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Sunday, February 19, 2012

TCC - Tonight on the Dr. Melba Ketchum Public Info facebook page the following was posted -
Dr .Melba Ketchum-
"Hi all, I will repeat what I said. Much to everyone's chagrin, including mine, I cannot discuss the project per se. I can kill off some rumors here and there and answer some general questions which is why I made this site. I hope this will help everyone to come together. We will have websites that will be launching at the time that the paper comes out with a lot of information. We also will have a website and an associated non-profit protection website. We are very excited about this non-profit that is being formed. Interested parties should contact Sally Ramey for more information."
TCC -   Things seem to be getting kind of hot about the DNA paper and the release of the DNA report and now websites. With the above statement one can assume that it is really close and one can assume that the findings will totally support and prove that the creature commonly called bigfoot is 100 percent real...you say how can you assume so much....well do you think that the people involved in analyzing the DNA would be associate with and help create a NON-PROFIT PROTECTION WEBSITE if the DNA paper did not conclusively prove the existence of the creature?  I don't think so. If it turns out to be nothing...why would you need to  protect it?
So everyone get ready this could be a game changer and may make many people think a little different about the world we live in...I sure hope it does.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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