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Saturday, September 1, 2012

[Note: This is a rather large post just click the "More" at the bottom to go to the next segment. This post will also include several pictures supplied by Robin Lynne.©2012 The Crypto Crew]

Photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Hairy Friends in the Backyard

And Interview With Robin Lynne Forestpeople
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Robin Lynne Forestpeople knows what it means to be called crazy. She claims to have seen, photographed, and interacted with a group of Sasquatches that she has known to have lived in the forest around her backyard for several years now. And the experiences she describes are extraordinary.  And many might call her character into question, so I knew I had to talk to her. And when I spoke to her frankly about her “friends” in her back yard that she calls “forest people,” I found her to be very genuine, credible and down-to-earth. Not to mention one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. She’s a pretty normal mother of three who just happens to have some very strange activity around her house every day.

Dorraine: Okay, Robin, describe the situation with the creatures in your backyard. What goes on there?

Robin:  We all seem to co-exist well together. I think there is an amount of respect that helps make it work. They come and go as they please. I never know when or for what reason they will be there. I usually leave out food or toys for them. Although there are times I don’t put out food. I have never had any problems when I don’t leave them dinner. Sometimes they don’t take the food but leave either gifts for me or new stick structures for me to find. They do play with the toys or watch the house. Sometimes they look in the windows or knock on the side of the house. I never know when they are coming or when they are leaving. They usually make sure I know they are around. If I go outside they will make their presence known by making some kind of noise.

Dorraine: Please tell the story of when this all started.

Robin: I saw my first forest people back in 1995. I lived somewhere else at the time and we had woods across the street and they would come over to my house and get things out of my barn. One night I decided to go out looking for them. What I found was a huge nest. The next day I saw them. It was a huge male and female and they were out walking thru a field. I never thought I would see one again until I moved to my current home. Within the first week we had our first sighting and it has increased ever since. I started leaving food and toys at the back of our woods. About a year and a half ago. A very large female wandered near my back yard. I thought it was a trespasser so I ran outside to ask them what they were doing. As I approached I realized what it was. She was amazing approx. 9 ½ ft. tall and has a baby with her that was playing on the ground and in the tree. She turned and looked at me. She was completely at ease. Very relaxed. We made eye contact for about 4 minutes. Then she turned back to the baby. The female walked back and forth in front of the trees for about fifteen minutes before calmly picking up the baby and walking away. After that, the forest people started showing up more and more. Sometimes they are gone for a few days but always seem to come back. The following year I decided to just leave them their gifts out by the house as they were coming there anyway. It has been going on for 4 yrs. now and seems to improve every year. I’m excited to see what continues to happen with them.

Dorraine: And why do you call them forest people?

Robin: I have always called them forest people. I know that the term bigfoot has been around for a really long time. But to me it doesn't suit them at all. They are so intelligent that the word bigfoot seems disrespectful to them. To me I feel that they are human. So after I started spending time around them I started calling them forest people. I think it shows more the fact that they’re very smart and compassionate and have feelings. That they aren't just a lower intelligent creature. The term forest people just seems to give them the respect they deserve.

Dorraine: Were you a believer before all this?

Robin:  I have always believed in them. Even when I was little I just knew they were real. I’m not even sure why I felt that way. However I never thought I would see one, let alone have them come visit.

Dorraine: The word cohabitator has been used to describe what you do. Do you think this is an accurate description of your research?

Robin: No I think we are more neighbors or maybe friends. I think for whatever reason we seem to co-exist well with each other. Both sides seem to respect each other. I don’t ask anything of them and they don’t bother me in any way. The most demanding thing they will do is knock on the sides of the house until I come outside. I will go out talk into the night and they will make noises back and that seems to be all they want. As far as my research goes. I never started out to do research. None of this was a planned thing. It just happened. I tell people it was the forest people’s idea not mine (laughs). I did it by myself and when we had more activity I called a friend that does research and it went from there. He gave me ideas of things to try and it just turned into research. It started as my own curiosity combined with them coming around and watching the house.

Dorraine: Describe a typical “research” day. How do you interact with them day to day?

Robin: The day is really not as scheduled as people think. I get up in the morning and go out to where I call a feeding or gifting area. This is about 75 feet from my front door. I generally will talk as I walk around outside in case they are around. Usually I get made aware by either wood knocks or some kind of noise. I never know when or if they will be there. After about noon, if the weather is decent, I will walk around in the woods. I don’t go in the woods everyday but a few times or more a week. A lot of the times (more than not) I will hear them following me. I check for signs of new structures or if anything has been moved around or changed. Then I go back to the house. Around 5:30 If I have things to put out for them I will take them out and leave them. There have been a few times they beat me there. I will see shadows in the background or the bushes will be shook and sometimes they will wood- knock with me. My daughter one day was with me and she got them kicking back and forth for about 10 minutes before they stopped. I usually will go back outside again depending on the weather. About midnight and sit and listen for them to see if they are around. If I don’t, there have been many times they will pound on the house until I do. I still don’t know exactly what they want I go out and sit and watch to see if there is any eye shine or activity. Some days there is lots of activity and others nothing. It is random and I never know when they will be there. When I went to the Russian conference they left completely, and it took 2 days of calling them before they figured out I was back and then they showed up again. I usually worry about them when they are gone. I don’t know why because they have been fine without me their whole lives and really don’t need me. Still I do like anyone else in this field we like it better when they are around. I really and truly don’t do anything special. I don’t do hard core research all the time. We just seem to live our daily lives near each other and for whatever reason it works. Now that imp aware of all the other research going on I have tried to do a few different things with them. I have learned a lot. Still it is ALWAYS their decision. I try very hard not to be intrusive to them or bring a ton of people around them. I don’t think they would tolerate that much. It is very quiet around me. They know our family and friends and that seems to work for all of us.

Stick design photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Dorraine: What do they like to eat?

Robin:  They are picky eaters, I think! They get bored with their food easily; the same thing day after day and they get tired of it. The one thing they love is of course the blueberry bagels. I get teased about this a lot, which is fine. It makes them happy so it works for them. I feed them what we eat at dinner I just make enough for them too. I don’t feed them enough to sustain them just enough for a snack or a treat. They like chicken (they like fried the best) they don’t eat a lot of the vegetables I put out.  Any meats. Fish mackerel is a favorite. I stay away from high sugar foods as teeth problems would be deadly for them.  They seem to like foods high in carbs. They must get in peoples trash because they are always bringing cups and wrappings from places I don’t go and leaving it in place of the food. They like dog food but not a fan of cat food for some reason. They like chips the kids put out for them. I always find the bags empty without a scratch on the bag. If I put out pork and cook it they won’t take it but will if it’s raw. We had to put a cage outside to put their food in so the raccoons and other animals couldn’t get it. They open it up and take whatever is in there. I generally leave dog food out all the time for them besides the treats in the cage. The cage is about 3 ft. long and 18 inches wide. They don’t seem to mind it knows but it was a big change for them as I used to leave food in buckets. On a tree. The buckets where put up on snaps to the tree. One night I got home late for their dinner... It was around 10:30 and the buckets were off the snaps and found on the front porch. As soon as I got out of the truck they started making all kinds of noises (laugh). They usually don’t care if food is out or not so they must have been hungry that night. Holidays they love because they get they own cooked turkey or ham. I know they seem spoiled but it seems to work for them so I continue with it.

Dorraine: Do you have favorites within the group?

Robin:  I do love them all but there are a few that we have more contact with. One is the head of the clan and the others stay closer to me than the others. One especially is close to me he likes to follow me everywhere when I’m in the woods and he is around. I think they are just like us. Some of us are closer than others.

Dorraine: Is there a distinct difference in behavior between males and females?

Robin:  As far as the difference in behavior I think the males here are closer to me but there are some females that I am close to as well. The males seem to be a little more active and nosy as well as playful. Although the other night I was outside during the night and a female kept making noises.

Dorraine: I know you have three children. How do they react with them?

Robin: They do really well with the kids. As a mom I never completely trust anyone or anything with my kids but they don’t seem to bother them and the kids will talk to the woods now and then in case anyone of the them is out. We had a tornado a few weeks ago and after we found out the area I feed them at was completely buried with debris, the kids (on their own, without me asking) were outside cleaning it up and talking into the woods that they were doing it so the forest people could come back to get their toys and food. They do like to watch TV thru the kid’s windows into their bedroom. On more than one occasion the kids have come and gotten me to show me them outside watching in. It was the kids that actually saw them first when we moved in. Being that the they can imitate any noise or voice, we learned that they now can imitate my voice perfectly. We have heard them out in the woods and they sounded exactly like ME!!! We now have a rule if mom calls you to come out into the woods unless you physically see me you do not go. They have never tried to hurt or bother the kids but I’m still a mom and my kids come before my furry kids. My kids will from time to time wake me up in the night so I can go outside because the they will bang on the house and wake up the kids. So now the kids wake me up and ask me to go outside so they themselves can go back to sleep.

Dorraine: Are you ever fearful?

Robin: No not really, they have never given me any reason to. We did have a strange male come around and my dear friend was with me. When the group saw that the stranger had gotten close to us they started throwing rocks at the stranger until he left and he never came back. If I didn’t have someone with me that day I would have thought I was crazy. It was amazing. They literally ran off the stranger and wouldn’t let him near us. It really showed me the capacity they have for caring about someone.

Cast track of a baby bigfoot Photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Dorraine: How many of them have you seen at one time?

Robin:  The most I have seen at one time was 3. They are a certain group of three that are especially close to my heart and they come to the house a lot more than others. Also this year another group of three black ones were following me in the woods and kept popping their heads up and then when I would look at them they would duck down.

Dorraine: Are they all the same color in this group, or all different colors?

Robin: I can only speak about here but we have many colors shapes and sizes. There is white, black, brown, red, and gray. It’s just who ever wanders in.

Dorraine: Have you witnessed them climbing trees?

Robin:  I haven’t seen those climbing trees I would love to. I did see what I thought was a baby going up a tree but it wasn’t a good sighting so I can’t say for sure. I would love to. I am also so interested in the stick structure. I swear I miss a lot.

Dorraine: Have you ever seen them hunt for food, like deer?

Robin: I have seen the deer running and heard them running tru the woods after them. but never witnessed them killing it. I have a spot on the property where I found footprints and a ton of deer hair and bones. But still haven’t witnessed a kill.

Dorraine: Does the group seem to have a leader?

Robin: Yes, it is very large and very tall. It is a male and he is about 12 feet. He looks big but he is a very sweet guy.

Dorraine: How close a relationship do you believe you have with them?

Robin: I have a close relationship with them but they determine the relationships and it does get closer all the time. I think that I do have a special relationship with them. Still they can change their mind on a whim so I never take it for granted or feel over confident in it. I look at it as a privilege and I am grateful for every day they come here. I don’t know how long it will last so I try to cherish it while I can.

Dorraine: How close have you gotten to them?

Robin:  The closest I have gotten to them in the day where I could see them fully is about 10 ft. It lasted only a few minutes before he got nervous and left. He had been watching me and I didn’t know it, and turned around, and he was there. It was one of the best moments in my life. He just watched me watch him. Night time is different I have gotten about 3 feet from them not knowing they were there.

Dorraine: Have you had any scary moments at all with them?

Robin: Not really scary but more nervous than normal. The first time was at around 2 AM and they had pounded on the house so I went out. It was pitch black and I try not to take out flashlight so it doesn’t upset them. (although I sometimes think they don’t care ) The woods is 20 feet from my front door and when I walked along the wood line I turned around and there was three sets of arms sticking out from the woods about 3 feet from me. The problem was they were between me and the house. However I just walked forward and ignored them and they backed into the woods. The other time I was tired and wanted to go to bed so I went outside early I walked out into the side yard ( it was a very dark night) and called them and whistled. Next thing I knew I heard a howl from about a half mile away so I turned to go back inside. Then they all came running through the bushes. It sounded like freight trains. I wasn’t sure what to do so I calmly started to talk to them. This seemed to slow them down. I never did see their bodies but I did hear the woods being torn apart and saw lots of eye shine (laugh).

Dorraine: Now, I’m sorry I have to ask this, but why haven’t you gotten better pictures, like clear body shots of them?

Robin: I have gotten some but they aren’t as good as the Patterson picture. Also I have to admit I’m not trying to prove them to anyone. I would love a great picture as we all would. People that work at trying to get pics understand this. They never turn out very clear. I can’t explain it, it just happens that way. I think the photos I have gotten and shared are pretty decent compared to a lot out there. Still as much as I would love the picture, they wouldn’t like having it taken. I seem to do better if a picture is taken of me sometimes we get lucky and find them standing in the background. It goes back to the respect. I try to respect their wishes. Now sometimes if I take radon pics they seem to pop up in the background. There are so many wonderful experienced researchers out there I just leave the photos to them. I don’t try to prove anything. The things that happen here are because the forest people allow them to. It’s not up to me and I know they exist. I just don’t feel I’m the one to prove they exist to anyone else. That is meant to me their own experience. Everybody’s journey with them is different. Don’t get me wrong, a chance at a great picture I would certainly take. It is just not my personal goal. My goal is to just experience what I can with them. The rest will happen in its own time.

Dorraine: What do you think is so different about this group in the respect that they stick so close to your house instead of deeper in the woods?

Robin:  I have asked myself that question for 4 years (laughs). I wish I knew a better answer for you. I think it works because we don’t force ourselves on each other. I do everything I can to make them feel safe, or that they have a safe place. I wonder all the time why me or why here. I just don’t know. They decided this not me and so I just stay humble and grateful that they are hear for now or as long as they want to stay. I will say that I have heard stories about groups that aren’t nice and peaceful. They aren’t like the ones here. That just makes me more grateful for what I have experienced with them it could change (I hope not), I just pray it doesn’t.

Dorraine: Do they talk or seem to have a language of sorts?

Robin:  I have heard them speaking. It sounded like someone talking really fast. It was hard to understand. They have done that outside my window as well as in the woods. I have no doubt in my mind they have a language of their own. I wish I could understand more of it.

Dorraine: Do they laugh?

Robin: They do I have heard it a few times. It makes me laugh. It is a little different than ours but not much.

Dorraine: Have you witnessed them breeding?

Robin:  No I personally haven’t. It is something that I have wondered about I did heard strange noises one night and wondered if that was what was going on. However I have absolutely no idea if it was.

Dorraine: Have you witnessed them giving birth?

Robin:  No but this is something I would love to see. I have seen them when they were very pregnant and then a few months later they show up and aren’t pregnant anymore.

Dorraine: Where do they actually live? Underground? Or in some kind of structures?

Robin:  The ones that come here I don’t know where they live. I have my suspicions but have no proof. I have heard stories from other researchers that they live in caves or in underground homes they make. However I personally haven’t seen it. I truly have no idea where they live around here or how far they come to get here.

Stick design Photo courtesy of Robin Lynne

Dorraine: I understand you’ve met Janice Carter. Knowing what you know right now, what do you think of her stories about the creatures on her farm?

Robin:  I have a lot of respect for her as well as the information she has shared. I feel bad that she must put up with the haters and disbelievers. I think she was brave to share all the amazing experiences she did. I see so much truth in her stories. Just from what I have seen here and that’s only an ounce of what she experienced. People tend to be cruel to people that have more experiences that maybe they do. I’m not saying everyone is like this, just a portion of the people. I do know that there are hoaxers out there and I feel sorry that they haven’t had the experiences some others have had. If they did it would make a huge difference in their perception. I certainly can’t judge others. I only know what goes on here at my place.

Dorraine: What do you think causes this kind of phenomenon this way. How do you think this kind of unique situation develops. Any theories?

Robin:  I’m not sure what causes this connection with them. I do believe that they pick who they want around them. I don’t know what it is about certain people that draw them to them. I also don’t know why me and I have never understood it. I think it is the same thing that draws us to people we like. They just connect and it sounds silly but they decide all of it. If you try and force it won’t work they want to have control of it. I do know they hate to be ignored. I was on the phone and was sitting outside one night. They had a fit because they didn’t have my full attention. It was hysterical they keep hitting the trees making noises stomping their feet. I cracked up. For someone who wants to stay out of sight, when they want your attention believe me they want it right then and there.

Dorraine: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about them that you’re willing to share?

Robin: The degree of intelligence they have. It amazes me every day they are around. It is astounding to me. Yet I’m amazed over and over. They also have compassion and feelings. They are so much more than a lot of people realize. The people that have contact with them I’m sure understand what I’m saying as well as some people that don’t. I’m just here for the ride, but the trip is theirs.

Dorraine: What have you learned about them that we’d be most surprised by?

Robin:  I think the same as the above answer. Their intelligence, problem solving abilities, and again I’m only speaking about the ones here as I have no idea about others I can only guess. Still the ones around here are compassionate, caring, and very protective. They have warned me of danger on more than one occasion. I’m sure many will disagree with me but I think they are more intelligent than us. I have so much respect for their culture. While parts of it I’m glad we don’t share they seem to be able to have a fully functioning culture that works for them (for the most part).

Dorraine: Are there things you’ve learned about them that you aren’t willing to share with the greater community for fear of being called crazy?

Robin:  As far as being called crazy, as anyone in this field will tell you ……most of us get called crazy all the time. For the first 3 years I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to keep them safe (I still do) and because I didn’t want my children to hear people call their mother crazy.) While I was on the plane going to Russia for their conference, I did a lot of thinking about that. This is what I decided. 1. If the only way I can have them in my life is to be called crazy …..Then i'm in! 2. I feel bad for those people that they aren’t able to see and experience what I do. 3. People that are jealous of what you have, always try to knock you down. 4. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. 5. At the end of the day I will take my crazy self-home and I will have experiences that others dream of and the people calling me crazy will have nothing. So being crazy may not be all that bad of a thing.

Dorraine: And how do you respond to the critics and skeptics who would call you crazy?

Robin:  I tell people calling me names that I don’t wish to change their opinions. I have no desire for people to feel they have to believe me. I believe me and the people that care about me believe me and have seen enough things here to see for themselves I’m telling the truth. Also I have my proof. I wish for them experiences to give them the proof they feel they need. Lots of things in this world can’t be seen but are very real. Those people will figure it out in their own time and if they don’t it’s not my job to prove anything to them. I do wish them the best of luck finding the proof they need. For me I have my proof and it’s all I need.

Dorraine: Is there anything you’d like to add or clarify?

Robin: Maybe just that I’m not hear to prove anything to anyone or change their opinions. Just to tell my own personal journey. To give yet another perspective on things. We are all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts. These are just mine. My life with all the craziness might not be for everyone, but it works for me and for right now it works for them. I’m just grateful for the experiences I’ve had. If it ended tomorrow I’ve had more experiences than a lot of people have.  

            So there you have it.  Many judgments could be made about this amazing phenomenon, and many will be.  But no matter what you believe about this lady,  she seems to have made peace with her unusual existence and with the opinions of others watching from the sidelines. Those who have never had her experience may not believe, and she doesn’t expect them to. But her dedication is unrelenting. And her passion for the protection and well being of her forest friends is nothing short of maternal. *******
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