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Friday, February 24, 2012

TCC -  I was email the above pictures and the following story, I have included a link for of the story.

"I took three pictures of the pyramid trying to get lightning.
In number one, nothing happened. In number two, nothing happened.
In the third picture is the beam and lightning.” "

- Hector Siliezar, on vacation tour near
Kukulkan Pyramid, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Jaime Maussan in Mexico City, who said it was a real photograph taken on July 24, 2009, by Hector Siliezar on vacation with his wife Glenda Hernadez and their two girls, Stephanie and Destiny. Hector and Glenda were both born in El Salvador, but Hector moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1986 to sell cars and later to work in receiving and shipping for warehouses. By 1990, Glenda joined Hector as a resident, became a bank teller, gave birth to their daughters and the couple married in 2006.

Three years ago the family was on vacation in the Yucatan and were on a one-day tour of Chichen Itza with a hotel guide. Their tour included the famous Mayan Kukulkan pyramid. Thunder boomed, lightning flashed and rain drops started to fall. The storm excited Hector about getting a photo on his Apple iPhone of lightning next to the pyramid.
To read the Interview and see some analysis of the photos Click Here
Kind of interesting, but I suspect it is a fake...but it has not been proven that way.

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Friday, February 24, 2012 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. i guess i'm the only non-believer of this photo? how nice it would of been if i was there when the photo was taken! and i actully seen this weird science.=(classic 80's movie?)

  2. I guess you miss this part of the post .. "Kind of interesting, but I suspect it is a fake" ... I have not done any real analysis of the photo but you are not the only one who thinks it a fake.
    Weird science was a great movie.


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