Monday, February 13, 2012

New Rumors about the Strange Metal Boxes

There seems to be several RUMORS about these strange Boxes.
Some are reporting that it has all been a big hoax, an all out effort to just get page views by the author.
Others are reporting that they have been no reports of boxes what so ever on the beach.
Another rumor is that the Boxes washed up on the beach but that really don't make much sense as they are described as "unmovable" and made of Metal...If they are truly unmovable then how did they "wash up"?
Another NEW Rumor is that the Boxes have Now disappeared, that the boxes was taken by some Government agency, which one is still a mystery I guess and  yet another rumor is that the boxes were"picked back up" by UFOs and /or Aliens of some sort, after all there seems to be a hot bed for UFO activity in the area.
Has there been any New Reports of UFOs in the area? if so I'm not aware of any.
Or did they just wash back out into the water? If the tide was able to wash them up then surly the tide could take them back out...right?
So have the strange boxes disappeared or was they never there in the first place? This is something I do not know. Are any of the rumors true? Yet again...this is something I do not know.
Will we ever know for sure what and if any of this was true? I hope so but doubt if we ever will....and if the Government is involved then I would guess we will never know for sure.
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