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Thursday, September 20, 2012

UFO in Wallins Creek Area.

I got back in contact with Jeremy.The sighting happened around 5:30pm in the afternoon.Here is some more details about the sighting.

Jeremy had this to say: "I had stopped by a friends house after work that I had not seen in awhile.  We where outside on the porch talking and looked up at the sky talking about the weather and how nice it was outside.  We saw the object going across the sky between a large opening in the trees.  We couldn't hear any noise or see any wings.  One of us said "That looks odd" and the shape looked oval so I took a few pics on my IPhone 4S.  It was not really going very fast but not really slow, so we watched it for about a min or so till it was blocked by the trees."

- End Update-

This UFO report come to us from Jeremy (Last name withheld). The sighting happened about a week ago in the Wallins Creek area in and around a place called Happy Top. This is in Harlan county Kentucky.
Here is what Jeremy told us about this object.
"I saw this the other week from Coldiron, ky while I was at a friends house on top of happy top.  We thought it looked odd, not like a plane."

I have send an email to Jeremy in an attempt to get more details about the object and sighting.
I'm currently awaiting his reply and will update the post with any information ASAP.
What is interesting about this sighting is that about one month ago I personally seen something very similar to what is in the photo Jeremy send me. What I saw was very bright and had no visible wings,moving silently and disappeared in a matter of a few seconds behind the ridge line. I also live withing a few miles of Wallins Creek.

Here is a Map of Happy Top

I have tried to enhance the photo that was send in by Jeremy and here are the results.

Zoom in on object

Color inverted
Super Zoom on Object

I hope to have more details about this soon.
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  1. I spotted blue and white flashing lights last night in Wallins, KY. it had a small green light in the middle. A red laser light shot to and from the lights every now and then. About the length of a football field away there was another, it was just like the first one with no red laser like lights. I have never seen anything like it before. I'm not a believer or disbeliever in UFO's, so I'm not exactly sure what it was.

    1. at what time was this and do you have any photos?

    2. No photos, we tried to get some on our phone but it just came out black. It was 10:30pm. Have you seen anything like I described? What could it be?

    3. not seen anything like that but there has been several ufo sighting in and around the area over the last year. Did you hear and sounds?

    4. A faint humming noise. There were 3-4 planes going back and forth by them. Which is odd in itself because we usually don't have airtraffic here. We are 2 hours from a midsized airport. We have a local port for single engine/personal planes but these were large planes.

  2. you can email me at thecryptocrew@kih.net if you would like or maybe send me one of the photos maybe I can pull something out of it

  3. yeah I know where the airport is ...wonder what was going on and what it was ...weird for sure. Thanks for letting me know.


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