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Monday, September 24, 2012

Rex Gilroy shows off a cast of his own foot and one of a yowie
In 1976 Rex Gilroy and his wife, Heather set up the Australian Yowie Research Centre in an effort gather evidence of yowies for scientific study.
Thanks to his efforts, Rex Gilroy has become known as The father of yowie research.

Back around the end June Rex and other Yowie researchers were on their way to the Northern Rivers, citing new evidence that these mysterious creatures are living around Lismore and Casino.
The expedition is being led by Rex himself and they hope to find more evidence of the yowie.

"We will be following up a number of new leads," Mr Gilroy said.
Gilroy also reported that Yowie footprints from the Lismore area were among a number used in a recent Animal Planet TV documentary, which is thought to be the Finding Bigfoot TV show.

"The fresh tracks found in the Lismore area match others from the Kempsey and Blue Mountains wilds, all of which display an opposable big toe." Gilroy stated.

"We plan to search hereabouts, where it was claimed a male and female pair of hairy hominids were seen recently by hikers, moving through a forest apparently searching for herbivorous food." continued Gilroy.

Yowies  are known as the "Bigfoot of the Bush" or the giant "hairy man", yowie believers say the beings are a primitive, ape-like race dating back at least two million years.

The Gilroys have more than 200 plaster casts of yowie tracks and thousands of accounts of yowie sightings.Rex Gilroy has logged over 30 years of research on the Yowie mystery and claims to have collected over 3000 reports.

[Source:Northern star ]

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