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Friday, September 21, 2012

How Crazy Does Paul Freeman Look Now?

Another Look At His Famous 1994 Bigfoot Footage
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Paul Freeman
             The late Paul Freeman (Aug. 1943-April 2003) is well-known by bigfoot researchers everywhere as a pioneer of bigfooting.  As the world laughed, he diligently documented his findings from the forests around Walla Walla Washington and reported them to authorities under intense scrutiny and ridicule. As an employee for the U.S. Forest Service, he spent a great deal of time in those woods and made some incredible claims. Claims that seemed so ridiculous to many at the time. But how ridiculous are they now?

            Freeman was one of  the first to cast bigfoot prints. And everyone laughed at the sheer fake appearance of them until Dr. Grover Krantz, an anthropology professor at Washington State University, examined the casts and found the famous dermal ridges that finally gave Freeman the credibility he craved. While it gave Dr. Krantz and many others reason to believe that Bigfoot might really exist after all. It was solely due to Freeman’s research that the Bigfoot ball started really rolling.

            Freeman was one of the first to report very large creatures up to 700 lbs. With feet measuring up to 18 inches long, which must have seemed crazy at the time, not to mention scary. But in the years that followed, there were many such reports of huge creatures being spotted, and a considerable number of footprints have since been found measuring that length.

            And he was one of  the first to claim that the creatures were gentle and shy and not dangerous. And he claimed they avoided detection by hunting at night and avoiding humans. He was also one of the first to say they must be VERY intelligent or they’d be dead by now.

            Does any of this sound familiar? This is all information that’s been corroborated by researchers in recent years. Freeman was right all along.

            Freeman died in 2003 of complications from diabetes, putting an end to the work he would have likely continued had he lived longer. He sadly didn’t live long enough to see how very far we’ve come in our studies of the creature with the latest sound and video equipment at our disposal and such a concentrated worldwide effort.  But he’s still the father of it all; responsible for the craze of the pursuit of the elusive hairy ones that leaves us all fascinated and hooked on the subject today. *******

Check out his famous 1994 video enhanced by The Crypto Crew.

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  1. Paul Freeman should be an inspiration to all us Bigfooters.

  2. All of these "FIRSTS" are inaccurate. Ever heard of Bob Titmus, Roger Patterson and Rene Dahinden, just to name a few??????

  3. I agree with you Steven , although Paul Freeman did great things, he most certainly was not the first. "DF" really should get the facts straight before making these sort of claims and give credit where credit is due... Titmus ,Dahinden, Green, Patterson, Gimlin ,etc...

  4. I have edited the post to include the words "one of the first".
    Freeman did lay many inroads to the current bigfoot community. Best I can recall he was maybe the first to guess the weight of the creature at 700 lbs, most others stated 300-400 lbs. best I can remember. Many people and researchers have got us to where we are at now but during the time period Freeman faced heavy challenges from the media and like the others before him,he was labeled as a fake and a hoaxer.
    There was no disrespect intended to any other researchers,just an oversight.Thanks

  5. Yeah Freeman was not even close to being one of the first. By the time Freeman started finding tracks in the Walla Walla area in the early 1980s hundreds of people had already cast alleged Sasquatch tracks. People had claimed to have seen creatures over 700 pounds and/or found prints over 18 inches long before Freeman was even an itch in his daddy's pants! He really isn't the godfather of Bigfoot research that the writer claims him to be, that position belongs to the late Rene Dahinden. Nevertheless, glad to see people are still feuding over ole' Pauly's "finds".

    1. rene dahindan died having never seen a bigfoot/sasquatch. he slandered paul freeman and his work. calling him a fake and a hoaxer. im not sure exactly what he thought but most likely something along the line of ive been searching for these creatures for years and have not seen one how does this freeman fellow find all these trackways and have all these sightings, impossible he must be lying. mr. dahinden was very close minded about his theories on bigfoot and wouldnt entertain any other thoughts on the subject. i dont mean to disparage mr. dahinden but what exactly did he contribute to bigfoot research other than trying to tell the world of their existence? i mean if there are things about rene unknown to myself i apologize, tell me what i'm missing please. j. w. smith

    2. You forgot the "Kokanee" beer commercials! But, that's all I got. If u check out the BC Sasquatch Forum, I'm sure there would be more info on Rene there.

    3. Rene was the first person to show the Patterson-Gimlin film oversees. He also was one of the pioneers of Sasquatch investigation (he interviewed in depth numerous times the late Albert Ostman). He gave up his family for his Sasquatch research, that says it all.

  6. People should read the history of the field before making grandiose statements as if they are facts on blogs. Long before Freeman there were huge speculations of the weight and size of a Bigfoot, including some that said it can get to 18 feet tall and weigh over a thousand pounds. Just saying...

  7. And as far as "gentle and shy," well that, too, was said often, despite all of the B-grade horror movies. Robert Morgan is just one example of the early researchers saying such things early on....

  8. Some of the casts that Paul Freeman made are remarkable. I think he was really able to get into an area where Sasquatch regularly moved through, and that's how he collected so much great evidence.

  9. If people agree that the foot has a mid tarsal break, then the toes don't get the weight like a human foot. Looking at the prints in the freeman video you can clearly see more toe depth on a print. Which I have never seen from looking at hundreds of prints.

    The video. I guess Sas was just walking all over this place, he walked up/down the trail then does a 90deg over it but at the exact time freemen has a camera and looks up.

    Now Freeman suddenly stops showing the footprints and pans up on center of a tree Sas was standing behind, didn't hear the 700lb Sas, just magically was on center of the tree he came out from behind. Sas stops behind a pine, and breaks out watching the ground ( because I'm scared I will fall being my first time in woods) then looks left for only a second, then bends only his head down to watch the ground again, all while having a straight posture, he looks down hard ( I'm getting old and need glasses for walking in woods).

    Seriously, you're not going to try and step to the right to keep filming you just lower the camera so you don't get anymore footage of Sas.

    Freeman is a joke and this video is beyond pathetic and he should have went to work at walmart instead of taking a chance making real Sas hunters look bad.

    Speaking of Rene- Later revelations about Freeman and the tracks provided overwhelming evidence that the impressions were hoaxed. Longtime Bigfoot hunter Rene Dahinden called Freeman’s Mill Creek tracks “100 percent fakes, absolutely fakes.” Freeman later produced more than one set of Sasquatch hairs that turned out to be artificial fibers.6

    Both Freeman’s Wrinkle Foot and the Georgia imprint came after the Mill Creek tracks, when dermal ridges became a major issue. Even Chilcutt recognized the possibility of faking dermal ridges (at least those looking like those of a human fingerprint), for in his television interview, he dismisses as worthless a track (looking suspiciously like one of the Mill Creek tracks), saying the “casting had been enhanced manually with a human fingerprint.

    Freeman- clown.

    1. I did my own stabilization of the footage, checkout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqNiiBBFicc
      There is some very interesting movement in one area that haven't seen anyone focus on. You might want to look and judge for yourself.


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