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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Original photo
without watermark

[Update] -  Bill Munn has now studied this photo and he is not really sure, he said it could be reproduced and here is his last words about it.

"If it is fake, it does represent a fair amount of both skill and expense on the part of the fabricator."
Bill Munns Feb. 18, 2012

So still no real answer.
TCC - Ok I want to take a closer look at the clear Bigfoot picture released today.
I also want to point out some things about the picture based on what others are saying.
There will be several pictures and enhancements after the break so click the read more thing.

First some info about the picture:
* This is a cropped picture, I would assume it was much larger and it was cropped to just show the creature.
* People are asking "why just one picture?" well it is reported that there is indeed more pictures that may or may not show the face. These pictures HAVE NOT been released to the public. I do not know if they even will be released.
* This is reportedly about a 4 year old picture.
* The person who sent in this photo has not been named (as of yet)
* American Bigfoot Society copyrighted the image to have control over it until/unless the person who sent it in comes forward and wants it. This is understandable as it was submitted to their group, The BFRO, as well as other groups, do this to protect their work and interest. It is even reported that many groups(researchers) have good evidence but keep it in house.
* "why not release more photos?" The person is reportedly concerned with the safety of the creatures and does not want to be ridiculed, some say well they can remain a anonymous but judging by how people have reacted and said negative comments, one even used a Gay slur, I can understand the reluctance to release more. Also maybe the other photos have some kind of recognizable land structure that would give away the location.

That is just a few of the things that people are asking. People always want a clear picture of bigfoot and when they possibly get it they still rip and ridicule people and post one word comments like "fake" or "hoax" and in the end it may be, but if you think it is fake then please tell us why you think it is a fake it could be valuable information.
There are several things I like about the photo and a few things I don't and of course we all would like the see the complete set of photos.

After the break is some enhancement to the photo and some blow ups....enjoy

Slight color enhancement and enlargement
Ear visible, color enhanced and enlarged
enlarged,color enhanced and picture sharpened
enhanced - notice ear and muscle curve to shoulder and bicep
I think this is a enlargement with some sharping..I hope it is correct if you click on it.
zoom in on back
TCC -  Now there is a few things I want to point out:
* hair and skin look good
* Ear and nose to should ratio looks correct
* color is ok
* hunched over 
Things I don't like or want to see:
*sagittal crest , ridge of bone running lengthwise along the mid line of the top of the skull, does not seem to be very visible.
* No face shot - would like to see it
* would like to see arm length
* more photos 
While this could possibly be a hoax or a fake , it could also be real. We should just take it for what it is and that is it is possibly clear picture of a bigfoot. Lets say it is a fake..then if it is, it is a very good one...yeah it could be no more that a good suit but it might just be real..so I guess it's inconclusive at the moment but at least it is something to look and and work with and not blurry like most bigfoot pictures.
So in the end we are left with a picture that might or might not be a bigfoot , I do hope that the other pictures get released, that might help clear it up, but until then I'm sure everyone will have an opinion and a comment...I know I will. (lol)
I hope to do deeper and better enhancements to the photo in the coming days and will most likely post them on our facebook page. If I can prove it more real or more fake I will do so,if you have info about this photo then please contact me. If this is not real,I wonder if this is from a movie? just throwing that out there.
Happy Bigfootin'

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  1. It is a clear Fake ! Pure Publicity Stunt.

  2. I think it's real, had an encounter once with one and this photo looks more like the one I saw than pics of Bigfoot covered in hair, I could see the skin and it's color is close.

  3. I think it's real, had an encounter once with one and this photo looks more like the one I saw than pics of Bigfoot covered in hair, I could see the skin and it's color is close.


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