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Friday, September 7, 2012

Another person attacked by a Beaver!

35 pound Rabid Beaver
In July 2 young girls,age 8 and 11, were attacked by a beaver and suffered serious injuries. In August a beaver attacked a boy scout leader in Pines Plains, N.Y. biting him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed.
Now  Lillian Peterson, 83 years old, was attacked by a rabid beaver while out for her half mile swim.
The attacked took place at Barcroft Lake near her home in Falls Church, Va.

"The animal jumped on me," she told WUSA-TV. "He hit me so hard it knocked me over and started chewing on my leg."
The beaver weighed 35 pounds and was nearly two feet long!
Peterson's friend, Mike Korin, managed to pound the beaver with his paddle until it appeared dead. Emergency medical crew arrived on the scene and began treating Peterson. Then, all of a sudden, the beaver flipped over and came back to life! A paramedic grabbed a canoe paddle to beat the beaver yet again while Korin tossed a fishing net over the creature and tethered it to a light pole on the lake shore. Animal control officers arrived on the scene and euthanized the beaver. The beaver was later confirmed to have been rabid.
Peterson will undergo a few rounds of rabies shots. Peterson said “There is no way I will swim in that place again,”

TCC -  This story makes be wonder if it is possible for sasquatch to become rabid? 

[source:Huffington Post ]

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