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Friday, February 17, 2012

TCC -  [Rant] To me this is very disappointing news and I really feel like we are being given the round around. It makes me question the whole project....is Fasano right? well with put offs and run arounds it does make one wonder. Let me put out this statement - If this has all been a Hoax then I think everyone involved should first have any professional licenses revoked and second have to serve at least 10 years in Jail with out any chance of parole.  NDAs and secrets are are killing all this...makes it look more and more like a big fat lie, they seem to be hiding and dodging any real info and are using NDAs to hide behind. 
I personally do not need a DNA Paper to prove sasquatch are real, I think there is enough evidence of that already, but to keep stringing people along and to keep any good info suppressed is just wrong.
Many people have been made fun of and ridiculed over their belief and encounters with Sasquatch and now people who can validate all the reports are just not coming forward to do so...and always come up with a reason why they can't say anything... I sure hope this is not a Hoax. I have been a supporter of this project and had high hopes for it but it seems to be taking too long for there to be very much substance to it.  Would it  kill any thing to release a couple of really good photos? or give a publishing date?
I sure hope this is a real DNA paper but I for one am really tried of waiting and tried of all the put offs and the"soon" and be "Patience" remarks.
[/Rant OFF] 
I'm normally not one to rant much...but this is really getting kind of  ridiculous...it's not like we are giving away the code to get into Fort Knox.

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