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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One very clear figure and maybe more

“Patty” Wasn’t Alone That Day At Bluff Creek

A Fresh Look At The Patterson-Gimlin Film

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Most primates live in small groups. Should sasquatches be any different?
The famous Patterson-Gimlin film taken at Bluff Creek, California way back in 1967 was always said to be a film of a single sasquatch female walking across a dry creek bed and into the cover of the woods only to disappear. But if primates live in groups, especially females, was she really alone that day?
            The film has been subject to scrutiny for years, but no one has ever been able to completely debunk it. And no one has ever been able to create a costume that compares with the creature in the film. And since often only one of the creatures is spotted at a time, we’re conditioned to believe they are solitary creatures that travel and hunt alone.  But interestingly enough, no one has ever looked at anything else in the film except the main subject affectionately known by bigfoot enthusiasts as “Patty.”
            But if you watch the film more closely and look behind her on the hill, there seems to be other things going on. There are some very dark figures moving ever so slightly in the woods in the background. Could there be more of the creatures hiding in the brush? Could there be a whole group of them there?
Random youtube video of the Patterson film, 2nd figure is seen standing
            The Crypto Crew’s very own team leader Tom Marcum, a video and photo expert, decided to take a closer look at the background in the film. And one day he spent hours going frame by frame and working with still shots until he reached an astonishing conclusion.
            When he came across a frame that looked curious, he highlighted it to the maximum, only to discover at least three other figures that can be identified as possible primates in the dark woods.  And then there are many other dark figures that are not so recognizable that could possibly be others.
Zoom from the above random youtube video of the Patterson film
            But it became clear that Patty wasn’t alone at Bluff Creek that day. She had her whole family

 with her nearby.  Roger Patterson swore to the film’s authenticity till his dying day.

And Tom’s hard work gives it even more credibility.  ********

©2012 The Crypto Crew

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  1. Very good post, as always. Great conclusion. I guess the bigger question is - what happened to those BFs that day?

    1. I don't know if any were shot or killed but it does appear that there was more than one.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Love it, what does mr. Patterson say about this?

    1. If you mean Roger Patterson, I found this after he had already passed away. He may have already knew about it.
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Did you check your film and photos against what Mr Munns has up on his website?

  4. @ Anonymous - I have viewed Mr. Munns work and many of his photos, I don't remember is have have watched his video but I have watched many versions of the original Patterson film this figure is in them all,some clearer than others due to file version and such.
    The Main reason many people have not seen or noticed this is that many of the videos that are shown of the Patterson film are almost always cropped and zoomed just to show "patty"...many people have not seen the uncropped ,original version of the film, it can be found on Youtube with some digging.
    I will be posting a follow up post to highlight this and other things about the Patterson film soon.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. looks like the bigfoots was added in!!!

  6. What a fabulous discovery! Well Done sir..

    1. Thank you --Always heard rumors about a second bigfoot in the film ...so I took the time to see ..it was a few days well spent in my book.
      I think , including Patty, there is at the least 3 in the film. I might spend another day or two looking at it more. Thanks for the comments.

  7. If you watch the original film, there is an edit in the very beginning of the film that's about 1-2 seconds long in which another Sasquatch is watching from the treeline. It makes me wonder why they included the very short clip in the editing process...were they hinting at the fact that there is more to the story?

  8. I don't see anything, to be honest.

  9. Until someone comes up with a real body, we are just speculating. Why hasn't anyone found a sasquatch who has died or droppings for example. If these creatures exist, then there must be evidence of their subsequent deaths out there somewhere.

    1. I believe there is more substantial evidence, there are bodies, there is film better than Patterson/Gimlin. It's just either being suppressed by Big Brother or someone is "holding out" for a big payday. Who knows, I may have the "Golden Ticket." Hmmmm.....

  10. Great find. Could you post a link to the you tube video showing the original, uncropped version of P/G film? I think there's a whole lot left to be said about this piece of evidence. I believe "Patty" led Patterson/Gimlin out of the area one way, so the other Sasquatch could leave the area the other way. Later, she rejoined her friends & had a good laugh at just how easy it was to fool two "humans.".

    1. It should be on youtube - it is hard to find the uncropped version - I have it on my computer. You should check out some of MK Davis's work on the Patterson film. I just build off of some of his work. Thanks

    2. Thank you. I will begin my search today. Please keep up the great work you do.


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