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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Instincts Of A Sasquatch

What Can We Learn About Ourselves From The Hairy Ones?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher


            We’re so impressed by the survival and hiding skills of sasquatches. And we often act so surprised that they manage to pull the wool over our eyes nearly every time. But should we be?

            In looking at a some pictures of sasquatches, we can often see human-like eyes looking back. Many individuals who’ve seen them face to face describe a certain level of knowing and intelligence in those eyes that can’t be clearly defined. Maybe we see ourselves in them; maybe it strikes a human chord inside of us.  But for these amazing creatures who’ve managed to elude us for thousands of years, maybe it’s really a lot simpler than that.  Maybe they’ve ingeniously yet naturally honed a skill that we’ve lost. And if they are indeed one of our closest living relatives, what can they teach us about what we all might be capable of?

            Our instincts are not something we think about in our day to day life. Mostly we just go about our days reacting to what happens around us thinking we’re just hapless victims of whatever the world wants to throw our way. But our animal friends including the hairy ones have a different take on things and maybe that’s what makes them a bit smarter than us on some levels. 

            Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts are almost always nature lovers. If you’ve ever seen the creature, it’s possibly because you spend a fair amount of time outdoors. And chances are, like me, you’ve seen many animals and you have a better understanding of their ways.

            When I walk into the woods and lose sight of buildings and the sounds of traffic and “civilization,” something kicks in inside me. There are things out there that might jump out and scare me at any moment. There are predators out there big enough to kill and eat me... and yet I keep walking. But as I do, I can feel myself tuning in to my surroundings. My hearing seems to become better, my eyes seem to notice colors and shapes better, and I feel suddenly more awake. And essentially more alive. I think that’s why I love it so much.

            I was told many years ago that in order to fine tune my instincts I needed to use them every day. Use them and trust them and really listen to what that sixth sense is telling me. We’re all animals after all. We’re essentially still supposed to be out there every day living in the wild living like the rest of them. But somehow we became the one creature intelligent enough to defy our innate birthright and assume to “conquer” nature.

            And humans are the only animals intelligent enough to ignore their instincts and sometimes get themselves in trouble...or even dead.  Maybe we’ve really conquered nothing accept our natural selves the way we were meant to be.

            Maybe this is why bigfoot seems to have such a psychological edge over us and manages to stay hidden so well. Maybe he’s just being himself, using the gifts of survival he’s been given.  Maybe we’re capable of so much more in this respect. But we’re too busy being what we define as human, and losing the skill of our instincts that we were meant to use. ********DF

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Monday, September 24, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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