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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SETI  re-launched its website on “Leap Day,” Feb. 29 - Today !
Allowing anyone to join in the quest for intelligent life on other planets.
Because anyone who speaks of UFOs or even “metal boxes found on West Coast beaches” is called “a hoax,” Jill Tarter, director of the Institute’s Center for SETI Research made a rare plea for all citizens of the world to keep an open mind as SETI open’s a portion of its UFO vault of “evidence” that life exists outside of Earth. In turn, this is super news for all who believe in UFOs, and want to join this SETI hunt for aliens; who are believed to be watching us from outer space and also here now on Earth.
SETI invites all UFO fans to join the search
In turn, SETI researchers stated in a Feb. 28 NPR report that “citizen UFO hunters” don’t have to be scientists to share their stories of UFO sightings with the SETI website that’s being re-launched this Leap Day 2012 at http://www.seti.org/ And, there’s also SETI Live. That's S-E-T-I-Live.org, state SETI scientists in sharing the good news on NPR.
For instance, the SETI website states: “We need YOU to join our Team! As a non-profit organization, our search for life in the universe is not possible without public support. Becoming a member of our ‘Team’ means you are joining a growing global community who is proactively making the search for answers possible. This is humanity’s search, and we cannot do it alone.”
SETI officials also have told Errol and other Oregon UFO “watchers” that they share their pain to live in a world where online “experts” question savvy and then criticize anything they can see with their own eyes, or touch or smell; as have millions of people who state they’ve had a “close encounter.”
For instance, Errol states “I no longer want to be that person thrown to the lions because I’ve seen UFOs. What we do here at Bray’s Point and Stonefield Beach is a way of living. We pay attention to what’s happening in that night sky; while we fully understand that those sitting back and reading about us online are filtering what they read with, perhaps, a closed mind, because they’re not participating in this search that now has more credibility with SETI scientists welcoming us into the fold. It’s awesome!”

Bray’s Point first in line for SETI Earth team
As blue arms of rain reached down from the clouds over Bray’s Point this Leap Day, Feb. 29, so too did Errol and other Oregon UFO “watchers” jump into action as they hunkered down in their small shed look-out structures that sit on the very edge of the Oregon coast.
“We’re logging on to SETI to be first in line for their invitation to join them as part of SETI Earth Team Bray’s Point, for lack of a better title,” explained Errol as bawling winds slashed and shoved against this hut where the watchers have viewed “many hundreds of UFOs” over Bray’s Point. “Now,” asserts Errol and his group, “We have the ability to tap into the SETI website and share what we know is happening in our part of the world.”
Because the search for intelligent life in the universe is both the No. 1 mission for both NASA and SETI, “we’ve not had those resources because this has long been just the realm of hard science,” explained UFO watcher Errol during an early morning “Leap Day” Huliq interview. “I’m pleased to report to our fellow ufologists that this is no hoax, but a real commitment by SETI scientists to enlist the help of citizens who sited UFOs to share our information with this leading search engine for alien life out there.”
Thus, the massive million-dollar telescopes and those top SETI scientists with their advanced degrees, will now team up with Oregon UFO “watchers” and others who wish to “join in the hunt for aliens both here on Earth and in the heavens” with some assurance that “others” are just as nuts about finding answers to the key question: Are we alone in the universe?

Metal boxes as a metaphor for the search
While SETI officials would not say why they’ve chosen Leap Day 2012 – at a time when the Mayan prophecy states that Dec. 21, 2012 will be the end of the world – as the day to launch this historic endeavor to enlist the world of UFO fans in the search for ET, it’s known that a Leap Year has always been a time when the Earth is rocked with many “strange happenings,” quips Bray’s Point resident Helen who recently became a “ufologist” after finding strange metal boxes scattered around her local beach after a UFO sighting.
Helen explained that “we have lots of visitors who come with telescopes and field glasses to just sit and look up for these UFOs. You don’t really ‘understand’ it all with your brain when it happens because it’s felt more inside as if it’s an old memory.”
In turn, Helen shared her “first UFO sighting at Bray’s Point” recently by saying “the sky was cloudy that day. There was no light from the sky. Someone yelled out, and I remember feeling sort of ill at ease. Then there was this glitter of lights and sounds around us. I tell my family that it was the kind of experience that doesn’t really register until later after you’ve gone inside and later to bed when you’re thinking to yourself ‘what was that?”

Beaches filled with awe and mystery
Also, with the current state of West Coast beaches – that are still getting hit with massive debris from the Pacific Ocean due to storms at sea and the Japan earthquake last March – it’s no wonder that “all sorts of things wash-up here,” added Helen when she spoke to Huliq last week about her “encounter” with these strange metal boxes.
In turn, she says “you can’t control the Pacific in the same way you can’t control what’s ever out there in outer space. I think we like to have this ‘illusion’ of control because it prevents non-believers in UFOs from really thinking about a different reality that just maybe will make them look at the heavens, and even these strange metal boxes in a different way.”
“Let’s hope,” she states while pointing to a metal box panel that she salvaged this week. At the same time, her ears seemed tuned to maybe catch the whispers that she and others heard after a recent UFO sighting, and then seeing the metal boxes.
She adds: “This is no dock float,” when pointing to this metal object that she now keeps hidden in her garage.

Sister called a UFO nut
Meanwhile, Helen’s sister doesn’t not believe “any of it,” she says as coolly as someone with the soul of a microchip. “I know Helen gets satisfaction from sharing this UFO junk, but I worry about her mental state when she now admits to seeing a UFO.”
At the same time, Helen explains that she and her sister grew up in a Quaker home back in the Midwest when “all you were allowed to believe in was religious, and having a sort of fear about anything else in life.”
In turn, her sister explains: “Please, are you serious – UFOs!”

SETI shares no hoax with real sounds from space
NPR’s Feb. 28 report about the re-launch of the SETI website that invites citizen UFO hunters to join the search featured the following dialogue from the late great ufologist Carl Sagan who is still viewed as a UFO “hoaxer” -- because he expressed his belief in UFOs during both his award-wining 1980 TV series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” and his book “Cosmos.”
For instance, Professor Sagan (an astronomer, astrophysicist and cosmologist) wrote this about the power of SETI:
-- MAX MARTINI: (as Willie) We're locked. Systems check out, signal across the board. What's the frequency?
-- FOSTER: (as Eleanor Arroway) 4.46, 23 gigahertz. Hydrogen times pi, told you.
-- BLAKE: (as Fisher) Strong sucker, too.
-- MARTINI: (as Willie) I got it. I got it. I got it. I'm patched in.

-- FOSTER: (as Eleanor Arroway) All right, let me hear it.
Sadly for the worldwide UFO community, Professor Sagan -- who was figuratively burned as a sort of witch in our society for sharing these details in his novel “Contact,” that was the basis for a 1997 film of the same name -- died before seeing his vision for SETI launched.
Professor Sagan died on Dec. 20, 1996 after telling the world that “UFOs and the existence of alien life is real science.”

SETI re-launches its ET search website
While it’s great news – say UFO fans – that the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, also known as SETI, has re-launching its website – “so that anyone can scour the data coming from outer space and help look for signs of life,” reported NPR – it comes at a time when people on Earth are dazed and confused about “so much doom and gloom,” adds Helen at Bray’s Point.
In turn, Helen explains that “if you’ve had an uncanny coincidence or some unlikely conjunction of events in your life, than you may understand what people who’ve seen a UFO might have encountered.” Thus, any talk about UFOs brings out the skeptics who suggest that its “selective perception” and not “real,” and anyone who speaks of searching for UFOs is nuts.
“They forget that the U.S. space program is looking for life out there. Why are we sending that mission to Mars? Why do we have SETI if not to look for other life?”
Dr. Jill Tarter, an astrophysicist and director of the Center for SETI Research concurs.

Citizen UFO hunters wanted by SETI
For example, Doctor Tarter told NPR Feb. 28 – in a special report to announce the re-launch of the SETI website to help enlist citizen UFO hunters to join SETI’s search – that there will always be those who think the search for extraterrestrial life is a fool’s game and such people are hoaxers.
Sadly, those same people never do much, say experts, but complain. “They are sort of zombies because they don’t believe in anything they can’t comprehend with their rational mind,” adds Errol of his issues with sharing UFO stories with others outside his circle of “watchers.”
In turn, Doctor Tarter is trying to “mainstream” SETI’s search for alien life by making it a bit more digestible for those who’ve gotten all crazy recently when they couldn’t get exact answers about those strange metal boxes being spotted a few weeks ago up and down West Coast beaches. One comment on the Huliq website that featured a “metal box” report demanded “answers now on what are these metal boxes.”
“If you don’t give me answers right now, I’m calling this a hoax,” asserted one comment from a confused reader.
Thus, Doctor Tarter is taking this new SETI initiative a bit slow. “Well, people will actually be able to look at raw, real, live data coming from the telescope. I don't think it will be quite as exciting as the clip that you just played, but in fact, people will see signals. They will actually be able to tell us about them, describe them. And if we decide that these are signals that we haven't seen before, then we'll follow up on them in real time, and people will be able to participate in that follow-up as well.”

SETI features Allen Telescope Array
SETI also includes the famed “Allen Telescope Array,” that will also be accessible for “citizen scientists” as they join SETI’s quest for life outside of Earth.
For example, Doctor Tarter explained that “in the SETI Live application, it is radio signals that are being detected by the Allen Telescope Array, and our equipment actually is looking at a vast amount of data. And only a tiny little bit of it will actually be sent out to the citizen scientists - the parts of the spectrum where there are so many signals that it literally confuses our search system. So we want people to help us describe them, classify them and keep track of whether we've seen them before.”
In turn, NPR noted how, over the years, there’s been a “sort of shift in how the public perceives this mission of looking for signals beyond Earth.
Thus, Doctor Tarter admits that many people who “believe” in UFOs are branded as a hoax simply because they share information that “does not compute” in their minds. For instance, Doctor Tarter told NPR that “certainly is something that people have ridiculed in the past, but actually, the thing that's changing right now and it's a huge paradigm shift is exoplanets. So we now know about thousands of other planetary systems out there. I actually know where there are planetary systems, and that's where we're pointing the telescope.”

It’s all about questions, and no firm answers
While you will not easily find Oregon UFO “watchers” -- or others who make up the millions of people in the world who believe in UFOs – because “it’s no fun to be roasted online as a hoaxer,” admits Errol, there are real questions from the general public about the value of SETI’s mission.
“I always have questions, and I don't know the answer. But I'm fundamentally convinced that this is as legitimate a question as how did galaxies form and how old is the cosmos,” explained Doctor Tarter during the Feb. 28 NPR interview. “And I just am totally thrilled by the fact that I happen to be alive in the first generation among thousands of generations, which have asked this question. And suddenly, we have the tools of the astronomer to try and answer the question by doing experiments rather than asking the priests and the philosophers what we should believe.”
At the same time, NPR reminded listeners about this “huge Leap Day announcement” that Dr. Jill Tarter, astrophysicist and director of the Center for SETI Research and others at SETI – have announced that the group's website, SETI Live. That's S-E-T-I-Live.org. -- has now been re-launched as of Feb. 29 and “it will allow citizen scientists to help sift through mountains of data in the search for intelligent life.”
[via huliq.com ]
TCC -  If this is true, I have not checked the SETI website, then I think it is a good thing. The more people we have looking and listening the better.

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