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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is the famous Matilda footage in Adrian Erickson’s video hoaxed?
It’s a shocking question, and one that must be seriously considered. The footage in question was shot by the wife of “Bob,” the owner of the property, as she was wearing a ghillie suit. She snuck up on Matilda, an adolescent female Bigfoot, and shot a short HD videotape of her walking towards the camera.The sexy teen Bigfoot approaches the camera, and you can see a closeup of her face, which is said to look like a Chewbacca. Soon the Bigfoot recognizes she is being photographed and growls at the photographer. When she does, you can see fanged incisors. Many observers think these fangs are strange, but many reports say that Bigfoots have long incisor teeth or fangs.
However, on Bigfoot Forums, Bill Munns said he was asked to review a videotape from the Erickson Project, presumably from Kentucky, that may have been thought by the EP to have been faked. Munns reviewed it carefully and said it was a modified Chewbacca mask, but it was very well done. So the rumors are flying that the Matilda footage is Chewie mask and therefore the best EP footage in the video is a hoax.
We can breathe a sigh of relief.

This is what happened:
When Erickson bought the property, about 5 videotapes came with the deal, all shot by the owners. Erickson also purchased these videos for a pretty sum, but he did so with the proviso that if any were proven fakes, there would be no money paid for those fakes.
Of the 5 videos, 4 were thought to be genuine. These included the footage of Matilda sleeping in the woods and the famous footage of Matilda walking towards the camera described above. However, the first video, an early video, was revealed to be a fake, possibly with the help of Munns. No money was paid for that video. The other four videos were shot later.

In addition to the first video being faked, some of the reports of encounters at the property made by the household were also thought to be faked. But others were genuine. So, sadly, it is true that as with Paul Freeman, Danny Sweeten and so many others, “Bob,” the owner of the Crittenden property, produced some fantastic evidence and reports at the same time as some hoaxing. I am sure that the skeptics will run wild with this information, but we need to be up front and honest about it anyway.
Apparently the Bigfoots were seen many times by Dennis Pfohl and Leila Hadj-Chikh after Erickson bought the property. In addition, footage of the Bigfoots was shot by at least Pfohl and possibly also Hadj-Chikh. At least some of Pfohl’s footage was shot in a blind. Another thing that happened after the property was purchased was that the Bigfoots hung out for a bit, but then, incredibly, they took off and followed Bob four miles away to his fancy new digs! Nothing like home sweet home, and plus they were probably hungry for Bob’s wife’s special pancake recipe.
However, Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh followed the homesick Bigfoots over the new property and set up a camera trap for them. There they captured what was apparently Matilda with one or more of her Bigfoot babies.
Matilda got pregnant by an unknown male during the course of the study. The original residents at the site were the large 9-12 foot male, his female partner and Matilda, their wild, rebellious, teenage hottie boy-crazed Bigfoot daughter. As I said, she was soon knocked up by some Bigfoot mac daddy. Who done the dirty deed? Surely not her Daddy, so it must have been some other Bigfoot G who was hanging out to try to pick up on some of the local young hottie Bigfoot chicks.

Reiteration of Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot footage.
A lot of people still do not understand this footage well. The well known still from this footage has been out on the Net for a while. The footage was apparently shot by one of the homeowners on the property, possibly Bob’s wife. She seems to have sneaked up on Matilda while she was napping, as teens are wont to do, in the woods. The footage is in HD, and continues for ~5 minutes.
In the footage, you can see Matilda breathing and her body moving back and forth as she breathes. At the end of the footage, something appears to startle her – perhaps the presence of the videographer – and she starts moving around in discomfort. After a bit, she opens her eyes and wakes up. The footage ends.

Is Todd Standing’s footage to be included in the Erickson film?
It is true that Erickson purchased some of Fraud Standing’s hoaxed videos, although the first of Fraud’s videos may be genuine, emphasis on the may. Erickson is not extremely sophisticated about Bigfoot videos. He’s a hunter, not a videographer. He was ripped off when he bought one or more of Fraud’s obvious fakes. People around Erickson hope he will not be including Fraud’s fakes in the video. Erickson is a sophisticated and crafty man, so I doubt if any of Fraud’s nonsense will be in the video.

[Via Robert Lindsay Blog ]

TCC - So it appears Adrian Erickson was duped on a few of the earlier videos but the main videos of Matilda and the large male sasquatch are said to be 100 percent real. I would guess this was an effort by the land owners to either gain money from Ericskon or was an effort to prove they had good footage of the creatures. I also Doubt that the Todd Standing videos will be included as most think they are fakes. There is a  Rumor the Ketchum DNA paper will publish next Thursday, if so I would think that the Erickson videos will be released very soon as well.


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  1. paul freeman said in an interview a year or two before he passed on that he made the fake bigfoot tracks so he knew what hoaxed tracks looked like. i think the footage he filmed in 1994 rivals the patterson/gimlin film. mr freeman in my opinion was the best researcher of his time although skoffed at and ridiculed by rene dahinden and others due to the many reported sightings and encounters he had. which i always felt was sour grapes by dahinden since he never had his own sighting of a sasquatch. sincerely, james smith

  2. You people are freakin ate up, the homeowners at the Erickson Project are fine upstanding people. Most of your facts are WRONG and the homeowners name isn't Bob, their names were Roger & Sissy and they were never in the bigfoot lime light in all their lives as a matter of fact they never called to report anything in the beginning it was a neighbor down the road. They told the bigfoot investigators to leave them alone, for you to say they were hoaxing you better check the others in the project who have been in the bigfoot field lime light and for your information Dennis Pfohl was on the project for a while before the property was even sold. I am sure when the homeowners are able to talk about things alot will come out so I say to you it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot then to open your mouth and remove all doubt! (just a nosey neighbor)

    1. Please notice this is a repost from Robert Lindsay and it is rather old. The new Matilda footage has been suggested by Bill Munns to be a hoax. I just want to see the Erickson Videos....I hear he has some good videos.

  3. Does anyone know for sure when all of this is to be released?

    1. The last I can remember hearing was that they are not going to be released, at least any time soon, Erickson said something to the effect that people were not ready to it. This was after his Matilda / Chewbacca mask was exposed.

    2. I think he's full of crap. It's all about the money & that's sad. Especially for those of us who just want the truth to be told. Quit with the fame & greed thing & release real, honest evidence for the world to see & examine.

  4. any new updates about this one

    1. Dr. Ketchum is doing a "go fund me" type of thing to bring out more stuff. But the videos were from the Erickson people and they seem to have disappeared.


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