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Showing posts with label camper films bigfoot. Show all posts

This video was release by a website called shootingsasquatch.com. The video seems to be making some waves and there are rumors of a press conference being talked about.
So I decided to take a closer look at the video.  I don't really see anything here that would call for a press conference or any major news media.

Check out the video enhancement and more commentary. 
The folks over at FB/FB released the following video of  what is claimed to be a sasquatch.

Here is what is said about the video.
"Camper films Sasquatch with iPhone" Uploaded 9/13/12, FB/FB saw it with just 6 views. Anonymous Camper hears activity and pulls out his Iphone and films something behind a tree from within his tent. Confirms on Huge Nocturnal eyes, tree hiding/peeking, Heavy Brow Ridge, Coned Head, sloping forehead, Gorilla-like shoulders with human-shaped face and nose, Long upper lip. Many features of archaic humans. This is a preliminary analysis. Will eventually be released in color."

FB/FB has done some good work in the past but some of their analysis can be questioned.
As for this video I think we really need to see the color version.
I have compared a still frame from the video to a known bigfoot suit....see what you think.

Still frame - bigfoot suit 

Looks pretty close to me,but hard to say for sure...I'd guess the color version would show more detail either way. Maybe bigfoot suffers from male pattern baldness?
In any case it is a somewhat interesting video and it will be fun to see where this ends up.
Thanks goes to FB/FB for sharing the video.


UPDATE: I have done a little more research into the origin of this video. It appears that this new group of people from the website shootingsasquatch.com released the video. This is their first release of a actual bigfoot video but it seems like they have more coming. No other real info about the group is on the website, but just seems kind of spoofy to me. Shooting sasquatch....do they mean with a gun or a camera? I think they mean with a camera ,Butchykid style. 

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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