Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Camper Films Bigfoot - Enhanced! (Hoax Busted?)

This video was release by a website called The video seems to be making some waves and there are rumors of a press conference being talked about.
So I decided to take a closer look at the video.  I don't really see anything here that would call for a press conference or any major news media.
While I believe bigfoot is a real creature, I also believe that there is far more fake videos than potentially real videos.
If this turns out to be a real sasquatch then i'll be happy I was wrong but if anyone is passing it off as a real sasquatch video and it turns out to be a hoax...then you will just look like an idiot.
My opinion is that this is nothing more that a bigfoot suit that is readily available. If you want to think it is the real deal thats up to you but I'm not drinking the kool aid on this one.



"It's Rick Dyer again! This is his tent from his website and from inside the video footage. No doubt about it that's the same tent. Busted!"
Thanks goes to Carl Olinselot,Steve Kulls,Sharon Lee, Shawn Evidence,Steve Alcorn for exposing this hoax.

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  1. Thank you for NOT drinking the Kool aid.... Man, if someone is going to fake bigfoot, it would be BEST first of all not to do it in a fake suit that everyone has already seen a million times! Heck, for a shot like this, just making up your own home made suit and wear lots of dark make-up would be more convincing than a suit everyone is going to recognize..... LAME

  2. Does it look like he puts on a mask as he turns?
    No hair hanging over the forehead and no hair from the lower cheeks like an unkempt, unshaven man. Very plastic looking. It really looks like a mask being moved onto the eyes or repositioned so when he turns it's in the right place. Good find.

  3. I thought this was a mask too, still do actually, but the only thing I can't get over and is kinda stuck in my brain, is that it really looks like there is NO neck, whatsoever. I think we can all form a better opinion once this person releases the video WITH the audio. Maybe they haven't so far, because they realized their acting was really bad?

    1. I think the no audio and no color was maybe to hide something. As for the no neck...could be due to him being squatted down.
      Also something to think about is did this "bigfoot" not see a tent 10 feet from him with a guy flopping around in it?
      Thanks for the comments

  4. Do you how many people in america have the same wal-mart tent. phff! that doesnt prove anything

  5. The head looks the same as the north Carolina habituation video. Cut and paste?


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