Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strange Metal Boxes - A New Theory

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  1. Gregory says this questioning of science as not being exact when it comes to such things as theories about UFOs comes from “a sort of self-satisfied elitist paranoia” in science today, “with a feeling of ‘them’ and ‘us’ that is very unsettling.”

    Two issues on this theme. One is the expectation of the average person that scientists are pseudo-public-servants that will spring into action and investigate the unknown just because a report has been made. The other is the reluctance of scientists to seriously examine anything that can't be subjected to their methods. The paranormal is by definition extraordinary, so it can't be reproduced on demand and subjected to analysis by science in a laboratory. Besides making findings difficult, it also means that others can't reproduce any findings that have been made. The scientific method is bound to have issues when examining a sporadic, elusive phenomena. I don't blame scientists for not wanting to investigate something that is difficult to impossible to reproduce for analysis, but the apparent need of some in science to ridicule those who have encountered the paranormal is a problem -- both for the scientist on the personal level and for science itself in terms of what constitutes professional behavior for its practitioners. //BW


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