Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Holy Grail Of Bigfoot Prints?

The Holy Grail Of Bigfoot Prints? 

Southern Oregon Bigfoot Strikes “Bigfoot Gold” in Washington
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Photo from Southern Oregon Bigfoot
            Southern Oregon Bigfoot organization in Medford, Oregon just released the above photo of a bigfoot print found somewhere in Washington State. The finders claim to have found a total of 150 prints in this spot of what appears to be very clear and complete with dermal ridges and perfect form. Though the prints are small, they cannot be confused with human prints based on our current knowledge of sasquatch prints. They are believed to be possible juvenile prints.

            Southern Oregon Bigfoot would, understandably, not release any further information on this find, because it very well may be the Holy Grail of Bigfoot print findings to date. And the very perfection of the appearance of these prints will, of course, call them into question. But we’re hoping for more information to be released soon.
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  1. It is a BFRO find, not "Southern Oregon Bigfoot."
    They just reposted the image on Facebook.

    Here is the BFRO group page:

    Southern Oregon even says on their post:
    "So what does a REAL Bigfoot footprint look like? Like this!! This is the real deal. BFRO researchers in Washington State have found a really long trackway of 150 + prints."


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