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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Original photo by Lupe Mendoza

Now, we will zoom in on the object of interest...the figure becomes much more visible.
At this point you can see what appears to be an upright walking figure,but it looks kind of odd.
Now we will zoom right in on the figure and try to find out what it might be.
close up of figure

So after zooming it ..we can still not determine what this thing is...so I have tried to enhance the photo and below is the results.

is that eyes?

So after zooming and trying to enhance this photo, we can see what could be eyes but we can still not say what it really is or isn't. It don't really seem to fit the appears of a bigfoot. 

I have has shown this picture to a few people in private to see what they might think it could be and I have got replies ranging from Alien to werewolf.
So now Lupe has decided to release the photo for all to see and maybe someone can tell us what this figure is. 

TCC thanks Lupe for showing us the photo and now releasing it to the public.
If you have an idea of what this could be, then please let us know.

[Copyright The Crypto Crew]
[Photo by Lupe Mendoza] 
[Enhancements by TCC]

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 19 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. i'd love to know how that son of a gun found that needle in the haystack?

  2. Actually i was looking trough my photos. I found it by accident. Thats why i sent it to tom.

  3. Actually i was looking trough my photos. I found it by accident. Thats why i sent it to tom.

  4. Looks like a monkey to me at close up range.A werewolf?really,so what next people will be seeing frankenstein.sorry but couldnt resist.

  5. Actually it looks a LOT like a monkey to me rather than a Bigfoot. Which is also a mystery of course. Do you guys mind if I run this on my blog? I'll keep it exactly the way it is and have the link back here included.

    1. I guess it will be ok Dale...just make sure you post that we gave you permission and run the copyright disclaimer as well. Thanks for asking first.

  6. Dale i dont mind. Thats up to tom.

  7. Thanks. I have it up but for the disclaimer and I shall add the disclaimer now.
    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  8. Looks like a hawk sitting on the top of the tree.

  9. Looks like a Rhesus Monkey on the loose.

  10. Looks like Loren Coleman morphing into his secret super identity - Weremonkey.

  11. Looks like walkers. One wearing a pinkish puffy jacket sideways on. And the other walking behind also sideways.

    1. I think it was very warm at the time of the photo...but could be.

  12. Umm..is this the same "Lupe Mendoza" who claims to have photographed Bigfoot at Mt Rainer WA? If so..this guy gets around. Makes me wonder what "he" is really up too


    1. Makes it very suspicious to me. Looking for some publicity perhaps? I don't want to accuse someone of an outright hoax for the heck of it, but "seeing" a Bigfoot style creature 2x and having 2 blobsquatch photos to show for it makes me really wonder.

  13. First pic has no logical connection 2nd....seriously this a crock....

  14. It's the TurtleMan.


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