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SETI  re-launched its website on “Leap Day,” Feb. 29 - Today !
Allowing anyone to join in the quest for intelligent life on other planets.
Because anyone who speaks of UFOs or even “metal boxes found on West Coast beaches” is called “a hoax,” Jill Tarter, director of the Institute’s Center for SETI Research made a rare plea for all citizens of the world to keep an open mind as SETI open’s a portion of its UFO vault of “evidence” that life exists outside of Earth. In turn, this is super news for all who believe in UFOs, and want to join this SETI hunt for aliens; who are believed to be watching us from outer space and also here now on Earth.
SETI invites all UFO fans to join the search
In turn, SETI researchers stated in a Feb. 28 NPR report that “citizen UFO hunters” don’t have to be scientists to share their stories of UFO sightings with the SETI website that’s being re-launched this Leap Day 2012 at http://www.seti.org/ And, there’s also SETI Live. That's S-E-T-I-Live.org, state SETI scientists in sharing the good news on NPR.
For instance, the SETI website states: “We need YOU to join our Team! As a non-profit organization, our search for life in the universe is not possible without public support. Becoming a member of our ‘Team’ means you are joining a growing global community who is proactively making the search for answers possible. This is humanity’s search, and we cannot do it alone.”
SETI officials also have told Errol and other Oregon UFO “watchers” that they share their pain to live in a world where online “experts” question savvy and then criticize anything they can see with their own eyes, or touch or smell; as have millions of people who state they’ve had a “close encounter.”
For instance, Errol states “I no longer want to be that person thrown to the lions because I’ve seen UFOs. What we do here at Bray’s Point and Stonefield Beach is a way of living. We pay attention to what’s happening in that night sky; while we fully understand that those sitting back and reading about us online are filtering what they read with, perhaps, a closed mind, because they’re not participating in this search that now has more credibility with SETI scientists welcoming us into the fold. It’s awesome!”

Bray’s Point first in line for SETI Earth team
As blue arms of rain reached down from the clouds over Bray’s Point this Leap Day, Feb. 29, so too did Errol and other Oregon UFO “watchers” jump into action as they hunkered down in their small shed look-out structures that sit on the very edge of the Oregon coast.
“We’re logging on to SETI to be first in line for their invitation to join them as part of SETI Earth Team Bray’s Point, for lack of a better title,” explained Errol as bawling winds slashed and shoved against this hut where the watchers have viewed “many hundreds of UFOs” over Bray’s Point. “Now,” asserts Errol and his group, “We have the ability to tap into the SETI website and share what we know is happening in our part of the world.”
Because the search for intelligent life in the universe is both the No. 1 mission for both NASA and SETI, “we’ve not had those resources because this has long been just the realm of hard science,” explained UFO watcher Errol during an early morning “Leap Day” Huliq interview. “I’m pleased to report to our fellow ufologists that this is no hoax, but a real commitment by SETI scientists to enlist the help of citizens who sited UFOs to share our information with this leading search engine for alien life out there.”
Thus, the massive million-dollar telescopes and those top SETI scientists with their advanced degrees, will now team up with Oregon UFO “watchers” and others who wish to “join in the hunt for aliens both here on Earth and in the heavens” with some assurance that “others” are just as nuts about finding answers to the key question: Are we alone in the universe?

Metal boxes as a metaphor for the search
While SETI officials would not say why they’ve chosen Leap Day 2012 – at a time when the Mayan prophecy states that Dec. 21, 2012 will be the end of the world – as the day to launch this historic endeavor to enlist the world of UFO fans in the search for ET, it’s known that a Leap Year has always been a time when the Earth is rocked with many “strange happenings,” quips Bray’s Point resident Helen who recently became a “ufologist” after finding strange metal boxes scattered around her local beach after a UFO sighting.
Helen explained that “we have lots of visitors who come with telescopes and field glasses to just sit and look up for these UFOs. You don’t really ‘understand’ it all with your brain when it happens because it’s felt more inside as if it’s an old memory.”
In turn, Helen shared her “first UFO sighting at Bray’s Point” recently by saying “the sky was cloudy that day. There was no light from the sky. Someone yelled out, and I remember feeling sort of ill at ease. Then there was this glitter of lights and sounds around us. I tell my family that it was the kind of experience that doesn’t really register until later after you’ve gone inside and later to bed when you’re thinking to yourself ‘what was that?”

9:08 PM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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Here is what the statement says :
"Fact: This paper has not and will not go to a cryptozoology "journal" of any type. Stringent, skeptical review is necessary for the success of this paper, thus the length of time it is taking to get this out. It would have been out a long time ago if we would have chosen to send it to some obscure journal or some type of crypto journal but I prefer the more difficult path because it makes the paper credible to the scientific community."
TCC - So in other words this is not going to be published in anything but some type of scientific journal or magazine...which is a good thing as it will make the efforts much more creditable.
On that note I do want to thank all those who work at any Crypto journal or  magazine or online crypto sites, while your efforts might not be considered "scientific" or you may feel like you get zero credit, I think it has much merit and value to not only me but other people who are interested in the subject. I would think it servers a good purpose to introduce new people into the wonderful world of Cryptozoology.  
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife Ethusiast who has written for many magazines.
Should Bigfoot Have Human Rights?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Bigfoot researchers around the country have been tracking and studying the hairy guys for quite some time now, and they’re coming up with some pretty interesting theories about their behavior. And many details suggest an almost human type of intelligent unmatched my any other primate besides us.  And as new details about his existence come to light in the future, most of us agree he’ll need our consideration and our protection. But as all the new details unfold, we’ll eventually have to ask ourselves, “How much?”
            Lori Marino studies brain and behavioral evolution in marine mammals at Emory University in Atlanta. And she and other researchers involved believe that whales and dolphins, due to their culture and intelligence, should be granted basic human rights. Marino said, “Because of their cultural sophistication, these are enormously vulnerable individuals.” It seems that marine mammals do things like mourn their dead, have a keen sense of fun, display a type of language, and even “talk” in their sleep.
            But what about our big, hairy friends? Those who’ve been lucky enough to have some of kind of encounter with them report all kinds of similar traits. Sound recordings of certain types of howls sound much like they’re in a state of some kind of mourning or distress. Their ability to elude us for centuries while often living right under our noses suggests above-average intelligence, and some very human-like behavior traits like building structures and land marks suggests a type of “culture.”  Some who’ve been lucky enough to have encountered more than one of them in the forest, report their using a type of language to communicate to each other. And it has been suggested by others, though not proven, that they may possibly bury their dead.  And they watch us and study us and they probably know more about us than we do about them.
            But this all begs a question in our minds. How will many animals be regarded by humans in the future as new knowledge about them is revealed? It seems that the lines between human and animal are slowly being blurred.
 Even though a bigfoot reaches upwards of 8 feet tall and up to possibly 600 pounds, certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to humans. Once science proves their existence once and for all, some types of protections will have to be put into place for them.  And if Marino and other scientists can make their point clear to the world about whales and dolphins, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Bigfoot.
[*  No Reprints or posting of this article other than linking ,without permission from TCC]
[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

Purple squirrel goes Free!
We may never know what made the purple squirrel of Jersey Shore purple, but experts don't doubt that it really was a squirrel of a different color.
"It's not typical, but it's not impossible," said Harold Cole, a warden with the Pennsylvania Game Commission who investigated the case.
Percy Emert, a resident of the town in central Pennsylvania, said he and his wife caught the squirrel on Sunday in a trap, using peanuts as bait.
"At first I thought somebody around here was playing tricks," he said. The family took pictures of the animal in its cage and posted them on Facebook. Then, on Tuesday, they set the squirrel free.

Now the Purple Squirrel has its own Facebook page with more than 3,800 fans.

The only problem is that beyond the Emerts and their friends, no one actually saw the squirrel or was able to study it. The family did hang onto some of the fur that was left behind in the cage, along with some tail trimmings — and they gave those samples to Cole when he was called to the scene.
Cole said the hairs could be passed along to a lab for an analysis, but the game commission itself won't be pursuing the case any further. As purple as it is, the squirrel doesn't appear to pose a hazard or be suffering from disease.
"The squirrel looks healthy in the picture there, except that he doesn't want to be in that cage," he said.
Cole also doesn't think the Emerts dyed the critter, which would be illegal. But he wouldn't rule out the possibility that someone else may have colored the squirrel previously to keep track of it. In fact, there are several possible explanations for the purpleness.
One is that the squirrel picked up a purple stain in the course of its perambulations. In 2008, a purple squirrel was sighted near a school in England, and experts suggested that the animal got into some discarded containers of printer ink toner. AccuWeather meteorologist Henry Margusity joked that the Pennsylvania squirrel "could have been looking for somewhere warm and fallen into a Port-a-Potty or something similar."
Cole said it's also possible that the squirrel ingested something that lent a purple tinge to the fur — maybe the local pokeberries, maybe an industrial compound, maybe even a food containing purple pigment. The game warden pointed to the example of flamingos, which get their pink or orange color from the food they eat.
Unless the purple squirrel makes a reappearance and gets a scientific going-over, the case will remain up for debate, much like the fabled Minnesota sighting of 1997. In the meantime, Harold Cole and Percy Emert are continuing to field phone calls and press inquiries about the mystery — so much so that Emert's wife, Connie, is sorry that the poor critter was caught in the first place.
"She just wishes we let it go," Percy Emert said.
[Via msnbc ]

TCC - Could this be another mystery creature for us to look for? ..maybe

Appears to have toes
The cigarette pack is 4 inches long making the print around 12 inches from big toe to heel and about 5 inches wide.
There is still some toe definition in this track even though we believe and estimate that the print is 30 day old or more.
It was found in an area crossing a saturated logging road that is about 10 feet wide and this was the only track and it was in the center of the road. So we can guesstimate that the other tracks were out of the roadway, which would mean about a 5 foot stride or more. 
The track was coming from and going back into a dense thicket,which is common along the sides of old logging roads.
We attempted to but were unable to reproduce the track depth,which means that whatever made this track most likely weighted more that us.
13 inch boot beside track
Waylen's brother placed his foot beside the track as seen in the above photo, his boot is 13 inches in size.
There is also what appears to be a mid-tarsal break, which is a little more visible in the first photo.
No dermal ridges were visible in the track but could have been gone due to the track being about 30 days old or more.
This track was found on some farm land that is behind a locked gate and in a remote type area.
There is no public access allow on this property and it is family owned.
This track was originally found on 1/28/2012.
[* No Reuse,Reprints or posting of this article other than linking ,without permission from TCC.]
[**Waylen Frederick 25 plus years of hands on experience as commercial fisherman, hunter, trapper, and tracker.]
[*** Photo credit Waylen Frederick]
[*** Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

I'm Super Bigfoot !

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Is Sasquatch A Super-Human?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

With all the rumors swirling around the Bigfoot community about the upcoming results of Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study, the word human keeps coming up.  Is Bigfoot really a type of human, and if so, what should we derive from that?
            All animals were designed by nature to survive in a harsh physical world. And by those standards, our supposed close cousin is a super-human compared to us, as David Claerr has demonstrated in his Yahoo! article Bigfoot Bones:Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared To Humans. 
Claerr has some great sources that gave him the opportunity to make some skeletal comparisons, and it would seem that Sasquatch, by virtue of its skeletal structure, is very similar to us---only much better.
            Extra-long hands and arms cement its reputation as an ambush predator as some believe. All it would really need to do is reach out with those long arms and grab its prey. Its superior physical strength would ensure it could surely hold on with no problem.
            The neck vertebrae are shorter and wider and its muscles connect to a very thickly muscled trapezius just below the shoulders, similar to a human body builder.  That would attest to its incredible upper body strength. He really could throw a full-grown tree like he did in that famous episode of The Six Million Dollar Man.
 Sasquatch is said to have a slightly less cone-shaped cranium than gorillas, and some sightings 

 sometimes suggest an even more human-shaped head. This could support a stronger        
jaw structure that might explain the possibility of their more varied diet that would enable them to survive on harsher food sources.
            Sasquatch legs are only slightly shorter than a human’s with much larger, stronger joints. It would enable them to walk long distances and sprint quickly when threatened. And their feet are very large and flexible in comparison to the very rigid human foot. This would explain their ability to escape through terrain that would be nearly impossible for a human to navigate.
            Overall, the Sasquatch skeleton seems much like a human skeleton only much better and stronger. He’s perfectly designed to survive in his world while still eluding humans.
So have we as humans lost our edge in the animal kingdom? If Sasquatch is in fact a type of human, will we now be considered an inferior type of human? We can always make the intelligence claim. But a creature that’s managed to stay hidden from us and still live close to us without our knowledge for thousands of years has to be pretty smart too; maybe much smarter than we are by the standards set by nature.
 Now, keep in mind these assessments are hypothetical, but based on the latest scientific findings. Future discoveries will hopefully bring more interesting details to light.  

[** No Reprints or posting of this article other than linking ,without permission from TCC.]

TCC -  Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines and we are glad to have her on our Team.

TCC -  I was email the above pictures and the following story, I have included a link for of the story.

"I took three pictures of the pyramid trying to get lightning.
In number one, nothing happened. In number two, nothing happened.
In the third picture is the beam and lightning.” "

- Hector Siliezar, on vacation tour near
Kukulkan Pyramid, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Jaime Maussan in Mexico City, who said it was a real photograph taken on July 24, 2009, by Hector Siliezar on vacation with his wife Glenda Hernadez and their two girls, Stephanie and Destiny. Hector and Glenda were both born in El Salvador, but Hector moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1986 to sell cars and later to work in receiving and shipping for warehouses. By 1990, Glenda joined Hector as a resident, became a bank teller, gave birth to their daughters and the couple married in 2006.

Three years ago the family was on vacation in the Yucatan and were on a one-day tour of Chichen Itza with a hotel guide. Their tour included the famous Mayan Kukulkan pyramid. Thunder boomed, lightning flashed and rain drops started to fall. The storm excited Hector about getting a photo on his Apple iPhone of lightning next to the pyramid.
To read the Interview and see some analysis of the photos Click Here
Kind of interesting, but I suspect it is a fake...but it has not been proven that way.
1:43 PM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Original photo
without watermark
[Update] -  Bill Munn has now studied this photo and he is not really sure, he said it could be reproduced and here is his last words about it.

"If it is fake, it does represent a fair amount of both skill and expense on the part of the fabricator."
Bill Munns Feb. 18, 2012

So still not real answer.
TCC - Ok I want to take a closer look at the clear Bigfoot picture released today.
I also want to point out some things about the picture based on what others are saying.
There will be several pictures and enhancements after the break so click the read more thing.

First some info about the picture:
* This is a cropped picture, I would assume it was much larger and it was cropped to just show the creature.
* People are asking "why just one picture?" well it is reported that there is indeed more pictures that may or may not show the face. These pictures HAVE NOT been released to the public. I do not know if they even will be released.
* This is reportedly about a 4 year old picture.
* The person who sent in this photo has not been named (as of yet)
* American Bigfoot Society copyrighted the image to have control over it until/unless the person who sent it in comes forward and wants it. This is understandable as it was submitted to their group, The BFRO, as well as other groups, do this to protect their work and interest. It is even reported that many groups(researchers) have good evidence but keep it in house.
* "why not release more photos?" The person is reportedly concerned with the safety of the creatures and does not want to be ridiculed, some say well they can remain a anonymous but judging by how people have reacted and said negative comments, one even used a Gay slur, I can understand the reluctance to release more. Also maybe the other photos have some kind of recognizable land structure that would give away the location.

That is just a few of the things that people are asking. People always want a clear picture of bigfoot and when they possibly get it they still rip and ridicule people and post one word comments like "fake" or "hoax" and in the end it may be, but if you think it is fake then please tell us why you think it is a fake it could be valuable information.
There are several things I like about the photo and a few things I don't and of course we all would like the see the complete set of photos.

After the break is some enhancement to the photo and some blow ups....enjoy
 This latest trail cam photo of Bigfoot taken by a person who chose not to reveal himself was handed over to a blogger named Melissa Hovey. Melissa "struggled" with releasing the photo to the Bigfoot community as she made a promise to the person that he can trust her.
 The American Bigfoot Society holds the copyright for this image for any and all purposes.

 Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is strictly prohibited.

 The American Bigfoot Society takes no particular stance on whether this is a photo of a Bigfoot or not. In other words, we do not know if this is in fact a Bigfoot or a hoax. The American Bigfoot Society has contacted and has allowed various professionals, in a number of fields, to view the photo in order to assess any information that may be contained within this photograph. While the American Bigfoot Society has the responsibility to protect their witnesses and any information we may have about them, the American Bigfoot Society also has the responsibility of exposing any photo, or evidence, which may lead to hoaxing. The American Bigfoot Society has NO information that this is in fact a hoax. We feel this photo can be released, analyzed and discussed without disclosing any information about the witness, thereby keeping our promise of confidentiality of our witnesses.

 Information about the photo:

This witness asked for my (Melissa Hovey) help in seeking protection for what he/she claimed was a Bigfoot that had been coming onto his/her property.

The witness broke contact after becoming concerned for his/her privacy and the safety of the animal. He/she was concerned people would discover who he/she is and that he/she would be called, “crazy”. The witness also expressed concern that if his/her identity were discovered the alleged animal would be in danger of being killed.

The witness expressed in multiple emails that his/her interest was in protection of the alleged animal and not financial gain.

The witness stated this is one game cam photo in a series of photos.

The witness denies any form of manipulation to this photo, other than cropping the image.

TCC -  So what does everyone think about this photo? looks pretty good as far as I can tell...will get a better look at it a little later.

TCC-  It seems Shawn has made some waves. Oh well I guess Shawn will not be getting any Christmas cards from these two guys.
I think Rick's video is kind of funny..he seems really mad, Shawn is going to get punched...maybe.
Tim quotes Reagan ...so he can't be all bad ..right?
The Bigfoot community is just awesome sometimes.

Don't shoot!
Hollywood animation bigwig talking to Justin Smeja – cinema version of Sierra Kills may be in the works.
My new source in Texas tells me he found a Twitter account belonging to someone who he would not name, but he said it was “the guy who did the animation for the Lord of the Rings films.”
The source then began emailing the animation guy and ended up having long email conversations with him, during the course of which the source learned a lot. According to these conversations, the animation guy contacted Smeja and told him he believed Justin’s story. “You just can’t make this stuff up,” he said. The man then told Smeja that he would like to bring his Sierra Kills story to life via animation. At some point, the man was shown drawings of the adult and baby Bigfoots killed at the Sierra Kills.
No one knows what this all adds up to, but the man said he intends to bring Smeja’s story to life in some way. Whether this will be a full movie or a part of a documentary, no one knows.
[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC -  hmmm..maybe Justin can make a few dollars off of his story and That is cool with me. I would probably watch it if ever gets made.

Some are saying the boxes and ufos are to blame. Some report hearing strange bird like sounds.
“We followed the sound until its frequencies started to pluck our nerves. We stopped and then looked down into this pond in there were these endless cries of something or someone inside our ears or minds. Each time we return to the pond, there’s something down there that we just can’t reach or understand. Its acoustics are out of this world – for sure,” said Bray’s Point local Errol who said “I didn’t want to mention this after those boxes, but there’s been a ceaseless hum of something under that water for nearly a month now.” In turn, Errol said the consensus is “don’t disturb it. Leave it alone.”
What’s with Bray’s Point and strange stuff?
Drumming his nails on the kitchen table that looks out at the mighty Pacific Ocean, Errol starts making a noise like pigeons’ feet on his roof. He then explains “that’s sort of how it sounds in the evenings when we approach the pond. It’s not unlike when you hear those frogs during the early springtime. But, this is very different because all this strange stuff started happening after those UFO sightings two weeks ago.”
Errol was then reminded that “several types of strange metal boxes” have now been examined; with the “official” theory being they are simply pieces of docks that may have broken away last March when the earthquake in Japan.
Meanwhile, Errol exclaims: “I’ve never seen a dock look like what we've had on our beaches."
Later, he does concede that not all the “strange stuff” going on at Bray’s Point has to do with UFOs.
“This is an ancient plot of land that the Native American tribes lived on back hundreds of years and even thousands of years,” he adds; while admitting that even as a long-time UFO watcher he still feels creepy when outside at Bray’s Point when the “night shadows play tricks with your mind.”

Uploaded by on Feb 20, 2012
"I drove through the Santa Cruz mountains and came across a Bigfoot Museum...
Needless to say I am now a believer...lol"

TCC -  Thanks goes to Mike Rugg over at bigfoot discovery project for having a great museum that has good info and Evidence. Its a very good site to learn about bigfoot and Mike does a good job. If you can go to the actual building..then by all means go ..if you can't at least go to the website and check it out.

TCC - Tonight on the Dr. Melba Ketchum Public Info facebook page the following was posted -
Dr .Melba Ketchum-
"Hi all, I will repeat what I said. Much to everyone's chagrin, including mine, I cannot discuss the project per se. I can kill off some rumors here and there and answer some general questions which is why I made this site. I hope this will help everyone to come together. We will have websites that will be launching at the time that the paper comes out with a lot of information. We also will have a website and an associated non-profit protection website. We are very excited about this non-profit that is being formed. Interested parties should contact Sally Ramey for more information."
TCC -   Things seem to be getting kind of hot about the DNA paper and the release of the DNA report and now websites. With the above statement one can assume that it is really close and one can assume that the findings will totally support and prove that the creature commonly called bigfoot is 100 percent real...you say how can you assume so much....well do you think that the people involved in analyzing the DNA would be associate with and help create a NON-PROFIT PROTECTION WEBSITE if the DNA paper did not conclusively prove the existence of the creature?  I don't think so. If it turns out to be nothing...why would you need to  protect it?
So everyone get ready this could be a game changer and may make many people think a little different about the world we live in...I sure hope it does.

11:39 AM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Tim Fasano - "I talked with Dereck today and he told me the Ketchum project is real and they have followed all scientific procedures."

TCC - So apparently after talking to Derek Randles good ol Tim has had a change of heart and issued the apology via youtube video.  We applaud Tim for clear things up.

Richard Stubstad posted some interesting info on Robert Lindsay Blog about the DNA paper and Erickson videos.
here they are-
 Committing about the DNA paper-
"Assuming the “end of February” is valid (and I don’t know that it is), the scenario will play out as follows:
The paper publication will be announced, and probably be made available on-line if not on paper. A simultaneous announcement of a press conference (on a major TV network) will be made. By necessity, this will have to be made at least 24 hours in advance, maybe longer — similar to the press conference that Biscardi announced when he was hoaxed beyond belief by the “Georgia Boys” on CNN back in 2008.
A partial release at the same time of the Erickson footage is likely but not guaranteed. Since Paulides, followed by Biscardi, followed by me, followed by Java Bob, were there before Erickson, I assume that Paulides will also be included.
Meanwhile, according to Ketchum three of us are still in the proverbial dog house (Biscardi, Stubstad, and Java Bob), so I can almost tell you with certainty none of us will be there.
Meanwhile, I don’t know how to keep track of press conference announcements; Bob, can you do this, please, and post the announcement–assuming the end of February is actually valid?

Then someone ask him the following question -
"Richard, have you seen the “Matilda” footage? If so can you say what your impressions of it were?"

Richard Stubstad replied -
"I probably have, but I was exceedingly polite and didn’t ask any leading questions; I just watched–I kind-of shortened version made into a fairly good documentary of maybe 45 minutes.
While I probably saw “Matilda”, I only heard this name on this particular blog, so I’m not sure. I do know though that ALL the footage shown (cuts from several locations, both day and night) was kick-ass. The one exception to this was (in my humble opinion) the “pancake video”, which was the worst of the bunch. I’m not saying it was faked; I’m just saying it was too dark to make any intelligent judgements about its authenticity.

So maybe this will come off in due time, there seems to be some good people making comments about what they know or have saw concerning the DNA paper and the Erickson projects. I just hope I'm still alive when this all finally hits the fan.
TCC -  [Rant] To me this is very disappointing news and I really feel like we are being given the round around. It makes me question the whole project....is Fasano right? well with put offs and run arounds it does make one wonder. Let me put out this statement - If this has all been a Hoax then I think everyone involved should first have any professional licenses revoked and second have to serve at least 10 years in Jail with out any chance of parole.  NDAs and secrets are are killing all this...makes it look more and more like a big fat lie, they seem to be hiding and dodging any real info and are using NDAs to hide behind. 
I personally do not need a DNA Paper to prove sasquatch are real, I think there is enough evidence of that already, but to keep stringing people along and to keep any good info suppressed is just wrong.
Many people have been made fun of and ridiculed over their belief and encounters with Sasquatch and now people who can validate all the reports are just not coming forward to do so...and always come up with a reason why they can't say anything... I sure hope this is not a Hoax. I have been a supporter of this project and had high hopes for it but it seems to be taking too long for there to be very much substance to it.  Would it  kill any thing to release a couple of really good photos? or give a publishing date?
I sure hope this is a real DNA paper but I for one am really tried of waiting and tried of all the put offs and the"soon" and be "Patience" remarks.
[/Rant OFF] 
I'm normally not one to rant much...but this is really getting kind of  ridiculous...it's not like we are giving away the code to get into Fort Knox.
Setting a Game Camera

Things to consider when selecting a trail camera.

1)  Try selecting a camera with a higher mega pixel rating. An 8 MP camera will take considerably better images than a camera with a 2 MP rating.
2)  Camera range can be anywhere from 20 feet to 50 feet. This is the maximum range in which the sensor in the sensor in the camera will detect motion or heat. This is also the maximum range for flash.
3)  Cameras can also have a delay period from 1 min to 15 sec. This delay period is the amount of time from which the sensor detects a recordable event and an image is captured.
4)  Trail cams also come with either an incandescent or infrared flash. Ranges  in incandescent units are normally lower than infrared, but take color images at night were infrared images appear black and white at night.

Once you have selected your camera, be sure to program and test your camera before heading to the field. Be sure to set time, date, and delay periods. Now test fire your camera by 
walking in front of it at the correct range to insure proper operation. You can insert the SD card in a digital camera to check the image.

Now that you have tested your camera, its time to locate a field location suitable. Be sure to select a location that has fresh sign for your intended target. Heavily used game trails are a good choice, especially trails in a funnel down location, or intersecting game trails.

Once a site is chosen, locate a sturdy, large diameter tree that will not be blown around in the wind, as this movement will trigger the camera, it is also recommended that your camera face either north or south if possible, as the rising and setting sun can also trigger your camera. You may also want to position your camera at a slight angle to the game trail, as many cameras will not detect motion  moving directly toward or away from the camera as easily as motion moving across the sensor at an angle. Remember to keep the target area within the range of your camera, the camera should be positioned about 1-2 feet higher than your target will be tall, and placed at a slight downward angle, and make sure the camera is securely attached to the tree, as most wildlife will be curious about your camera.

Is the famous Matilda footage in Adrian Erickson’s video hoaxed?
It’s a shocking question, and one that must be seriously considered. The footage in question was shot by the wife of “Bob,” the owner of the property, as she was wearing a ghillie suit. She snuck up on Matilda, an adolescent female Bigfoot, and shot a short HD videotape of her walking towards the camera.The sexy teen Bigfoot approaches the camera, and you can see a closeup of her face, which is said to look like a Chewbacca. Soon the Bigfoot recognizes she is being photographed and growls at the photographer. When she does, you can see fanged incisors. Many observers think these fangs are strange, but many reports say that Bigfoots have long incisor teeth or fangs.
However, on Bigfoot Forums, Bill Munns said he was asked to review a videotape from the Erickson Project, presumably from Kentucky, that may have been thought by the EP to have been faked. Munns reviewed it carefully and said it was a modified Chewbacca mask, but it was very well done. So the rumors are flying that the Matilda footage is Chewie mask and therefore the best EP footage in the video is a hoax.
We can breathe a sigh of relief.

This is what happened:
When Erickson bought the property, about 5 videotapes came with the deal, all shot by the owners. Erickson also purchased these videos for a pretty sum, but he did so with the proviso that if any were proven fakes, there would be no money paid for those fakes.
Of the 5 videos, 4 were thought to be genuine. These included the footage of Matilda sleeping in the woods and the famous footage of Matilda walking towards the camera described above. However, the first video, an early video, was revealed to be a fake, possibly with the help of Munns. No money was paid for that video. The other four videos were shot later.

Early Monday morning was very disturbing to many upstate South Carolina residents who witnessed an unidentified object streaking through the sky, exploding and apparently crashing , reports Open Minds TV.
Upstate residents near Greenville reported a very bright light accompanied by an explosion shortly before 2 a.m., while others felt tremors from the nearby crash of the object.
According to Fox affiliate, Fox Carolina -- whose own security cameras caught the streaking object on video --many callers reported seeing the sky event all across the region many callers reported seeing the sky event all across the region.

One resident, Cindie Stubbs of Fountain Inn, told Fox, "I saw this big, bright light that made the sand almost sparkle. It was so bright, it scared me."

As sky cameras captured the object heading to Earth, the Spartanburg 911 call center received more than 30 calls from people who saw it and were concerned about the loud boom sound it made.
Scientists say it was probably a type of meteor.
"It sounds like a typical bolide," said Charles St. Lucas, of the astronomy department at the Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, S.C.

"A bolide is a meteor that comes in, heats up and this one broke apart into three or four pieces, and glowed a bright blue-white," St. Lucas told Fox Carolina.
St. Lucas also noted that "this was kind of a rogue object -- no way to predict it -- and that makes it even more delightful."
Bright meteors falling to Earth are common occurrences. At the beginning of February,a blazing light streaked across Texas, caught on a police car dashboard camera. In that case, the Federal Aviation Administration determined it was a fireball from space.
So far, no word has emerged from Monday's South Carolina close encounter whether anyone has found the exact location where the bolide meteor hit the ground.
[Via Fox News]

TCC- This makes 2 UFOs that some say was a meteor but it never crashed to the earth or has never been found. That seems kind of odd to me that something is falling to earth but never lands.

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This is a look at Louisiana 

food for wildlife
Sometimes people question if sasquatch could even live in Louisiana, well from what we know about it..the answer would have to be a big Yes.
Louisiana has an annual rainfall total of 59 inches per year making it the wettest state in the union. A Prime setting for sasquatch and many other animals.
Louisiana is home to a wide variety of wildlife every thing from Alligators to wild Turkeys. It also has some great fishing.
But what about Bigfoot? well according to the BFRO there is 40 reported sightings.
Here is the link if you want to read the reports BFRO LA reports .
One could easily assume that there is numerous sightings that go unreported each year as well.
With it's numerous plant life, wide variety of wild life and it's abundance of water Louisiana is well suited for a population of sasquatch.
Lets not forget that LA is also home of Honey Island Swamp Monster which in itself is a interesting story. 
So all you people in Louisiana keep an eye out for the big guy and shoot us an email once you see him.
* Special Thanks to TCC Team Member Waylen Frederick for some of the info.
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Uploaded by WiiStandUnited on Feb 12, 2012
"I was on my way back inside after playing basketball when I glanced out at the tree line and saw something, big and black. I ran inside and got out my camera. I placed it on the gutter and filmed a large black animal of some sort. To big and quick to be human. I'm still shaking"
TCC - Interesting video but you just can't see enough to say what it is...or isn't. I have attempted contact with the uploader but have not got any reply.
oh well on to the next.

11:55 AM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Sierra Kills recovery scene was videotaped!
I can now report in breaking news that Smeja and the driver actually videotaped the recovery of what must look like a small piece of flesh from the scene of the Sierra Kills. They were instructed to do this by Wally Hersom. Wally also showed them how to do professional evidence collection. The sample was collected in such a way that neither man handled the sample. The tape shows them finding and collecting the sample and there is closeup footage of the Bigfoot steak itself.
This videotape will apparently be released at an appropriate time. It will probably show a small piece of around 2 pounds in weight. I realize that that does not go along with my view of the Sierra Kills recovery as retaining 16 pounds, but I am still sticking to my story. There may have been more than one recovery attempt.

Two pounds or 16 pounds of Bigfoot recovered from the Sierra Kills?
Bart Cutino did mention something that we have reported, but he did not name us. He said reports that Justin Smeja and the driver recovered 15 pounds of Bigfoot from the scene are what he called “ridiculous.” This is the typical view, and Smeja himself says they recovered 2 pounds.
However, I stand by my original claim and now think it was 15-16 pounds. How strongly do I believe this? Let’s put it this way. I know for a fact that they recovered 16 pounds off one or the other or both of the dead Bigfoots, ok? How’s that for being sure? I don’t like to discuss this much because Justin and I disagree on this. Justin and I have agreed to disagree on this, and we don’t bring it up or talk about it. I am not sure if the real story on body recovery will ever come out. People may be investigating this incident for years to come.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]
Clip from Adrian Erickson video is on Youtube!
Yes, one of the video clips used in the Erickson video is already on Youtube and has been watched by many people. I got this great information from a new anonymous source in Texas. The clip is of the Russian Yeti filmed in the Kuzbass region of Russia. It was released last year. Here is a good breakdown from Tom at the Crypto Crew -

Erickson is apparently including not only his own footage but also other footage from all over the world which he may have purchased the rights to. Erickson thinks that Yetis are related to Bigfoots, and that’s why he wants footage from all over the world to make that point. That’s why the video is in Hollywood right now, because Erickson wants a professional edit job done with all this other footage, good descriptions, etc.
The stars of the show of course are the Crittenden, Kentucky Bigfoots, but there are also many others, and all the footage is good. However, the footage does vary in quality in terms of what the Bigfoots are doing. The baby Bigfoot eating a pancake video from Crittenden is also included.
The movie starts out with the less impressive footage and then progressively works its way up to the cream of crop of the Crittenden Bigfoots such as Matilda and the large male who is 9-12 feet tall. There is also an excellent video of an Asian Yeti in the movie. As far as a release date on the movie, all I have is “soon.”
TCC - Well we have always thought this was a real sasquatch, so maybe our analysis will be validated in the end. Thanks to Robert for sharing our video breakdown and giving us some credit.
is that 2 boexes in the picture?

UFO sightings stuck in state of flux due to lack of funding and fear of metal boxes

One goal of science is to find out if we’re alone in the universe. Still, it seems obvious that “there’s an extraterrestrial intelligence out there,” said Errol and other members of the Oregon UFO “watcher” group that investigated coastal beaches Feb. 12 in search of “mysterious metal boxes” that “showed-up last week after a particularly busy night of sightings.” Meanwhile, there’s still no “official” explanation – as of Feb. 13 -- about the boxes from marine science officials at the nearby Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. What’s known is the “boxes” sort of radiate a “blue light” that doesn’t get lost in the blaze of “our sunsets.” Also, Errol notes how coastal beach goers seem to just walk by the boxes without even taking notice." In turn, there's a “who cares” attitude by local police since the metal boxes seem benign. Still, there were reports from locals this past weekend that “someone is moving the boxes.”

Metal boxes radiate colors
In turn, those who live near Stonefield Beach – where three metal boxes have appeared in the surf – also notice an aura of colors.
Also, locals are at odds on how to explain the colors.
For instance, Errol’s recorded several views, including one local Stonefield astronomy fan who says that “over the course of time it takes for the sun to set, the colors deepen, and you get this very intense feeling inside that this is much more than just a big square block of metal.”
Also, some beach goers – who said they feared some radiation or other threat might be thrown off by the mysterious boxes – are now “sort of living with them” as part of the local beach debris.
“It’s nothing to me but a hunk of solid metal,” quipped one senior who poke one of the boxes with a stick; while also noting “there’s no barnacles around it. I dug down and there are no barnacles underneath it either?” The man said anything floating at sea for a long period “would have barnacles of some sort?”
An unofficial count of 18 boxes has been identified along the Oregon coast, adds Errol, with “many others up along beaches in Washington State and a dozen others down at Clam Beach in the Humboldt, California area.”

3:55 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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There seems to be several RUMORS about these strange Boxes.
Some are reporting that it has all been a big hoax, an all out effort to just get page views by the author.
Others are reporting that they have been no reports of boxes what so ever on the beach.
Another rumor is that the Boxes washed up on the beach but that really don't make much sense as they are described as "unmovable" and made of Metal...If they are truly unmovable then how did they "wash up"?
Another NEW Rumor is that the Boxes have Now disappeared, that the boxes was taken by some Government agency, which one is still a mystery I guess and  yet another rumor is that the boxes were"picked back up" by UFOs and /or Aliens of some sort, after all there seems to be a hot bed for UFO activity in the area.
Has there been any New Reports of UFOs in the area? if so I'm not aware of any.
Or did they just wash back out into the water? If the tide was able to wash them up then surly the tide could take them back out...right?
So have the strange boxes disappeared or was they never there in the first place? This is something I do not know. Are any of the rumors true? Yet again...this is something I do not know.
Will we ever know for sure what and if any of this was true? I hope so but doubt if we ever will....and if the Government is involved then I would guess we will never know for sure.
Related Post:
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First let me start by saying I'm not the biggest fan of the Finding Bigfoot TV show, I do enjoy watching it but seems each week the cast says or does something totally dumb that makes the whole bigfoot community look like a bunch of loons.

The Beast of Gun hill episode was one of the better shows from the complete lists of shows. I do think the Beast of Gum Hill video is a fake but this does not mean there is not legitimate sighting in the area.
There is beautiful mountains and  plenty of  food and water and last nights show had a couple of good reports of sightings. The sighting of the Police officer guy, the one who has not been hunting from 1993 after he seen a Bigfoot up close.....to me he was very creditable and believable in his story. Plus the other 2 that were featured were pretty good as well.
I personally have been in and around that area and there is some very dense and vast forest there...so it is very possible that bigfoot calls it home.

Here is the Original Beast of Gum Hill video

My Overall grade for last night show would be: B


A source told Robert Lindsay the following:
"Here is the big news Robert, but unfortunately I can’t tell you anything more about it or expand on it. But by the end of this month, a shockwave is going to be sent through the Bigfoot community. That’s all I can say at the moment. But things are happening now that are gonna change everything."
Hmmm...Does this mean that the DNA paper will publish soon? Will it publish at the end of this month like many have stated? This could be what is going to happen,time will tell.
Robert Lindsay's latest post about bigfoot and the DNA paper gave us more to think about as well.
We can now assume the Following:
*  Josh Gates Yeti hair sample taken in Bhutan is now part of the final report and is a sample being used.
* Sierra Kills steak hair is 5-6 inches long,kinky like pubic hair.
* Sierra Kills steak, according to Dr. John Mionczynski,  smells like “burnt honey”.
* Sierra Baby Kill is said to look like a cross between a chimpanzee and a black Kid, the eyes are closer together than humans.
* Sierra Kills sample was included in Ketchum’s study.
* Some DNA samples were tested blind at eight different labs across the U.S.
* Alaska professor Rob Alley possible co-author of the Ketchum study.
* A rib bone with some flesh and hair stuck to it was found during the search of the Sierra Kills site in July,bone has not yet been tested.
* Derek Randles  revealed on MBRT Radio that Justin Smeja has boots with the blood of the young Bigfoot on them.
Lindsay also posted some info about Matt Moneymaker and the Finding Bigfoot show but I didn't pass it along here....so if you want to read it please go on his blog via the link below.
Thanks and I just can't wait until all the info and videos are finally released.

The clip was filmed by a motorist driving through London in the night and posted on YouTube on February 6 under the user name Space999dude.
He wrote underneath the entry: “I took this from my car but had to go because of where I was parked. Seems too bright for a boat and looked like it was above water.”
He added: “It was a very long way off and I was at full 40x zoom hence the shaky footage.
“I always carry a camcorder in my car as saw something a few years ago and think more people should be looking and keeping cameras at the ready.”

Still Frame from Video

TCC - A pretty cool video but like most videos it's really hard to say what it is...but still fun to speculate about it.
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This is a Ligar, its the product of a male lion (Panthera leo) and a tigress (Panthera tigris). Thus, it has parents with the same genus but of different species.
A Liger
It is bigger than either parent, 10 - 12 ft in length - making it the biggest hybrid cat. Ligers vary in appearance depending on how the genes interact and on which subspecies of lion and tiger are bred together. In general, males grow sparse leonine manes and the facial ruff of a tiger. Males and females have spotted bellies and a striped back. They roar like lions and "chuff" like tigers.
What a wonderful Creature
Ligers are the largest big cat, tending towards gigantism, especially in the males which can be the size of a pony and weigh over half a ton!
!! More Pictures after the break!!

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3:12 PM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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box on the beach is unmovable.
As of late afternoon Feb. 8, Bill Hanshumaker, a public marine specialist and (Ph.D) doctor of marine science at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in nearby Newport, told Huliq in an interview that, “I don’t know what they are.” In turn, Doctor Hanshumaker said he’s advised “surf monitoring” about these strange metal boxes that suddenly appeared along local beaches Feb. 6, and now seem to be multiplying like Star Trek “Tribbles.” The photograph that accompanies this report – taken during the afternoon of Feb. 8 near Bray’s Point -- of yet another strange metal box stuck in the surf up is one of a possible group of a dozen or more that have been sited up and down West Coast beaches. Meanwhile, the British government also photographed similar huge metal boxes on beaches in Sri Lanka in the late 1990’s and in early 2004 and 2005. The discovery of the boxes is detailed in updated previously classified reports from the British government that document sightings of unidentified flying objects by both the military and the general public dating back to the 1950s.

UFO history filled with “mystery boxes”
Thus, within these British government UFO files, available via the Internet, are the Sri Lanka beach boxes that are similar in both size, coloring and shape; with locals all along Sri Lanka’s beaches – located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal – stating in the recently released British UFO documents that “the strange metal boxes appeared suddenly, and after numerous reported UFO sightings.”
In turn, the metal boxes along Oregon, Washington State and Northern California beaches are now being photographed, documented and examined by local experts.
Also, due to recent storms out in the Pacific Ocean, the “boxes” are being more or less ignored; with passing comments in local coastal newspaper,” state Errol, a Bray’s Point local and a member of the Oregon UFO “watchers” group that gathers both here and at nearby Stonefield Beach to scan the sky for flying objects in much the same way bird lovers use binoculars for birth watching.

Letter from Canada
Well..it isn't costing me any money...but what about Rick's recent video where he is telling about selling 250 dvds ? He is costing someone money but I guess no one is making people purchase the video. I have to question.. is it all about money?  is there anything to do with actually filming and collection real evidence of bigfoot ..don't get me wrong, I'm not against researchers making some money but I do not expect them to be untruthful and /or fake evidence and in some cases just lie.
I will gladly pay to see someones real work if they are honest about it and have something of interest on film.
Most researchers spend their own money and time doing research but to be dishonest is a discredit to all true bigfoot research and to the human race.
So I can assume that Tim and Rick will be working together in the research field soon.... or maybe they already have been... it could be interesting to see what they can come up with....maybe a dead skunk ape press conference on CNN...who knows for sure....stay tuned!
10:12 AM 3 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Interstate 90
Seeing a sasquatch can sometimes bring unwanted attention and ridicule from others, so it is understandable that they want to keep their name private.
Here is the story of the sighting that took place last weekend.
Paul (not his real name) and his wife who are from IL were on their way back home after looking at a house to maybe purchase in MN. Paul who is a believer in bigfoot has been trying to convince his wife
to accept the facts about it but in his words "its has been a hard row to hoe".
His wife was driving them back home that night after the visit to see the house and they were heading south on Interstate 90 in WI just north (about 3 miles) of Wisconsin Dells.
Paul says:  "Well she was driving and it was dark out at this point, and we were in the middle of a conversation about the house we had just put an offer on earlier that day. On this HWY there are a bunch of "turn around" spots where the police sit to try and catch speeders, and since we have traveled this route many times, we know where they are and we automatically look down them. Well, mid conversation she stops talking, does a double take out the window, looks straight ahead for about twenty seconds in silence, and then looks at me and says, "Well, I think I just saw Bigfoot". "
bigfoot on I90
Apparently this this was very big as well.
Paul continues to tell the story by saying: "All she kept saying was how BIG this thing was. She kept using the word BIG, and she instantly said it had to be at least 9 to 10 feet tall and just BIG (as in the wide).  
Paul's wife describes the creature: "it was a dark brown color, and that I clearly saw two legs and two arms on this huge being."
Paul goes on to say: "We were still three hours from our house, and we didn't stop talking about it at all. We were going 70 mph on the hwy, but she was certain of what she saw. Now, she won't admit it was a bigfoot to me, but she can not for the life of her come up with what it could have been other than one."
Paul continues : "My wife wanted to turn around and go back even after we were two hours south of the location. Just from her reaction I know she saw one. I have been researching them for about three solid years, I truly wish it would have been me that saw it, and honestly my wife now wishes it didn't happen because she can't wrap her mind around it.  I wanted to share this awesome thing with you!"
We are So Glad you did "Paul", we think maybe that "hard row to hoe" just got a little easier for you.
If you end up buying the house and travel that stretch of road again make sure to keep your eyes open and a camera ready and of course keep us updated on any new developments. 
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map
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