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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sierra Kills recovery scene was videotaped!
I can now report in breaking news that Smeja and the driver actually videotaped the recovery of what must look like a small piece of flesh from the scene of the Sierra Kills. They were instructed to do this by Wally Hersom. Wally also showed them how to do professional evidence collection. The sample was collected in such a way that neither man handled the sample. The tape shows them finding and collecting the sample and there is closeup footage of the Bigfoot steak itself.
This videotape will apparently be released at an appropriate time. It will probably show a small piece of around 2 pounds in weight. I realize that that does not go along with my view of the Sierra Kills recovery as retaining 16 pounds, but I am still sticking to my story. There may have been more than one recovery attempt.

Two pounds or 16 pounds of Bigfoot recovered from the Sierra Kills?
Bart Cutino did mention something that we have reported, but he did not name us. He said reports that Justin Smeja and the driver recovered 15 pounds of Bigfoot from the scene are what he called “ridiculous.” This is the typical view, and Smeja himself says they recovered 2 pounds.
However, I stand by my original claim and now think it was 15-16 pounds. How strongly do I believe this? Let’s put it this way. I know for a fact that they recovered 16 pounds off one or the other or both of the dead Bigfoots, ok? How’s that for being sure? I don’t like to discuss this much because Justin and I disagree on this. Justin and I have agreed to disagree on this, and we don’t bring it up or talk about it. I am not sure if the real story on body recovery will ever come out. People may be investigating this incident for years to come.

Ketchum DNA study a gigantic hoax?
This view is being tossed around a lot by people who are hostile to the study, including many people aligned with Meldrum, though apparently not by Meldrum himself. It also involves many from the BFRO. I think it goes deeper than the Ape vs. Human debate, but I don’t understand what the motivation for tearing her down is.
The allegation is that she is preparing a gigantic hoax on the scientific community. This would be a case of scientific fraud, and it would not be taken lightly. She would probably never be able to publish in a journal again. I would say her career as a scientist would be through, but there are people accused of scientific fraud who still practice medicine. For one, Hersom would probably sue her for a ton of money to get his money back.
I simply do not believe that Ketchum would risk it all on a gigantic hoax and scientific fraud. I also don’t believe she’s that kind of a person. I know people who worked with her, and they told me she has a good scientific mind and uses the scientific method well. She’s not the type to engage in hoaxing or scientific fraud. I concur.

About Dr. Jeff Meldrum.
I don’t have much opinion of the guy one way or the other, except he tried to start a fight with me over the Net and acted very badly when he did that. But there’s always time to make up.
It is true that he’s made quite a few enemies in this community, and they have built up a dossier against him. I’m not saying that view is accurate or not – I just put it out there for others to see one side to the man. I also feel that he has a strong good side though.
I don’t have much opinion on his books or research other than to say I think he’s done a great service to the community, and he’s a very brave man for sticking his neck out like this. He’s treated as an outcast at his own university and in the scientific community at large. There have been efforts underway to have his tenure revoked.
He could have been cowardly, changed his mind and said these things don’t exist, but he didn’t do that. Meldrum has balls of steel.
I would also like to say that it was not just the BFRO that got me back into Bigfoot.
Recently I read one of Meldrum’s papers about Bigfoot foot morphology on the web. I thought, “Here’s a real scientist, and he thinks these things may well exist! Wow!” At the time I had drifted towards a more skeptical position. Later on after the Knobby hoax out of Virginia, I went to the BFRO site, and that’s when I dove in totally. I have OCD, and one thing it does that is good is that when I get into something, I go whole hog, dive into it all the way, learn everything there is to know about it, and soon I’m more or less of an expert.
So bottom line is if you like my Bigfoot reporting, you can thank Meldrum and the BFRO for getting me into this in the first place.
TCC - Thanks to Robert for sharing some of his latest info and thoughts. I will be Glad when even more is known about all of this and no the search for sasquatch will not be over..it will be really just beginning...Once the final proof is published there will still be researchers trying to film these elusive creatures. 

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