps their eyes collect more light allowing better night vision. It’s a very important skill for night time hunters.


This video was release by a website called shootingsasquatch.com. The video seems to be making some waves and there are rumors of a press conference being talked about.
So I decided to take a closer look at the video.  I don't really see anything here that would call for a press conference or any major news media.

Check out the video enhancement and more commentary. 

With the Ketchum DNA project flopping around like a chicken with it's head chopped off (Sorry COT ) I thought it might be good to see some promising DNA work that is being done.

DNA Analysis is being used by Brian Sykes an Oxford professor on materials connected to the Yeti. He hopes to shed some light on the existence of this mythical creature and long running legends(AKA - Bigfoot).
This video is on the work being done by Sykes which is reported by NBC’s Keith Miller.
REAL SCIENCE open for all to see and learn, not some cloak and dagger project thats been ducking and hiding for over 4 years.

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The folks over at FB/FB released the following video of  what is claimed to be a sasquatch.

Here is what is said about the video.
"Camper films Sasquatch with iPhone" Uploaded 9/13/12, FB/FB saw it with just 6 views. Anonymous Camper hears activity and pulls out his Iphone and films something behind a tree from within his tent. Confirms on Huge Nocturnal eyes, tree hiding/peeking, Heavy Brow Ridge, Coned Head, sloping forehead, Gorilla-like shoulders with human-shaped face and nose, Long upper lip. Many features of archaic humans. This is a preliminary analysis. Will eventually be released in color."

FB/FB has done some good work in the past but some of their analysis can be questioned.
As for this video I think we really need to see the color version.
I have compared a still frame from the video to a known bigfoot suit....see what you think.

Still frame - bigfoot suit 

Looks pretty close to me,but hard to say for sure...I'd guess the color version would show more detail either way. Maybe bigfoot suffers from male pattern baldness?
In any case it is a somewhat interesting video and it will be fun to see where this ends up.
Thanks goes to FB/FB for sharing the video.


UPDATE: I have done a little more research into the origin of this video. It appears that this new group of people from the website shootingsasquatch.com released the video. This is their first release of a actual bigfoot video but it seems like they have more coming. No other real info about the group is on the website, but just seems kind of spoofy to me. Shooting sasquatch....do they mean with a gun or a camera? I think they mean with a camera ,Butchykid style. 

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Rex Gilroy shows off a cast of his own foot and one of a yowie
In 1976 Rex Gilroy and his wife, Heather set up the Australian Yowie Research Centre in an effort gather evidence of yowies for scientific study.
Thanks to his efforts, Rex Gilroy has become known as The father of yowie research.

Back around the end June Rex and other Yowie researchers were on their way to the Northern Rivers, citing new evidence that these mysterious creatures are living around Lismore and Casino.
The expedition is being led by Rex himself and they hope to find more evidence of the yowie.

"We will be following up a number of new leads," Mr Gilroy said.
Gilroy also reported that Yowie footprints from the Lismore area were among a number used in a recent Animal Planet TV documentary, which is thought to be the Finding Bigfoot TV show.

"The fresh tracks found in the Lismore area match others from the Kempsey and Blue Mountains wilds, all of which display an opposable big toe." Gilroy stated.

"We plan to search hereabouts, where it was claimed a male and female pair of hairy hominids were seen recently by hikers, moving through a forest apparently searching for herbivorous food." continued Gilroy.

Yowies  are known as the "Bigfoot of the Bush" or the giant "hairy man", yowie believers say the beings are a primitive, ape-like race dating back at least two million years.

The Gilroys have more than 200 plaster casts of yowie tracks and thousands of accounts of yowie sightings.Rex Gilroy has logged over 30 years of research on the Yowie mystery and claims to have collected over 3000 reports.

[Source:Northern star ]

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The Instincts Of A Sasquatch

What Can We Learn About Ourselves From The Hairy Ones?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher


            We’re so impressed by the survival and hiding skills of sasquatches. And we often act so surprised that they manage to pull the wool over our eyes nearly every time. But should we be?

            In looking at a some pictures of sasquatches, we can often see human-like eyes looking back. Many individuals who’ve seen them face to face describe a certain level of knowing and intelligence in those eyes that can’t be clearly defined. Maybe we see ourselves in them; maybe it strikes a human chord inside of us.  But for these amazing creatures who’ve managed to elude us for thousands of years, maybe it’s really a lot simpler than that.  Maybe they’ve ingeniously yet naturally honed a skill that we’ve lost. And if they are indeed one of our closest living relatives, what can they teach us about what we all might be capable of?

            Our instincts are not something we think about in our day to day life. Mostly we just go about our days reacting to what happens around us thinking we’re just hapless victims of whatever the world wants to throw our way. But our animal friends including the hairy ones have a different take on things and maybe that’s what makes them a bit smarter than us on some levels. 

            Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts are almost always nature lovers. If you’ve ever seen the creature, it’s possibly because you spend a fair amount of time outdoors. And chances are, like me, you’ve seen many animals and you have a better understanding of their ways.

            When I walk into the woods and lose sight of buildings and the sounds of traffic and “civilization,” something kicks in inside me. There are things out there that might jump out and scare me at any moment. There are predators out there big enough to kill and eat me... and yet I keep walking. But as I do, I can feel myself tuning in to my surroundings. My hearing seems to become better, my eyes seem to notice colors and shapes better, and I feel suddenly more awake. And essentially more alive. I think that’s why I love it so much.

            I was told many years ago that in order to fine tune my instincts I needed to use them every day. Use them and trust them and really listen to what that sixth sense is telling me. We’re all animals after all. We’re essentially still supposed to be out there every day living in the wild living like the rest of them. But somehow we became the one creature intelligent enough to defy our innate birthright and assume to “conquer” nature.

            And humans are the only animals intelligent enough to ignore their instincts and sometimes get themselves in trouble...or even dead.  Maybe we’ve really conquered nothing accept our natural selves the way we were meant to be.

            Maybe this is why bigfoot seems to have such a psychological edge over us and manages to stay hidden so well. Maybe he’s just being himself, using the gifts of survival he’s been given.  Maybe we’re capable of so much more in this respect. But we’re too busy being what we define as human, and losing the skill of our instincts that we were meant to use. ********DF

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How Crazy Does Paul Freeman Look Now?

Another Look At His Famous 1994 Bigfoot Footage
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Paul Freeman
             The late Paul Freeman (Aug. 1943-April 2003) is well-known by bigfoot researchers everywhere as a pioneer of bigfooting.  As the world laughed, he diligently documented his findings from the forests around Walla Walla Washington and reported them to authorities under intense scrutiny and ridicule. As an employee for the U.S. Forest Service, he spent a great deal of time in those woods and made some incredible claims. Claims that seemed so ridiculous to many at the time. But how ridiculous are they now?

            Freeman was one of  the first to cast bigfoot prints. And everyone laughed at the sheer fake appearance of them until Dr. Grover Krantz, an anthropology professor at Washington State University, examined the casts and found the famous dermal ridges that finally gave Freeman the credibility he craved. While it gave Dr. Krantz and many others reason to believe that Bigfoot might really exist after all. It was solely due to Freeman’s research that the Bigfoot ball started really rolling.

            Freeman was one of the first to report very large creatures up to 700 lbs. With feet measuring up to 18 inches long, which must have seemed crazy at the time, not to mention scary. But in the years that followed, there were many such reports of huge creatures being spotted, and a considerable number of footprints have since been found measuring that length.

            And he was one of  the first to claim that the creatures were gentle and shy and not dangerous. And he claimed they avoided detection by hunting at night and avoiding humans. He was also one of the first to say they must be VERY intelligent or they’d be dead by now.

            Does any of this sound familiar? This is all information that’s been corroborated by researchers in recent years. Freeman was right all along.

            Freeman died in 2003 of complications from diabetes, putting an end to the work he would have likely continued had he lived longer. He sadly didn’t live long enough to see how very far we’ve come in our studies of the creature with the latest sound and video equipment at our disposal and such a concentrated worldwide effort.  But he’s still the father of it all; responsible for the craze of the pursuit of the elusive hairy ones that leaves us all fascinated and hooked on the subject today. *******

Check out his famous 1994 video enhanced by The Crypto Crew.

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We know this video is not very good (watch in HD) but it is in the same area where the tree knocks video was recorded. By going frame by frame there is a figure that is walking on 2 legs in the video (yes it is very hard to see here on YT). I spent about 4 hours working on the video, it really is there. Still a major Blobsquatch/Blursquatch.
Here is the "Tree Knocks" video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq1r-tNjdtw

The research is continuing so hopefully we will get some better video. If you have not watch the tree knock reply video..you should this is in the same area.

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UFO in Wallins Creek Area.

I got back in contact with Jeremy.The sighting happened around 5:30pm in the afternoon.Here is some more details about the sighting.

Jeremy had this to say: "I had stopped by a friends house after work that I had not seen in awhile.  We where outside on the porch talking and looked up at the sky talking about the weather and how nice it was outside.  We saw the object going across the sky between a large opening in the trees.  We couldn't hear any noise or see any wings.  One of us said "That looks odd" and the shape looked oval so I took a few pics on my IPhone 4S.  It was not really going very fast but not really slow, so we watched it for about a min or so till it was blocked by the trees."

- End Update-

This UFO report come to us from Jeremy (Last name withheld). The sighting happened about a week ago in the Wallins Creek area in and around a place called Happy Top. This is in Harlan county Kentucky.
Here is what Jeremy told us about this object.
"I saw this the other week from Coldiron, ky while I was at a friends house on top of happy top.  We thought it looked odd, not like a plane."

I have send an email to Jeremy in an attempt to get more details about the object and sighting.
I'm currently awaiting his reply and will update the post with any information ASAP.
What is interesting about this sighting is that about one month ago I personally seen something very similar to what is in the photo Jeremy send me. What I saw was very bright and had no visible wings,moving silently and disappeared in a matter of a few seconds behind the ridge line. I also live withing a few miles of Wallins Creek.

Here is a Map of Happy Top

I have tried to enhance the photo that was send in by Jeremy and here are the results.

Zoom in on object

Color inverted
Super Zoom on Object

I hope to have more details about this soon.
©The Crypto Crew

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The Holy Grail Of Bigfoot Prints? 

Southern Oregon Bigfoot Strikes “Bigfoot Gold” in Washington
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Photo from Southern Oregon Bigfoot
            Southern Oregon Bigfoot organization in Medford, Oregon just released the above photo of a bigfoot print found somewhere in Washington State. The finders claim to have found a total of 150 prints in this spot of what appears to be very clear and complete with dermal ridges and perfect form. Though the prints are small, they cannot be confused with human prints based on our current knowledge of sasquatch prints. They are believed to be possible juvenile prints.

            Southern Oregon Bigfoot would, understandably, not release any further information on this find, because it very well may be the Holy Grail of Bigfoot print findings to date. And the very perfection of the appearance of these prints will, of course, call them into question. But we’re hoping for more information to be released soon.
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Cave Run Lake & Rowan Co. Kentucky

MOREHEAD, Ky. – A woman who paid $75 to join other paranormal researchers on a late-night hike through the Daniel Boone National Forest said she got a glimpse of Bigfoot, a supposed larger-than-life creature whose existence has long been debated.
Teresa, who uses only her first name as do many Bigfoot believers for fear of ridicule, said her group had been walking along trails late Saturday night near Cave Run Lake when she heard grunting and growling.

Her group stumbled upon the creature, she said, as he was trying to kill a deer. He was interrupted by bright lights shining in his face. The rugged, hilly forest is located in eastern Kentucky.
“When the flashlight hit his eyes he immediately turned his head and moved his body and turned the opposite direction we were in,” Teresa said.
The eight-foot-tall creature quickly ran away, deep into the forest, Teresa said, saying she chased him.

The photo drawn by a forensic sketch artist was used in a slide show for the Bigfoot hunt presentation leading up to the hunt in Morehead, Ky

“I wanted to talk to him,” she said. Teresa is an established spiritual medium and animal communicator from New Jersey, she said.
There were three search groups and, according to Teresa, hers was the only one that spotted the big, hairy, ape-like man.

Paranormal researcher Chad Morin paid $150 for a temporary special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service to “attempt to locate the famed Bigfoot creature.”
“I think the permit pretty much speaks for itself,” Teresa said. “Why would you issue a permit if something doesn’t exist?”
A pre-search meeting was filled with persons who are interested in the subject. They were reluctant, however, to share their stories, especially with the press.

“I don’t talk a lot because I don’t want to be put on the sixth floor,” one man said, referring to the location of a mental health unit at a nearby hospital.
Researchers and investigators said they are planning another hunt next spring.

TCC -  The area  around Cave Run Lake has had a history of bigfoot activity in the past.
One account according to the BFRO was when Pam Lovins had a face to face encounter while investigating sighting reports in the area. Pam Lovins is a  BFRO investigator from West Virginia who had traveled there to investigate the area. This face to face between Pam and bigfoot took place in 2008. Pam stated "The facial appearance of the one I saw with my headlight, in no way resembled what I had always imagined".
According to KentuckyBigfoot.com there were 2 sighting reports back in 2006. One witness described the creature as being "around 8 foot tall and very hairy".

There are many other reports in and around Rowan county, so this more recent report should not just be dismissed.
A video from the area was also featured on the TV show Finding Bigfoot. Here is that clip

[Sources: Details for this story were provided by Nicole Sturgill, a reporter for The Morehead (Ky.) News.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph ,BFRO,Kentucky Bigfoot]

First let me say - I'm Not saying this is a Bigfoot ,but would like to see what others think it might be.
I was out testing out the night vision on a new camera and filmed some eyeshine. The local camp dogs were going crazy. At first I didn't see the eye shine because I was trying to see how to turn on the night vision and couldn't see the buttons.
If you think you know what this is please let me know.

Large Creature Crosses Small Road Art By Thomas Marcum

The Following is a bigfoot sightings report. This is the personal sighting as told by Bobby Long.

Here is his story:

WHO: Bobby Long & Corinna Poland
WHERE: Douglas County, Oregon
WHEN: October 3, 2004
TIME OF DAY: Dusk,It was near dusk but still nice and light on the road and dark in the trees.
CITY: Roseburg, OR.
SEEN FOR: 5-7 seconds

A bigfoot came from the treeline right in front of our brown and orange Ford f150 pick-up. It stepped out from the bank to the center of the one lane fire trail, one step more and it was in a brushy clearing. The road was a fire trail/logging road about 10' wide in red clay.
It went through the clearing and into the next tree-line, we lost sight but could hear tree breaks and grunting as if a warning to us or other creatures.
It did bump it's head on a tree when it stepped up the apposing bank, I could barely touch the branch with my finger-tips while on my toes.
There were 3 rifles in the truck, nobody shot. One of my witnesses,John, chose to pursue it for a few seconds until he realized it wasn't anything he'd seen before.We made him get back in the truck.

The creature was cold black, about 8 feet I'd guess and the stride and tracks were impossible for a person to do. It's hair looked matted on it's upper back.
We returned to the area several times hoping for tracks or another sighting but motorcycles and ATV have since taken over the area.

-End Of Report

TCC - Thanks goes to Bobby and Corinna for sharing the encounter with us and everyone. I had some custom art in the works for his report but it kind of fell through due to some unforeseen problems. So I decided to make the art myself, It's not very good but at least you can get a sense of what the area and the creature looked like.

New Monkey Species Found!
A remote jungle in the Congo has yielded a new species of monkey, the first to be found in almost 30 years. Scientists discovered the lesula in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Lomami forest basin after spotting an unusual monkey being kept as a pet in a small forest town, reports CNN. Further investigation revealed that it was an entirely new species, which dwells only in the still largely unexplored Lomami forest.
"We never expected to find a new species there," the lead researcher says, "but the Lomami basin is a very large block that has had very little exploration by biologists." But while the lesula is new to science, it is no stranger to local hunters. Scientists fear hunting and other human pressures could soon wipe out the monkey and many other species in the region. "The challenge for conservation now in Congo is to intervene before losses become definitive," the lead researcher says, adding that the Lomami region is soon to become a protected national park.
TCC - This is yet another newly discovered Monkey, If you remember the snub nose monkey was discovered several months ago as well.....so just how long until the OFFICIAL discovery of Bigfoot?
This little guy kind of looks like an old man to me. 
[Sources : CNN, Newser]

This is a video I have had on my computer for several years. I do not remember where I got it or the story behind the video. A figure is seen walking left to right in front of a couple people. I have done some various effects on the clip but still wonder if it is really a ghost or a person. In any case it is a neat video...of something or someone. The people do not seem to react to it at all.
1:30 PM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
Posted in , , , , , , , ,

I went out to pick up a game cam and thought it would be a good time to test out my new camera.Not a lot on the video but it does show we go out in the woods and are not just "keyboard warriors" all the time.
I hope to get back out in the mountains very soon.

The Crypto Crew's Jason Morse does some research work out in the field. Several interesting fines,possible tree knocks and more during the video. Could this be evidence of sasquatch?
To find evidence you have to get out in the woods.
There are many things to look and listen for while out doing research.

The Sobe Bomb Bigfoot Video “Bomb”
White Bigfoot? Really?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Just in case you missed it the first time.
            Maybe you remember this video? It was featured on Finding Bigfoot season one,  and touted as a real white bigfoot by members of the show’s crew.  So, of course, the team at The Crypto Crew had to take a look.
            But to us, it became clear that this so-called “white bigfoot” looked very strange. For one thing, it’s white coat turned tan at the elbows down to the hands. And he also looked dark-colored from the waist down.  And this supposed “white bigfoot” looked very small and lanky...and highly suspicious.
            So our very own video expert, Tom Marcum, did an analysis. And here’s what he found.
            WATCH THE VIDEO:

Person in white shirt = Not Bigfoot

Same person seen on other side of trees

35 pound Rabid Beaver
In July 2 young girls,age 8 and 11, were attacked by a beaver and suffered serious injuries. In August a beaver attacked a boy scout leader in Pines Plains, N.Y. biting him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed.
Now  Lillian Peterson, 83 years old, was attacked by a rabid beaver while out for her half mile swim.
The attacked took place at Barcroft Lake near her home in Falls Church, Va.

"The animal jumped on me," she told WUSA-TV. "He hit me so hard it knocked me over and started chewing on my leg."
The beaver weighed 35 pounds and was nearly two feet long!
Peterson's friend, Mike Korin, managed to pound the beaver with his paddle until it appeared dead. Emergency medical crew arrived on the scene and began treating Peterson. Then, all of a sudden, the beaver flipped over and came back to life! A paramedic grabbed a canoe paddle to beat the beaver yet again while Korin tossed a fishing net over the creature and tethered it to a light pole on the lake shore. Animal control officers arrived on the scene and euthanized the beaver. The beaver was later confirmed to have been rabid.
Peterson will undergo a few rounds of rabies shots. Peterson said “There is no way I will swim in that place again,”

TCC -  This story makes be wonder if it is possible for sasquatch to become rabid? 

[source:Huffington Post ]

This was recorded in Upstate New York. The Researcher is Billy Mills. This video is brought to you by Renegade Bigfoot Society,N.E.B.O & The Crypto Crew. Turn up your speakers a little.
Amazing reply knocks and not just a couple but many.


Star Child DNA Reports Shocking Results!

What Might They Mean For Bigfoot?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher 

            As we’re still waiting for Dr. Ketchum’s DNA results, some other DNA results are making headlines these days that could pose some new questions about DNA results we explore for unknown species’ in the future.
            The Star Child skull has been found to share no DNA structure with any other species on earth. But does this mean it’s alien, or simply that it has no relation to normal human genetics? Humans share at least a percentage of their DNA structure with every animal on earth. But the Star Child shares none. So what gives?
            The Star Child Project has been in place since February of 1999 with the objective of discovering the origin of a human-like skull found in a mine tunnel in Copper Canyon in northwest Mexico.  It was found alongside a normal human female skull but, upon examination, bears only a slight resemblance to a human, which has led many to speculate about what it is.
            At first glance it appears to be the skull of a deformed human child. But deformity has been ruled out with careful analysis. And, in spite of its child-size, it is no longer believed to be a child at all. Examination of the tooth wear of the skull indicates this being was at least the age of a young adult.
            Human eye sockets are generally about two inches deep, while the eye sockets on the Star Child skull are only one half inch deep. This means its eyes would have not have functioned anything like human eyes and probably looked very different from human eyes.
            The cranial/brain volume of the Star Child was much larger suggesting a much larger brain than humans. And the hole where the brain enters the skull is oval shaped rather than round like a human neck. This suggests that it had no voice mechanism and would not have been able to speak like a normal human. Does this mean it communicated via telepathy?
            Possibly these results raise more questions than they answer, but it leaves us to wonder about other DNA results we’re waiting for. There’s been so much speculation about what the bigfoot DNA results will reveal. Will we find that bigfoot is related more to humans, is it possibly alien, (which would have seemed a crazy question to ask just a year ago) or are they something else entirely?
            Knowing the unprecedented results of the Star Child DNA study, the possibilities for bigfoot are now endless. *******
[Source: Star Child Project ]


Werewolf Sighting?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Is this a Werewolf? Bigfoot? or what?
            This picture was taken by a subject known only as Zartha. This person was strolling in a local park (location unknown) when he/she saw this at the end of the long, dark sidewalk. Could it be a real werewolf captured on film? Bigfoot? Mothman?  Or something else? The person reported there were no lights and the end of this walkway. So what is this? I don’t know, but it’s fun to think about. You make the call.

[image source:Mysterious Sightings ]

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* My apologizes to MK Davis, I did not know it was him who did work on this,Part of the video we used was some of his work,I spent hours looking at many videos from various youtube accounts, Never seen MK Davis on the account or Credit would have been given at the first. I did spend countless hours going frame by frame,zooming and trying to pull out details. I compared it to many different youtube Patterson videos. I did advance it by adding in the head turn and more. Once again my apologies to MK Davis.

Patty squatted down

So You Still Don’t Think The Patterson-Gimlin Film Is A Real Sasquatch?

The Crypto Crew Offers Some Reasons To Reconsider

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            It’s a neverending debate. Is it fact or faked?

            But after the countless scientific studies that have been conducted on the famous Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film shot in Bluff Creek, California back in 1967, it still hasn’t been disproven. But I’m always surprised to find how many people still believe it’s a hoax. Didn’t several people confess to wearing the suit that day? Yes, and that makes it easy for some to settle for the idea of it being a hoax when they don’t know all the facts about the film. The story runs quite a bit deeper than many imagine.

            There are numerous discrepancies. As the film has been studied over and over again, many details can be found that point to it being the real deal...if one bothers to look.

Patty's Toes are seen moving,original frames - photo from Themunnsreport.com

            Up and down movement of the creature’s toes is one. This kind of movement in a costume isn’t possible. The creature’s calf muscles flex as she walks; also not possible in a suit. Many have tried to duplicate this muscle movement in a suit and not accomplished it as yet. And the open and closing motion of the mouth is not possible if it’s someone wearing a mask. But the biggest problem with the idea of it being a suit is that human proportions and ape proportions are not the same. Apes have must longer arms and a much longer upper lip making it impossible for a human to fit properly into a suit such as the one in the film. Human arms would be too short and not able to function like a creature, and the mask would not fit a human properly...and a hoaxer certainly would not be able to move its mouth in a mask as it struggled with this inconvenience.

            Bob Hieronimous was one of the guys who confessed to wearing the suit that day. But the subject in the film was found to be at least 6.5 feet tall. Other studies have showcased the possibility she was closer to 7.5 feet tall. But either way, Bob H. wasn’t tall enough to wear a suit that big.

Patty's Butt Crack

            Another thing that’s rarely discussed is a portion of the film at the very beginning when the camera was shaking. Patty was squatted down on the ground, looking for food, defecating, or drinking or eating. But with a little enhancement to the film, her butt crack can be seen pretty clearly. This is a strong detail that wasn’t being created in costumes back in the 1960s. It would have taken a lot of time and meticulous work to create such a compelling detail.

            And lastly but certainly not least, on examining the ending of the film closer, a second creature, possibly a male, can be seen moving near the creek bed. It appears to be moving its arms and then moving its head to look back at Patty. Is this another guy in a suit?  Probably not. It would be hard enough to create one suit, let alone two. The main focus has always been on the subject, Patty, so there are many other details of the film that have been overlooked. *******

Check out these videos for more details:

[Helpful Sources: The Munns Report , BFRO ,MK Davis]

One very clear figure and maybe more

“Patty” Wasn’t Alone That Day At Bluff Creek

A Fresh Look At The Patterson-Gimlin Film

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Most primates live in small groups. Should sasquatches be any different?
The famous Patterson-Gimlin film taken at Bluff Creek, California way back in 1967 was always said to be a film of a single sasquatch female walking across a dry creek bed and into the cover of the woods only to disappear. But if primates live in groups, especially females, was she really alone that day?
            The film has been subject to scrutiny for years, but no one has ever been able to completely debunk it. And no one has ever been able to create a costume that compares with the creature in the film. And since often only one of the creatures is spotted at a time, we’re conditioned to believe they are solitary creatures that travel and hunt alone.  But interestingly enough, no one has ever looked at anything else in the film except the main subject affectionately known by bigfoot enthusiasts as “Patty.”
            But if you watch the film more closely and look behind her on the hill, there seems to be other things going on. There are some very dark figures moving ever so slightly in the woods in the background. Could there be more of the creatures hiding in the brush? Could there be a whole group of them there?
Random youtube video of the Patterson film, 2nd figure is seen standing
            The Crypto Crew’s very own team leader Tom Marcum, a video and photo expert, decided to take a closer look at the background in the film. And one day he spent hours going frame by frame and working with still shots until he reached an astonishing conclusion.
            When he came across a frame that looked curious, he highlighted it to the maximum, only to discover at least three other figures that can be identified as possible primates in the dark woods.  And then there are many other dark figures that are not so recognizable that could possibly be others.
Zoom from the above random youtube video of the Patterson film
            But it became clear that Patty wasn’t alone at Bluff Creek that day. She had her whole family

 with her nearby.  Roger Patterson swore to the film’s authenticity till his dying day.

And Tom’s hard work gives it even more credibility.  ********

©2012 The Crypto Crew

Lee Hook Rd. in Lee,NH 
[This report was submitted to TCC Team Member Jason Morse]

Cody Archambeault recounts what he saw that day.

"I was hunting with my dad about 5 years ago (when i was 14). It was around the end of October when it starting to get fairly cold at night. We were on Lee Hook Road in Lee, N.H.. By the University of New Hampshire dairy farm.
I was sitting against a stone wall when I heard something moving in the woods behind me. It was probably about 4:45 in the afternoon and the sun was starting to set. And I had turned around to look to see if it was a deer. And there it stood.
It was approx. 6'6 to 7 feet in height. Probably weighed around 300 pounds. And it was more of a darker brown color. I'm pretty sure it never saw me because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I was frozen solid. It had a really bad musty kind of smell when it walked by me.
It was also only about 50 to 75 yards in front of me. It was making these kind of low toned grunts as it walked. And was looking around as if it knew (that I or something was there, or different than what it was used to). I watched it for probably about 10 to 20 minutes. It had walked from in the woods, to out and across the field i was sitting on the edge of. And I had told my dad what I had saw. And he told me I must have been just imagining things cause there aren't any of those around here.
But then I had showed him where it had walked and there were footprints for probably about a half of a mile that we followed. But then it got dark and he didn't want to find out what I really did see that day.

TCC -  Great sighting. Also I think in the picture above is the exact location, I think the dairy farm is the set of building just off center to the left towards the top of  the picture. Thanks to Cody for sharing his encounter.
[Note: This is a rather large post just click the "More" at the bottom to go to the next segment. This post will also include several pictures supplied by Robin Lynne.©2012 The Crypto Crew]

Photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Hairy Friends in the Backyard

And Interview With Robin Lynne Forestpeople
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Robin Lynne Forestpeople knows what it means to be called crazy. She claims to have seen, photographed, and interacted with a group of Sasquatches that she has known to have lived in the forest around her backyard for several years now. And the experiences she describes are extraordinary.  And many might call her character into question, so I knew I had to talk to her. And when I spoke to her frankly about her “friends” in her back yard that she calls “forest people,” I found her to be very genuine, credible and down-to-earth. Not to mention one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. She’s a pretty normal mother of three who just happens to have some very strange activity around her house every day.

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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