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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lee Hook Rd. in Lee,NH 
[This report was submitted to TCC Team Member Jason Morse]

Cody Archambeault recounts what he saw that day.

"I was hunting with my dad about 5 years ago (when i was 14). It was around the end of October when it starting to get fairly cold at night. We were on Lee Hook Road in Lee, N.H.. By the University of New Hampshire dairy farm.
I was sitting against a stone wall when I heard something moving in the woods behind me. It was probably about 4:45 in the afternoon and the sun was starting to set. And I had turned around to look to see if it was a deer. And there it stood.
It was approx. 6'6 to 7 feet in height. Probably weighed around 300 pounds. And it was more of a darker brown color. I'm pretty sure it never saw me because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I was frozen solid. It had a really bad musty kind of smell when it walked by me.
It was also only about 50 to 75 yards in front of me. It was making these kind of low toned grunts as it walked. And was looking around as if it knew (that I or something was there, or different than what it was used to). I watched it for probably about 10 to 20 minutes. It had walked from in the woods, to out and across the field i was sitting on the edge of. And I had told my dad what I had saw. And he told me I must have been just imagining things cause there aren't any of those around here.
But then I had showed him where it had walked and there were footprints for probably about a half of a mile that we followed. But then it got dark and he didn't want to find out what I really did see that day.

TCC -  Great sighting. Also I think in the picture above is the exact location, I think the dairy farm is the set of building just off center to the left towards the top of  the picture. Thanks to Cody for sharing his encounter.

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  1. Sounds like a good witness account.

  2. Amazing story....would love to go see where this happened and do some research with some crypto crew people, hint hint, lol.....girlie Bigfooter .

  3. I cant say it was a sighting or even bigfoot, but my girlfriend and I were out in epping, nh on the boarder of lee and it was yesterday nov 5,2012 about 9pm we were on A state snowmobile trail and were on a bridge over looking a river we were chatting and sharing a smoke when we heard a huge splash in the water, of course we both looked at each other like what the hell? We kind of blew it off, but not more than a few seconds later a second big splash another big rock hit the water.....A lot closer to us....thats when we decided to walk back to her house....I know it could have been kids or someone trying to screw with us, but even after we left the area, I continued to look that way from her house, and heard or saw anything leave....very weird.....


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