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TCC -  Was his joking statements more than a joke? was it his way of saying something happened in Roswell but we can't tell the general public?
Could it be that Obama would like to tell about the Roswell crash but can't?
Then you add in the long standing rumor that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to tell the Truth about UFOs.
It is Clear that Kennedy had an interest in UFOs by the 2 letters/memos recently released by the CIA. You can see the letters/memos HERE & HERE .
Then you have the FBI memo that proves of a alien landing in Roswell (Can be seen HERE) and when you add it all up it makes more of a mystery as to the words of President Obama.
Interesting times we live in.


Original photo by Lupe Mendoza

Now, we will zoom in on the object of interest...the figure becomes much more visible.
At this point you can see what appears to be an upright walking figure,but it looks kind of odd.
Now we will zoom right in on the figure and try to find out what it might be.
close up of figure

So after zooming it ..we can still not determine what this thing is...so I have tried to enhance the photo and below is the results.

is that eyes?

So after zooming and trying to enhance this photo, we can see what could be eyes but we can still not say what it really is or isn't. It don't really seem to fit the appears of a bigfoot. 

I have has shown this picture to a few people in private to see what they might think it could be and I have got replies ranging from Alien to werewolf.
So now Lupe has decided to release the photo for all to see and maybe someone can tell us what this figure is. 

TCC thanks Lupe for showing us the photo and now releasing it to the public.
If you have an idea of what this could be, then please let us know.

[Copyright The Crypto Crew]
[Photo by Lupe Mendoza] 
[Enhancements by TCC]
[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!] 
Do Sasquatches Really Need Vast Wilderness?
By Dorraine Fisher        
            Do sasquatches really need vast areas of wilderness to live in? A closer look at the BFRO sightings maps and reports suggest maybe not. In fact, the reports lean more toward our hairy friends needing nothing more than a stable food source, sufficient foliage for cover, and some kind of watershed to survive just fine.
            The crew on Finding Bigfoot has now traveled to many areas of North America and they’ve often been surprised by how much wilderness they find in certain states that aren’t well known for their wilderness areas. They deem these areas more “squatchy” than they would’ve imagined and they praise the vast stretches of forest, swamp, or mountainous areas there that they believe a Sasquatch needs to exist.
            And this seems to be a prevailing theory with most bigfoot enthusiasts and even scientists. Since many sasquatches have been found to live in great wilderness states like Washington, Oregon, and northern California, most believe these types of habitats are required for a sasquatch to survive.
            As it’s certainly true that more sightings occur in large wilderness areas, it’s not a rule as is suggested by reports in some rural areas of states like Illinois. Illinois is certainly not known for its large stretches of wilderness, but sightings there span nearly two-thirds of the state, including the outer fringes of the very urban areas of Chicago. Several fairly recent sightings have been reported in Cook County, Illinois just outside the city.
            In Missouri in 1997, a bow hunter reported a sighting in west St. Louis County just a couple of miles from a heavily populated suburb of the city.  The location of the sighting would be considered only semi-rural and is intersected by two interstate highways. It’s only 15 miles from downtown St. Louis.
            In 2005, a significant footprint of what was believed to be a juvenile sasquatch was found in the mud by a hiker just two miles from downtown Topeka, Kansas.
            And there are many others. Sightings continue to be reported in rural and semi-rural areas all over the forested areas of the U.S.
            None of these areas could be considered wilderness, but what they do have in common is that they contain some kind of watershed, lake, stream, or river, a sufficient deer population, and lush, thick foliage that could provide cover for a large mammal. 
            Of course there are many more sightings in areas like the Pacific Northwest, but it’s becoming clearer that a large stretch of wild country isn’t an ironclad requirement for the survival of sasquatches. Perhaps the hairy ones are far more diverse and adaptable than we ever imagined. *****

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

[Partial Source:Stan Courtney ]

The 'fragment' does not appear to come from any known missile or space technology. Russian space experts will make an announcement shortly

The six-foot metal object is now under police guard as the Russian space agency prepares to examine it

Space experts are trying to solve the mystery of ‘a UFO fragment’ which crashed close to a village in Siberia.
Locals insist the metallic object – which resembles a large rubbish bin – fell from the skies but initial checks by experts have concluded it is neither from a rocket nor a missile.
It is now under police guard as interest in the ‘visitor’ intensifies.

The object found is not related to space technology. A final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the object by experts,' said the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Locals insist the metallic object - resembling a large shiny rubbish bin - fell from the skies. The object is six feet long and is at least partially made of titanium steel.
It was found near a village called Otradnensky some two thousand miles and three time zones east of Moscow.
The Russian media immediately claimed ‘fragments of a UFO’ were discovered in the remote forest.
Locals had heard strange sounds in the thick woodland in December, it was claimed.
But it was only on Sunday that the find was reported to local police who then alerted Moscow.
Yuri Bornyakov, head of rescue service department of Kuibyshevski district of Novosibirsk region
[Via dailymail ]
TCC- To me this looks like some off of a satellite , man made...but who knows for sure.
11:49 AM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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An eerie encounter recently brought work at a North Arlington construction site to a complete stop.

Two months ago, an old Victorian house sat on the site, but as crews began demolishing the property to build a new club house, one of the workers spotted a young girl inside of the building.
The girl is thought to be Margaret Febrey, who was laid to rest in Oakwood Cemetery almost 100 years ago.
"He said he saw this little girl in the window ... and he went in and couldn't find her, and on his way out he saw her on the steps and turned around and didn't see her," said Jeff Schreiner, construction supervisor.
The encounter was too much for the construction worker. He immediately packed his stuff and walked off the job permanently.
Fourteen-year-old Febrey had lived in the Victorian house being demolished before her death in 1913.
The sighting spooked workers so much, they stopped construction on the 99th anniversary of her death in January.
11:30 AM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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An Australian supermarket seems to have security camera proof that a sneaky poltergeist (or mischievous ghost) is visiting their store to abscond with some Fruit Roll-Ups snack treats.

TCC - This video is gaining popularity on the web, so I wanted to share it. Could it be a real ghost ?  Well there are a few things odd in the video but it could have been a person just out of camera range throwing the box. If you will also notice there is a Time jump...it goes from like 27 minutes to 30 minutes...kind of odd.
In any case it's still a fun little video.

The Erickson Project - Sasquatch the Quest Promo

TCC -  This Promo was on youtube, It is pushing up towards 1 year old. In this promo there seems to be a big push to tie in the DNA results. So it makes me wonder if The Erickson Project video is ready to go but waiting on Dr. Ketchum's DNA report to FINALLY publish before releasing the video.

This could be the case. Just watching the Promo make me want to see the video NOW!

Some are crying foul and saying it is all about money, well I think The Erickson People should make some of their money back. After all they have over 5 years of time and money already invested and I do not expect them to just give it all away for free.


[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

(Click the HD button)
!!Correction - This video was originally uploaded by
designperfxion on Apr 13, 2011

Sorry about that.
After viewing the person's youtube account (designperfxion) I'm leaning more towards fake now...seems to be some kind of film maker of sorts.

This video was uploaded to youtube by SasquatchWatcher on Mar 22, 2012.

It is a very interesting video and the story is some what believable. There are several things I really like about the video like:
*Cupped Hand
*Big and thick
*Slope to shoulder
*Has the Lean forward
*filmers reaction- you can hear that his breathing has increased

But there is some things I really don't like
*Can't see no muscle movement
*Feet look a little funny
*super blurry video
*Original username of uploader

Just to name a few.

This is just one of them videos where the quality of the video is just too poor to say for sure either way.
So in the end this could be a real bigfoot or at the very least it is a pretty good looking suit.
Still a great video and I enjoyed it.



TCC -  Thanks to the folks over at West Coast Sasquatch for their work on this and exposing it as a hoax.
TCC - A couple of weeks ago I ran across the video below. I found it very interesting as it was a new angle for looking at the Famous Patterson film, But I had a question pop into my head almost immediately and it was "Could someone running hit the mark?"

Well a few day ago I was contacted by David Edwards about something totally unrelated to the above video. We had a good email exchange and as it turns out David is what I like to call a "science guy".
A science guy that has an interest in bigfoot. I will not go into his extensive education or his degrees but trust me he is a very credible professional person and does hold a few degrees. He was also willing to help us if we needed anything done from a "Science guy."
Anyway, I told him about the above video and I posed my question to him: "could a person running hit the mark?" and would he like to do an analysis of or about it. He said Yes and what follows is his findings.

[This is a guest post by David Edwards: The Science Guy]

Responding to your question on the video and the gait. Could a person hit the mark by running?
Not running:

but yes for speed walking:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2urNVmKnEaQ (Embedding was disabled for this video)
Runners actually extend well above 90 degrees. Runners land on the mid to front part of the foot springing off with a burst of power in the next step.
Speed walkers, while lifting higher than casual walking, don't typically get up to a 90 degree angle, but midway between the two... like around 70-75 degrees. Speed walkers also land their leg on the heel and roll forward. They rely less on the power burst than just momentum of fast moving legs over shorter distance.
What's interesting about the speed walking angle is that Patty in real time is actually walking fast, not running. But even though the lift is comparable and the landing similar, the overall gait is not. Both speed-walkers and runners lock their leg at some point in the cycle. Patty has bent knees throughout. I think the high-stepping bent-knee gait is an adaptation of walking up and down uneven hills, like the clearance of her walk would allow her to step over boulders or to get better balance when taking a high step onto boulders. Keeping the knees bent allows for better balance.
So I think a speed walker could better replicate the leg lift and probably the overall gait, but it would take a lot of practice.
What stands out to me on Patty is not the usual mentions - breasts, leg hernia, jawline, etc. But lower limb proportion.
For humans, the ratio of hip to knee length versus knee to ankle length is relatively equal.
For gorillas, the hip to knee length is far greater than knee to ankle length; since they typically walk on all 4s that makes sense.
For Sasquatch, the hip to knee length is longer than knee to ankle length, but not as equally proportioned as a human. I think this proportion with their longer arms would allow them to run on all 4s if they had to and be more gracefully than humans on all 4s.
Like gorillas they have a massive upper body. So it seems they would need longer larger thighs & hamstrings to support their upper bodies when walking and muscular thighs would give them the burst of power to move quickly when on all 4s. People who do a lot of mountain climbing have very muscular legs.
I would think Bigfoot doesn't live long. Supporting so much upper body mass in a world of gravity must be killer on the back. Muscle helps, but it is still weight and promotes long-term wear of the spine. Gorillas can live long lives because they use all 4 limbs routinely to support their mass. I guess Bigfoot has a lot of back issues, herniated disks, and such. When we throw our backs, we can collect disability. When they throw their backs, it's likely quick death if left immobile. Back issues may also contribute to observed forward leaning walk.
There is a principle of physiology called SAID - Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. I think avoiding human contact is a physical adaptation for them. The imposed demand - bringing down game for food - requires conservation of strength and preservation of spinal cord to ensure Bigfoot can continue to hunt. Humans don't appear to be seen as food, but do demand a lot of interaction because of our relentless curiosity. So intentional avoidance of a high energy activity with little merit is possibly an energy conservation adaptation to ensure food gathering strength and mobility.
Hey, I think I just made a new theory. :-) 

-David Edwards - The Science Guy
TCC - Thanks to David for his analysis and help!
[Copyright - The Crypto Crew]
Standing Bear

[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!]

Turning The Tables On The Bigfoot/Bear Paradox In Illinois

By Dorraine Fisher

Are bigfoots being misidentified in Illinois as bears?

            There’s a possibility this might be true.

Bears are hard to find in Illinois.  Even though they’re found in fair numbers in surrounding states like Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin, only a few isolated sightings have been reported inside the prairie state.

    For years, bigfooters have theorized that the same areas where black bears thrive is also where you’ll likely find bigfoots. But the theory just doesn’t hold water in Illinois since there have been numerous bigfoot and “wild man” sightings for well over the last hundred years here and only a scant few bear sightings. Bigfoot may very well be found in the same areas as bears in many places in North America, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. 

And there aren’t many reports of the very large, dominant predators reported in Illinois either. Only a few recent cougar sightings, and some isolated wolf sightings. So is the existence of a bigfoot determined by whether other large predators are existing in the same area also?

Not according to hundreds of BFRO reports that are estimated to span an area of nearly 70 percent of the state of Illinois.

Bigfoot skeptics often claim the bear misidentification theory for any bigfoot sightings nearly anywhere. But Illinois and its well-known and well documented lack of any viable bear breeding population literally stops that idea in its tracks.

So you may ask if it’s a case of mistaken identity. Are people saying they saw Bigfoot in Illinois when they really saw a bear? Are bears more prevalent in the state than is reported?

The hundreds of eye witnesses of Bigfoot in Illinois gave no indication that what they saw was even close to looking like a bear. Many are avid woodsmen, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts that are very well-traveled and know very well what a bear looks like. And they adamantly maintain that what they saw was NOT a bear. The appearance is not the same and the movement is not the same. Many hunters in the state clearly state they’ve never seen bears in years of walking the woodland areas of the state, and the state wildlife authorities reinforce that claim.

And some of the few reports of bear sightings in the state curiously tell of the bear walking upright. Is it possible that anyone who didn’t believe in bigfoot or just hadn’t considered the idea might assume that what they saw was a bear?  Are some of these creatures being spotted in Illinois actually Bigfoots being misidentified as bears?!

The state is certainly capable of supporting a bear population which researchers maintain also makes an area more hospitable to Bigfoots. The small patches of woods are teaming with deer and many small mammals. And many types of lush plant life are very abundant in the rural areas. Any large omnivore would likely be comfortable here.

So why no bears in Illinois?

 We still don’t know. But we do know that, according to the many reports all around the state, Bigfoot is living here with no problem at all.

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]
[Partial Source: Stan Courtney ]

By Babu G. Ranganathan [Via pravda.ru ]
The recent discovery of a giant squid with huge basketball size eyes has been promoted as an evolutionary survival response for detecting enemy sperm whales that would eat it.
But, how did the squid avoid the whales while its big eyes were still evolving over, supposedly, millions of years? Partially evolved eyes over millions of years do no good. Natural selection wouldn't have preserved them. The truth is the squid's eyes were designed from the beginning!

Natural selection occurs in nature but it doesn't produce biological traits. It only "selects" them. Natural selection can only "select" from biological traits and variations that are possible and which have survival value. If a variation occurs that helps a species survive, that survival is called being "selected." That's all it is. It's simply another term for survival of the fittest. There's no conscious selection by nature. It's a passive process. Natural selection is a figure of speech. The term itself is a tautology. Natural selection only operates once there is life and reproduction, not before.
Genes, not natural selection, produce biological traits. The real issue is not natural selection but what traits are genetically possible.

There are limits to evolution and natural selection in nature. Only evolution within biological "kinds" is possible (such as varieties of dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc.). Evolution is not possible across biological "kinds." The genes already exist in all species for micro-evolution (evolution within "kinds") but not for macro-evolution (evolution across "kinds").
Genetic information cannot happen by chance. Therefore, genetic and biological similarities between species are better explained due to a common Designer Who designed similar functions for similar purposes in all the various forms of life.

What about "Junk DNA"? The latest science shows that "Junk DNA" isn't junk after all! It's we who were ignorant of how useful these segments of DNA really are. Recent scientific research published in scientific journals such as Nature has revealed that these "non-coding" segments of DNA are vital in regulating gene expression (how, when, and where genes are expressed in the body). Just because these segments don't code for proteins or traits doesn't mean they're not useful or that they don't code for something else.

How did species survive if their vital tissues, organs, reproductive systems, etc. were still evolving? Read my Pravda Internet article: WAR AMONG EVOLUTIONISTS! I discuss: Punctuated Equilibrium, "Junk DNA," genetics, mutations, natural selection, fossils, genetic and biological similarities between species.
11:25 AM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Uploaded by on Mar 18, 2012
"All the major news outlets are being sent a copy of this March 22, 2012 Press Release WARNING stating that everyone living in or near a seismic zone should be warned to brace for one of the top five earthquake events in recorded history on March 22, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC. Earth axis is expected to shift five+ inches with the world aquifers, when our planet passes 66,000 miles per hour through a gravity trough connecting the Sun and the inbound heavy-mass object (HMO). I have been sending warning messages to the media all along and nobody has responded with a single word. We shall see very soon if the next 'event' on the 188-day cycle is for real or not. My hands are clean and everyone has the opportunity to be warned ." -TerralO3

TCC - I posted this a couple of months back
 188 days between major Earthquakes :
* Chile Quake (8,8)on Feb. 27, 2010...188 days later,
* New Zealand (7.2)Quake on Sept. 3, 2010...188 days later,
* Japan Quake(9.1) on March 11, 2011...188 days later,
* Fiji Region - 4 major Quakes (above 7.0) on Sept 15 2011...188 days later,
* Next Mega-Quake on March 22, 2012 is when the Earth Axis
is expected to shift (along with Water in Earth aquifers) and a "Possible" Mega-Quake on the
West Coast of North America (Alaska or maybe off Washington State), even a possible
7 + magnitude quake event off the coast of California.
(Some say the Mega-Quake will be in Yellowstone.)

1:42 PM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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(Click the HD button)
This was uploaded to youtube by LukeKing327. It shows a dark figure moving in the trees and reportedly filmed in 2012. What is it....A bigfoot? A person? A hoax?...I do think I have found the answer of what this really is. The Person who filmed this has stated it was not a bear. What do you think?


The woolly mammoth may be on the comeback trail, thanks to a deal signed between prominent Russian and South Korean scientists to collaborate on efforts to clone the extinct prehistoric beast. Vasily Vasiliev, of the North-Eastern Federal University of the Sakha Republic, forged the pact with controversial cloning expert Hwang Woo-Suk—who you might remember as the guy who faked the cloning of a human egg, the AFP reports.                                                           
Hwang does have some serious credentials, however; he legitimately produced the world's first cloned dog, and his efforts on human stem cells accidentally yielded a huge breakthrough in parthenogenesis. Hwang's Sooam Biotech Research Foundation will transfer technology to Vasiliev's university, which is already working with Japanese researchers on cloning the mammoth. "This will be a really tough job," one of Hwang's colleague says, "but we believe it is possible because our institute is good at cloning animals."
[Via Newser.com ]
10:17 AM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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The Crypto Crew Interview series Continues with the Lupe Mendoza interview.
Interview conducted by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood.

Lupe tells us about his bigfoot sighting at Mt. Rainier, Washington
This is a 2011 encounter. Him and his son was out for a hike.
We thank Lupe for sharing his story with us.

Hope you enjoy.

Contact us to tell your story.
[*© The Crypto Crew]

Randy posted the following:
"And some say there is no Sasquatch Hair, Well I saw the Sasquatch leave this Hair on a branch, Proof is in the Bag."
Photo of Sasquatch hair by Randy Brisson
Some people call Randy a hoaxer but there is no proof of that and he is in a great place for sasquatch, Randy is in Vancouver, British Columbia and he and his family routinely go out and search for sasquatch. It is also reported that he has a few samples in to the Dr. Ketchum DNA study.
Randy and his son Ray go out in the woods often and look for evidence of sasquatch.
Ray checking out some tracks
  In the above photo you see Ray checking out a recently found track way.Ray was checking out the   Distance between the tracks in the photo. According to Randy they followed this trackway for about 30 minutes and it end at a cliff. "The tracks were big tracks about 17 inches" Randy posted.
Randy Brisson is one of our favorite researchers and I enjoy his fines and pictures. Glad we are able to give this recent update on his research.

White bigfoot breakdown - as featured on Finding Bigfoot by TCC
(Click the HD button)
The Sobe bomb video was featured on Finding Bigfoot TV show a few nights ago (3/11/12). The "Experts" say this is a "white Bigfoot" but I think I have proven it is just a kid in a White T-shirt. You can see the skin color change, the Waist color change and I even show you where the Kid went.
This is sad that "experts" don't know the difference between a bigfoot and a kid in a t-shirt.
This once again is an over reach by some of the people in the bigfoot community.

Still Frames from the video  
zoom on the "white bigfoot" showing the color change

same kid is seen later in the video.
 So clearly this was either a hoax or just a misidentification, but it is certainly not a bigfoot.
We need to get these types of videos debunked so we can move on to other videos. The cast of Finding Bigfoot are suppose to be the best but by putting videos like this on their show it only increases the chance that poeple will hoax  videos.
The Crypto Crew Interview series
Dustin Ostrowski interview
Interview conducted by TCC Team Member Jimmy Craze.
Dustin tells us about his bigfoot sighting in Parksburg,W.Va.
Him and a few friends have seen some interesting things in W.VA.
[*Copyright The Crypto Crew]

Bigfoot sighting & TCC investigating

[* All Photos belong to The Crypto Crew, no reuse without permission]

New Hampshire Bigfoot Sighting Investigation Update

Recently there was a possible bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire and we posted it Here ,with pictures, a few days ago.
TCC has had an investigator on the scene and in the field trying to gather evidence of and about this sighting from the day it happened and we have found some very interesting things.

First let me bring you up to todays events.
We got what we call a "Hot" report in of a bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire, this report was just a few hours old when we received it or 3/8/12. We had a TCC Team member on it immediately and set up a game cam.
Then our team member hit the field looking for evidence and has found some potentially good evidence of activity in the area.

We also tried leaving a "gift" to see if anything would take it and sure enough the "gift" we left was taken by something. So we are moving to the second step of this experiment and I hope to have an update on how it went in a day or two.

Our Team Member was also able to find what is possibly a very large track and several tree breaks.
These tree breaks are anywhere from a few feet off the ground and up to about 10 or 12 feet high.
We also found a possible rock stack but are studying it to try and determine what may have done it.

The Crypto Crew is still in the area and still investigating this sighting. There is still activity happening and we still have the game cam set up and will check it in a few more days. We are doing several experiments with hopes of gathering even more evidence about this sighting. There has been many howls and whoops but they have been pretty random and our attempts to record them has been unfruitful,but we are still working on it.
When any new note worthy evidence is gathered I will share it here. So far this is all lining up pretty well...bigfoot sighting > Tracks > Tree breaks > howls... so this is looking good at this point.

All this activity and photos are within about a half a mile radius of the actual sighting area.

What follows is some photos from the field of the large track and the tree breaks.
(you may have to click "read more" to see the photos)

The Skeptic

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Bigfoot: A New Address To The Skeptics
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
            There are still far too many skeptics in the world of Bigfoot. The idea of such a creature existing doesn’t seem to fit into a logical framework of what some believe about the world. So they simply refuse to see what’s right in front of them: overwhelming proof.  And they’ll conclude “logically” that the creature doesn’t exist and the rest of us are exercising some twisted fantasy.
 But those of us who believe in Bigfoot don’t do so on blind faith alone. Most of us who believe without having actually seen one usually do so in the face of thousands of sightings and piles of sound physical evidence. From that, we can logically conclude that it’s entirely possible there is some unknown great ape living in the forests all over the world. It’s managed to stay hidden all this time so it’s much smarter than we are in its own world. And it’s probably not seriously dangerous to humans. Attacking humans over the centuries probably would have drawn too much attention to it and assured it would have been tracked down and killed years ago. But we have footprints, blood, hair, and DNA that tell the story. So we have to conclude there’s something out there. 
 So what about all the skeptics? Why can they not see the evidence like we can? Do they really think the physical findings and thousands of credible witnesses are all crazy?
            Most of us are not psychologists or psychiatrists so it’s hard to delve into their minds, but it’s possible they don’t see the evidence because of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of monsters possibly lurking in the shadows, fears that stem from childhood like the fear of the boogie man, fear of being helpless, or even the fear that there’s something lurking out there that has managed to stay hidden from us for a very long time. It’s pretty scary to think of a large, imaginably dangerous animal that could be that intelligent hiding behind a tree in our back yard. So they’ll block that image out of their minds and simply not believe.
            How many reports have been taken by investigators in which the eyewitness was terrified and traumatized and needed firm reassurance that these creatures are not really dangerous? The great percentages of witnesses are sane, credible people, who feel very sure of what they saw. And many of them didn’t believe in the creature before they saw it. They may have been afraid to believe before, but are now faced with a new reality of what was right before their eyes.
            And then there are the “active” non-believers who spend a great deal of time, effort, and often money to prove that all the evidence is inaccurate or contrived. Do they lie awake nights trying to think of ways to debunk all the proof that’s been put out there by qualified researchers and even a few scientists?
            And how does logic really weigh in here?
            When you really think about it, logic is open to interpretation. If you don’t believe in something, you can find many “logical” reasons not to. “Where’s the body? Why hasn’t someone hit one on the road? Why hasn’t a hunter shot one?” Etc., etc.  Some people get downright angry about the subject.
 Bigfoot didn’t seem logical to anyone before they actually saw it. But when a creature walks out in front of you or shakes your car or throws rocks at you, that becomes very real and logical to you, even if it’s not logical to all those who haven’t had that same experience.  It’s easier for skeptics to say you saw a bear because a bear fits into that logical framework of what we know is out there. But logically speaking, a bear doesn’t throw rocks and a bear isn’t four feet wide at the shoulders.
            And what about those skeptical scientists?  If there’s so much real evidence for Bigfoot, why are scientists still so skeptical?
            Some scientists are bigfoot believers, but scientists are trained to be skeptical and to, in the interest of gathering facts and obtaining concrete knowledge, often exercise a principal called Occam’s Razor. That’s the idea that, within a group of varying explanations, we must choose the one that makes the fewest assumptions and leads to the simplest, albeit most logical answer.  In other words, bigfoots are not proven to exist by science, so technically they don’t exist. And maybe there is no physical evidence in the area for Bigfoots. So the conclusion is it was not Bigfoot you saw.
 But bears are proven to exist. All conditions may be right for a bear to have been there. There may be physical evidence in the area for bears, and many people have seen bears there before. So science concludes the dark, hulking figure you saw in those woods was probably a bear. Science looks for cold, hard, plainly visible facts, and we can’t blame it for that. It doesn’t validate itself to the world by guesswork. The only trouble is, science didn’t see what you saw that day. You did.
“If Bigfoot really exists, we’d have found him by now,” is often heard. And this would be a true statement if we humans were as smart as we think we are. But very often we’re not. This goes back to fear. It’s more comforting and less scary to think we’re the smartest creatures and that nothing on the planet could ever put one over on us.  It’s less scary to believe we humans are the superior beings and that we have complete control. 
            But the truth is we don’t.
            Life is still a mystery. There are many things we still don’t know and many things out there we haven’t discovered yet. And that’s okay. We’re human, were fallible, and we can’t know everything.
            But we can understand that to dismiss another person’s experience is folly. We need to be cautious about the information we accept, be we also need to be very careful about what we DON’T believe. How often have we been proven wrong?  And how often have you argued with another person about something you believe to be true? They didn’t believe you because they hadn’t had your experience. They didn’t see what you saw which made it impossible for you to convince them otherwise. You knew what you were saying was true. How dare they not believe you!
            It’s the same with our hairy friends. All the evidence can’t be dismissed. Thousands of people have seen them. Thousands of footprint casts have been obtained. Blood, hair, and other samples for DNA study have been secured with the result of an “unknown primate” existing in our forests.
            They’re out there. They’re real.          
[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

[Partial Source: Stan Courtney ]
"Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies" will air again on the Chiller network on March 14.

Lucille Hermann or Christopher Lutz have experienced real-life scares that eventually inspired two popular films: "Poltergeist" and "The Amityville Horror".
Hermann and Lutz get a chance to tell the stories and what really happened.
Hermann tells that her parents tried to keep things "as normal as possible when you have flying objects in your house."
Lutz said ""Whatever it is has remained in our lives, I call on Jesus Christ when it flares up, and it seems to be a cycle of some sort."

Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies first aired on March 11 but will repeat on March 14. It should be a good watch for us who missed it the first time.
The American black bear is the most common and widely distributed bear in North America. (Photo by Alan Bauer.)
The American black bear and how it may relate to sasquatch
Waylen Frederick & Thomas Marcum

The American black bear is a large warm blooded mammal that inhabits the forested areas of North America including 32 states, northern Mexico, and Canada. It is found in almost all the same areas where there has been reports of bigfoot.
Adult male black bears can weigh around 350 pounds while females can weigh around 200 pounds. There are some reports of black bears weighing 800 pounds or more and some standing 6 feet to 10 feet tall when standing or walking upright. The life span of an American black bear is normally around 30 years or more in the wild.
Black bears are excellent climbers and in the south may actually den in large trees. Black bears can run in excess of 35 mph for short distances, they have good eyesight and they see in full color, they have great hearing, and an exceptional sense of smell, they are great problem solvers, and are very adept at avoiding human contact.

Black Bear in a Tree Den with a young Cub.
Black bears are omnivorous which means they eat both meat and plant matter and will eat insects as well, they are opportunistic and will take advantage of any easy meal. There primary diet in the spring time consist of herbs and forbes primarily, but they will eat some small animals as well.
Summer time diet includes soft mast such fruits which include black berries,muscadines, and mushrooms,polk berries and hack berries.

Black Bear eating some berries.
In the fall diet switches to hardwood mast such as acorns,walnuts,hickory nuts, and pecans as well as small animals and roots. Black bears will also search in trash cans looking for a easy snack.
There has been many reports of bears and bigfoot searching through dumpsters and trash cans looking for a meal, as well.
[muscadines - are a grapevine species native to the present-day southeastern United States]
[hardwood mast - referrers to the nut crops]

That old cheeseburger can become a meal for a black bear
Most black bears hibernate in the winter with the exception of the Louisiana black bear which semi hibernates or may not hibernate at all. Some of this deep sleep or lack of it, may be linked to weather conditions and temperatures.  

Black bear populations range around 150,000 in the pacific north west, 200,000 in Alaska, 80,000 in the north, 65,000 in the north east, 20,000 in the south.
So if an area can sustain a large population of black bears, then it is feasible that a small population of sasquatch could also call it home. It would also be safe to assume that black bears and bigfoot would eat many of the same types of food and possibly do the same type of activities. One would think that if a black bear is smart enough to find a shallow stream with fish in it and proceed to catch and eat fish, that a bigfoot, which is thought to be more intelligent that bears, could also do the same thing.

So if you're looking for bigfoot, you might want to know the bear population of the area before heading out.

Bear Tips 
Do's and Don'ts in Bear Country
To avoid encounters with black bears while hiking or camping:

*Keep a clean camp. Put garbage in wildlife-resistant trash containers.
*Store food in double plastic bags and, when possible, place the bags in your vehicle's trunk or in wildlife-resistant food lockers. Double-wrapped food may also be placed in a backpack or other container and hang it from a tree branch at least 10 feet above the ground and 4 feet out from the tree trunk. Never store food in your tent.
*When camping, sleep at least 50 to 100 yards from your cooking area and food storage site.
* Hike in small groups and make your presence known by singing or talking.
*Keep small children close and on trails.

If you come in close contact with a bear:

*Stay calm and avoid direct eye contact, which could elicit a charge. Try to stay upwind and identify yourself as a human by standing up, talking and waving your hands above your head.
*Do not approach the bear, particularly if cubs are present. Give the bear plenty of room.
*If you cannot safely move away from the bear, and the animal does not flee, try to scare it away by clapping your hands or yelling.
*If the bear attacks, fight back aggressively. As a last resort, should the attack continue, protect yourself by curling into a ball or lying on the ground on your stomach and playing dead.
 [Bear Tips via The Department of Fish and Wildlife]
[If you encounter have a black bear problem, and it is not an emergency, contact the nearest regional Department of Fish and Wildlife Office]

[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]
Ok, So I'm just beating around the internet, looking for some UFO stuff, and I was checking out
theobjectreport.com  site. Well they had a picture posted that kind of peeked my interest.
So I checked it out and done some digging on the website it referred me to. I get into a government FTP site, which came with the following strong warnings:
"This US Government computer is for authorized users only. By accessing this system you are consenting to complete monitoring with no expectation of privacy"
Despite the warning and the fear of the MIB, I continued on hoping I could find the photo. I wanted to check the photos before and after the "strange object" one, to see if i could debunk it as a known air craft. The photo after the "strange object" did not contain any thing weird. I think these were taken in 1999 by a satellite , but not 100 percent sure on the year. These photos are in order going down the page from when the object first appeared to the last one showing it.
What follows is the full size pictures and a cut out of the object(about 10-12 pictures).  
3/1/2012 video

Unusual things in the California skies -- daytime and nighttime -- have people asking whether UFOs are responsible for what seems like extra air traffic.
Writing in the Laguna Niguel Patch, Debbie Sklar wondered if the town is being visited by space aliens as she looked into recent UFO sightings in the southern portion of the Golden State. After hearing about the recent spate of unusual UFO reports in Laguna Niguel, Sklar said, "I am looking up at the sky a whole lot differently once evening rolls around."
Further north, the city of Fresno offers its own UFO encounters in the form of many video images taken by Robert Thorson. Since 2006, Thorson estimated he has videotaped around 200 strange objects and lights in the sky.
"I started watching the stars a couple hours a night and began to notice some things were flying around. I didn't know what they were -- shooting stars or satellites -- but they seemed to be moving closer and getting brighter," Thorson told The Huffington Post.
Now, before your "Warning! Warning! Hoax! Hoax!" signals go off -- and they probably should at this point -- it's important to know that Thorson is physically disabled, which allows him to spend a great deal of time watching the sky, day and night, with camera always ready.
And he's a regular skywatcher for Sanger Paranormal Society, a group that investigates paranormal claims in the Fresno area.
"One of the reasons why some people don't take Robert seriously is because they think his stuff is either computer-generated or Photoshopped, but all he knows how to do technically is to load the video from his camera to YouTube," said Sanger Paranormal Society founder Jeffrey Gonzalez. "Some people think it's all nonsense and must be a hoax. These armchair quarterback debunkers thrash him because they can't see how a guy like this is videotaping so many things."

"I saw this reddish-colored object above the houses. I thought it might be a helicopter, so I grabbed my camera while the object seemed to be raising up, going higher," Thorson said. "There were a couple times where it got really bright. It's hard to estimate how high it was, but it looked like a glowing saucer. I can normally hear high-flying jets going by most of the time, but this thing didn't make any noise."
Thorson added that he could see some kind of material streaking out of the back of the object, before the whole thing disappeared.
3:29 PM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!]
Sasquatch Identity Crisis?

Just Who Are The Hairy Ones Really?

By Dorraine Fisher (TCC Team Member)
Just exactly what is a Sasquatch?
 Maybe you don’t believe all the hoopla about Bigfoot being close to a human being and possessing human or even superhuman qualities, but continuing primate research inadvertently suggests otherwise.
Even with all the new evidence pouring in every day, it’s probably safe to say that the mystery of Sasquatch is going to keep us all guessing for a very long time. Although we’ve learned a lot about them (we think) in the past few years, given their obviously superior intelligence, the possibility of anyone becoming a true sasquatch expert is a few years down the road at least. And it leaves us with the question: “Who are the elusive hairy ones? And what can we learn about ourselves from them?”
Many Native American tribes that tell stories of sasquatches refer to the creature as “man” or “people” or “brother” suggesting they believe the creature to be a relative of humans or a fellow human in a slightly different form. But there is always at least some truth in legends, and with all the new physical findings of blood, hair, and skin samples, it’s been suggested in some circles that they may be our closest living relative found to date. Only time and research will tell.
            But there may be a lot we may be able to learn about them now if we start looking in the right places.  And it could be done to a certain degree without securing a living specimen in a cage or a body on the examination table. We can start by taking a long look at the closest living relatives that we know about right now: chimpanzees.
            Chimps share about 97% of our DNA structure, and in studies conducted over a period of years, anthropologists are finding that these cousins of ours are more human in behavior than we ever imagined.
            Professor Richard Wrangham, and anthropologist at Harvard University along with many other researchers like Jane Goodall accumulated nearly 151 years of study of ape behaviors including hierarchy, grooming, relationships, courtships, obtainment of food, etc. And they came to some startling conclusions.
            Researchers found that chimps, as well as other apes, shake their heads in a gesture of “no” and really mean no in the same sense we do. They laugh out loud when tickled, have the ability to pick a face out of a crowd, and when they’re given human toys to play with, choose the toys specific to their gender. Young female apes picked dolls and young males picked the toy trucks.
            They also display a strong sense of morality when treated unfairly and, when they need comfort, choose to eat the junk food instead of other more healthy foods. And chimps honor a kind of “police force” within their groups that make sure all other members of the group follow the rules.
            And ape behaviors and cultures seem to vary from one region of the planet to another. They adapt to different environments and utilize objects and tools in their surroundings slightly different from region to region, much like our human ancestors were said to have adapted to their varying environments. And they teach their offspring the same skills and rituals developing a type of culture that’s unique to apes in that particular area.  Professor Wrangham believed that this was the precursor to the development of the varying, complex cultures of humans around the world.
            So what does this say about us and our hairy counterparts?
            If sasquatches do indeed share a more common DNA structure with humans than these other apes as is theorized, how many more human like traits do they possess? If they are the most intelligent ape second only to humans as we believe, how far apart are we from them on the genetic scale? If we take a long, hard look at the apes we’ve come to know and understand, not very much.*******
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[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]
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