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Friday, September 7, 2012

Star Child DNA Reports Shocking Results!

What Might They Mean For Bigfoot?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher 

            As we’re still waiting for Dr. Ketchum’s DNA results, some other DNA results are making headlines these days that could pose some new questions about DNA results we explore for unknown species’ in the future.
            The Star Child skull has been found to share no DNA structure with any other species on earth. But does this mean it’s alien, or simply that it has no relation to normal human genetics? Humans share at least a percentage of their DNA structure with every animal on earth. But the Star Child shares none. So what gives?
            The Star Child Project has been in place since February of 1999 with the objective of discovering the origin of a human-like skull found in a mine tunnel in Copper Canyon in northwest Mexico.  It was found alongside a normal human female skull but, upon examination, bears only a slight resemblance to a human, which has led many to speculate about what it is.
            At first glance it appears to be the skull of a deformed human child. But deformity has been ruled out with careful analysis. And, in spite of its child-size, it is no longer believed to be a child at all. Examination of the tooth wear of the skull indicates this being was at least the age of a young adult.
            Human eye sockets are generally about two inches deep, while the eye sockets on the Star Child skull are only one half inch deep. This means its eyes would have not have functioned anything like human eyes and probably looked very different from human eyes.
            The cranial/brain volume of the Star Child was much larger suggesting a much larger brain than humans. And the hole where the brain enters the skull is oval shaped rather than round like a human neck. This suggests that it had no voice mechanism and would not have been able to speak like a normal human. Does this mean it communicated via telepathy?
            Possibly these results raise more questions than they answer, but it leaves us to wonder about other DNA results we’re waiting for. There’s been so much speculation about what the bigfoot DNA results will reveal. Will we find that bigfoot is related more to humans, is it possibly alien, (which would have seemed a crazy question to ask just a year ago) or are they something else entirely?
            Knowing the unprecedented results of the Star Child DNA study, the possibilities for bigfoot are now endless. *******
[Source: Star Child Project ]


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  1. Star Child has been one of my favorite obsessions and if it's true and this is an alien gray skull, we have to come to terms with aliens potentially visiting the earth or perhaps having been here all along and what the means for other cryptid species and their relationship to them. Such an exciting time to be alive!

  2. Who is doing the dna testing on this? Any universities involved? I always wonder when u don't here about stuff like this in any of the science and tech areas of websites such as msnbc.


  3. Why would the shape of the Foramen Magnum suggest the being could not speak ?


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